Volvo Radio Not Working (8 Proven Fixes)

Radio is a traditional way to enjoy your tour in your car, and almost all the brands provide this feature in their vehicles.

As with others, Volvo also has an installed radio unit and a wide range of entertainment options. But sometimes the radio could stop working, which is the bad moment with Volvo. 

Suppose you are going on a trip, and you always play songs and listen to programs on the radio, but now, suddenly, it stops working.

You will stop your car and do everything to turn it on, but if it does not respond, it will be a frustrating moment for you. 

But don’t worry because I have worked harder to find the reasons behind this problem and will tell you here 8 proven reasons and fixes if your Volvo radio is not working. 

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Volvo Radio Not Working?

Before doing anything with your radio, you must ensure that connections are not loose or damaged and that the signal antenna is not broken.

I’m still trying to understand how to do it and then read the troubleshooting steps in detail.  

1. Check Fuses

Fuses are the essential parts of any electric circuit. In Volvo, fuses prevent damage to the components during short circuits or overheating.

It would be best if you made sure that not a single fuse is blown because maybe that blown fuse is directly connected to your radio power supply. 

Fuses are designed to stop the power supply when there are short circuits because they blow and block the power supply whenever power tries to pass through these fuses. 

You should consult the starter guidebook Volvo to check the fuses in your Volvo because there would be a diagram for fuses to understand the circuit.

In most models, the fuse panel is located under the dashboard and may vary in different models. So, ensure the exact location of the fuse panel in your model through the starter guide. 

If you observe a fuse being blown in the circuit, then replacing that fuse is the only solution for your problem. 

2. Check Connections 

Sometimes, the connection of wires with your radio is loose due to external factors. You must ensure that your Volvo and radio connection is not damaged or loose.

Because if the connection is damaged or loose, it might be the possible reason for your problem. Connection wires are located just behind the radio unit, and you can access these connections easily.

Check the wire’s physical condition because cables are not attached tightly. In some cases, wires could be damaged or broken due to overheating. 

Also, ensure that the connection points are not dirty because dust and dirt may cause problems in the power supply.

If these connections are loose, tighten them and clean the connection points to avoid disturbance. 

3. Low Battery Power

It may also be possible that your battery needs to provide more power to operate the radio. There could be several reasons for low battery power, like improper maintenance and prolonged use without charging. 

Ensure that the battery power is enough to operate the whole system in your Volvo, including the radio. Take your Volvo to a care center or a certified technician to maintain the battery. 

Then again, try to use your radio to see whether your battery was the culprit for your problem. 

4. Check the Antenna 

It is most common when your radio is on, but the sound is not coming, and a weird radio noise comes. In that case, the antenna is broken or damaged, and that’s why you are unable to use the radio in your Volvo. 

Check the physical condition of the signal antenna on the roof of your Volvo and make sure it is not damaged/broken.

If the antenna has no physical damage, you must ensure that the antenna’s connection with the radio is not damaged.

Again, you should consult the user guide for your model and see where the connection wire of the antenna in your Volvo model is. 

5. Restart the Volvo 

Sometimes, connectivity problems could occur due to bugs or software glitches with your infotainment system. These bugs lead to several issues, and radio connectivity is one of them. 

To fix these issues, you must restart your Volvo because restart fixes the minor glitches and bugs in the Volvo system. 

Follow these steps to restart your Volvo:

  • Turn off the engine/ignition 
  • Remove the battery terminals of your Volvo 
  • Wait for a few minutes and leave your car turned off
  • Again, connect the battery terminals 
  • Turn on the ignition 

This process would fix the minor bugs, and your Volvo system will be refreshed. Again, try to use the radio and see whether it is working. 

6. Update Firmware

Suppose you still need to update the firmware of your Volvo model. In that case, it is the main reason for your radio malfunctioning.

Whenever a new version is released, Volvo starts creating problems with the older version, and that’s why you are facing this problem. These issues could not be fixed without updating the software.

Here are a few steps to update the firmware of your Volvo:

  • Turn on your Volvo and the infotainment screen
  • Select the download center option
  • If you have a pending software update, then it will be shown on the system update icon
  • You can update the system by just clicking Install all
  • But if you want to know what kind of updates are available, then click and open the software option

After updating the software of your Volvo, you must check your radio to see whether the problem is fixed. 

Note: Method and options for software updates could vary with models of Volvo. So, it would be best to consult with your starter guidebook. 

7. Contact Support 

Suppose you have applied all the possible methods to fix your radio problem and can still not turn on the radio. In that case, you must contact the support team.

Don’t hesitate to tell the whole issue in detail, and remember to tell the troubleshooting methods you have applied with your Volvo radio. 

8. Ask for Replacement 

Finally, when you have tried all the possible troubleshooting to eliminate this frustrating situation, you still cannot do this. It is definitely the radio hardware problem. 

It is possible that the radio unit is damaged and has some hardware issues, and a certified mechanic could address these issues.

But you must see if your model offers you the replacement warranty and then ask for a replacement of the radio; otherwise, buy a newer one for your Volvo. 


If your Volvo radio is not working, you should ensure that the fuses are working fine and there is no connection issue. Ensure the signal antenna is not damaged, and you have no pending firmware update for your model. 

It would be best if you also tried to troubleshoot your Volvo by restarting and checking the battery power. 


How do I reset my Volvo radio?

To reset your Volvo radio is to reset your car, and the radio will be automatically reset. Turn off the ignition, wait for a few minutes, and then again turn on the ignition to reset your radio. 

How do I play the radio in my Volvo?

To play the radio in your Volvo, ensure your vehicle engine is started and the antenna works well. Then, set the channel frequency on your radio with the help of the buttons available. 

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