Why Is My Tesla Navigation Not Working [7 Proven Fixes]

Tesla Navigation serves many functions, like giving directions to your destination, driving in autopilot mode on a clear road, and, top of all, indicating the points of supercharging your Tesla.

It gives an unmatched driving experience, if not less.

I recently drove my Tesla, and the GPS stopped working.

So I started finding the solution and devised several methods to fix the Tesla navigation not working issue.

Why My Tesla Navigation Not Working

While the navigation system stops working, it seems challenging to resolve. But the navigation system bug is easy to resolve with some quick fixes.

Here are the common reasons why your Tesla navigation stopped working.

1. Firmware Bug

Every time Tesla introduces a new firmware version, it brings bugs into the system that are new to users. That’s why many Tesla users try to keep the car on the previous version unless it is inevitable to install the new one.

So beware and get ready as a warrior to handle the new bug if you recently installed the software. It’s the major reason that the GPS stops working.

Surprisingly, when you turn off your car for a few hours, the navigation system works perfectly again.

2. GPS Antenna Malfunction

GPS antenna is immensely helpful to indicate the precise location of your destination. The navigation system failure occurs if the GPS antenna is not working. 

The good news is that it costs $ 66 to replace, but the bad news is you have to remove the glass panel on the back of your car to access and replace the antenna.

It’s a bit tricky, but still a viable solution to fix the navigation system.

3. Burnt MCU Fuse 

The burnt MCU fuse will not conduct current through the circuit. Therefore, it is the most probable cause of the navigation system failure. Carefully read the user manual to see the location of the MCU fuse in your Tesla. 

However, in the Tesla Model S 2016, its Fuse no. 51

But be careful with your EV, and Do not pull out the Fuse until you disconnect the negative terminal from the 12V battery.

4. Corrupt NAV SD Card

Suppose you are receiving an error when your Tesla navigation system is not working. It’s most probably the corrupt SD card that is corrupt.

Alternatively, it’s filled with map data and no more showing any data. Either way, you need to remove the MCU unit and access the SD card slot to replace it with a fresh one.

5. Slow Internet

Sometimes, the cause of navigation system interruption is simple. You might be driving in an area with slow internet, and the navigation system in your Tesla cannot load the maps.

If that’s the reason, your navigation system will load on the Tesla display screen when you connect it with a stable and fast internet connection.

How to Fix Tesla Navigation Not Working

I have come up with these easy-to-do methods to resolve the navigation system bug.

So your Tesla Navigation system will start working again.

1. Change Software Setting

You can clear the software bug affecting the Tesla Navigation system by Changing the Software download settings.

Most of the time, the Tesla computer gets affected when a Tesla introduces a new firmware. 

So you can change the software mode to ‘Standard’ to install an update at your preferred time.

In the ‘Controls’, go to the ‘Software’ and select the ‘Standard’ mode.

2. Replace SD Card In MCU

The SD card used to store the navigation data may be corrupt, and it’s inevitable to change it. 

The Tesla MCU has a port on the rear side where you can see the SD card. 

It would help if you got the trim removal tool to detach the dashboard before reaching the MCU. 

  • You have to remove the negative terminal on the 12V battery. Then, detach the connector from the second high-voltage Lithium battery, too.
  • Then use the appropriate allen keyin the small holes on both sides of the steering wheel.
  • Next, you want to pry the upper side of the dashboard unit using the trim removal tool.
  • With the help of an air wedge, you will quickly remove the small display unit just above the steering wheel.
  • Using the trim removal tools again, detach both air deflectors on both sides of the MCU.
  • Using a screw gun, remove the four screws attached to MCU and carefully tilt it.
  • You will see the SD card slot behind the MCU touchscreen. 
  • Remove the SD card using a flat-head pry tool, and it will pop out.
  • Replace the SD card with the new one; preferably, buy a 16GB card.
  • Reattach the MCU carefully.
  • Reconnect the battery’s terminal and start if the navigation system has started working.

3. Replace Antenna

Suppose you have stopped viewing the locations on the Tesla navigation screen. It’s probably the antenna that needs to be replaced.

  • You have to remove the trunk glass in the Tesla.
  • Behind that glass, you will find a small antenna. 
  • Disconnect the antenna and replace it with the new one.

Suppose you don’t find removing the whole trunk and glass panel easy to access the antenna. Then you can call the Tesla service centre, which will do it for you.

But ensure you have a budget for that because it can cost you around $ 2500.

4. Factory Reset

The factory reset option is effective in removing software bugs. 

  • You must tap the Tesla touchscreen’s lower left corner on the car icon. 
  • The Controls menu will open in front of you. Now navigate to ‘Service’ and scroll down to find the ‘Factory Reset’.
  • Tap on it, and it will perform a complete reset.

5. Power Off 

  • To power off Tesla, go to ‘Controls’ and navigate the ‘Safety’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Power Off” button to turn off the Tesla computers to remove a software glitch in the navigation system.

6. Soft Reset

  • Press and hold both steering wheel buttons until the touchscreen turns off.
  • Don’t interact with the car for the next 2 minutes; wait until the screen turns on and load the icons.

7. Hard Reset

Hard reset will reset all the electricals by completely turning off the Tesla computer.

  • To do this, you must ‘Power Off’ the car and open the Frunk.
  • Put on the safety gloves and remove the negative terminal of the 12V battery.
  • Now, move towards the back seat on the driver’s side and locate a clip between the car mat and the seat.
  • By pressing the clip, you can lift the car seat.
  • Now remove the foam protecting the battery underneath.
  • You have to pull the clip down first to remove the connector. 
  • Detach the connector and put it back after one minute.
  • Reattach the 12V battery’s negative terminal.
  • You just performed a hard reset; now, test the navigation system.

Quick Tips

Ultimately, I want to share quick hacks to restore the navigation unit’s function.

  • It’s best to Power off your Tesla for a few hours. Then ‘Wake’ it up. The temporary ‘Sleep’ period will reset the navigation system glitch.
  • Pinch to zoom in or zoom out; that will reposition the navigation lane and may start working.
  • Clear the cache by going to ‘Controls’, then tap on the ‘Service’ and find ‘Clear Browser History’.

Why Is My Tesla Navigation Not Updating Location?

If you are driving and the navigation is still not turned on. Then, it can be a firmware bug. Secondly, the SD card in the MCU, antenna, Fuse or wiring is either damaged or disconnected.

You might want to look at these to repair the navigation system error in your Tesla.

How Do I Get My Tesla To Talk Navigation?

You may have turned off the volume in the navigation system. If you want to hear the directions by the Tesla Navigation system, then Go to ‘Controls’.

Now tap on the ‘Navigation’. You will see the volume button. You can adjust the volume by sliding the bar towards the right or left side.

How Do I Report A Tesla Navigation Error?

You have to press the microphone button on the Tesla touchscreen.

After that, wait for the beep’ Bug Report’ and record your message about the navigation system error.

Final Thoughts!

It would not take much time to try and implement these fixes. It seems hard to fix the navigation system, and it may take time, but in the end, it’s all worth the effort.

I hope the guide helped you resolve the navigation system bug. But if you have any doubt, leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help.

But if your Tesla navigation is not working despite all the tries, get help from the Tesla service centre.

Keep in mind to take your Tesla and wallet with you as it would cost a hefty amount.

Happy Cruising!

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