Toyota Yaris Bluetooth Not Working (8 Ways to Fix)

Bluetooth is a fantastic feature that allows hands-free calling, phone book access, and music streaming. 

If you are wondering about your Toyota Yaris Bluetooth not working, then no need to worry because I have researched and tried some fixes with the Bluetooth of the Toyota Yaris, and I will explain how you can fix the bluetooth problems. 

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Toyota Yaris Bluetooth Not Working

Toyota Yaris Bluetooth Not Working

Before doing anything else, you should have to try these quick fixes.

  • Restart the mobile phone
  • Re-pair the device with yaris bluetooth 
  • Make sure that the visibility settings of your phone are turned on

If you have tried all these fixes and your Toyota Yaris bluetooth is not working, then you might need to check some other things. 

So let’s discuss every issue in detail and find a possible solution.

1. Check the Mobile Bluetooth

The first and essential thing is that your mobile phone’s bluetooth should be turned on and ready to pair with other devices. 

Check that your mobile phone’s bluetooth is on; to see this go to the bluetooth settings of your mobile phone and turn on the bluetooth. 

Also, make sure that your mobile phone visibility is turned on and there is no restriction for connection. 

2. Check the Yaris Bluetooth

The second thing you must ensure is that the bluetooth of your vehicle’s Bluetooth should be turned on. 

If your vehicle bluetooth is not turned on, then it cannot be connected to your mobile phone. To enable bluetooth go to the infotainment of your Toyota Yaris and then go to the settings. 

Find the bluetooth option and will allow it. Again, try connecting your vehicle to your mobile phone via bluetooth.

3. Remove the device

If you use your mobile phone regularly with your Toyota Yaris via bluetooth, it might be a glitch or bug creating a problem. 

You must remove the already paired devices from your car and pair your mobile phone with your vehicle again. 

Follow the following steps to remove a device from your Toyota Yaris bluetooth:

  • Go to the Settings 
  • Open the bluetooth settings
  • A list of paired devices will appear
  • Select the mobile phone you want to remove
  • Click on the device name 
  • A notification on your infotainment will appear “Do you want to remove the device?”
  • Press the Yes button to remove the device 

Your paired mobile has been removed from your vehicle, and you are to again add this mobile and pair it with your Toyota Yaris. 

To add a new device to bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Go to the bluetooth settings 
  • Press the button “Add a new device.”
  • Your mobile phone will appear in the list 
  • Click on the device and pair it with your Yaris 

Ensure you have applied all these things with your mobile phone

bluetooth too. 

In the mobile phone settings, remove the Toyota Yaris and then add it again. Now try to play songs or call via bluetooth to see whether it works. 

4. Check the Paired Devices

Toyota Yaris bluetooth could work with up to five devices at one time. 

Toyota bluetooth can be registered for five devices only, and if you are trying to register a new device, you must remove a device first and then try to add a new one.

Only use one device at one time to play the music, or if you are using multiple devices, then set your one mobile phone to audio-only. 

You can do this from your mobile phone’s bluetooth settings. 

5. Restart the bluetooth

If you are using the bluetooth already paired with your Toyota Yaris, it could be a bug or glitch that could create problems in the smooth functioning of the bluetooth. 

This problem can be fixed with a normal restart because a restart can repair all the minor glitches and bugs. 

To restart the bluetooth turn off the bluetooth from the infotainment and then turn off your vehicle. Then again, turn on your car, and after turning on the car, turn on the bluetooth.

Apply the same method with your mobile phone and restart your mobile phone.

After restarting the mobile phone, remove the Toyota Yaris already paired with your phone.

The same goes for the Toyota Yaris; remove your mobile phone and pair them again. 

Now after pairing, check whether it is working or not. 

6. Update your Mobile Phone

Maybe your mobile phone is at fault and creating the problem with bluetooth working. Sometimes you use your mobile phone without updating, but your mobile phone requires a software update. 

If your mobile is not up to date, that could also be the reason for your problem. 

Update your mobile phone by these steps:

  • Open the settings app of your mobile phone
  • Go to the software or About section 
  • Here a software option will appear
  • Click the software option, and you will see a pending update
  • Click to update your mobile software via wifi or cellular data

After updating your mobile phone again, turn on the bluetooth and see if the software update works for you.

7. Software of firmware update

If still your bluetooth is not working and you are facing the same issue, then it might be the software update of your Toyota Yaris infotainment. 

You have to visit a verified dealer to see whether he could do anything to your bluetooth problem or not. 

Note: It is to be noted that dealer charges will be applied if your problem is resolved or not.

8. Check for other devices.

Maybe some other mobile phones or devices with bluetooth are enabled and interfering with the pairing process of your phone. 

So check all other phones or devices bluetooth must be turned off while trying to connect your phone. 


How do I connect my Yaris Bluetooth?

Follow these steps to connect your mobile phone to your Yaris:-

  • Turn on the bluetooth of your Toyota Yaris 
  • Turn on bluetooth on your mobile phone
  • Click on Add new devices at your Yaris
  • Click on your mobile phone name at yaris
  • A pairing code will appear on your mobile; accept it

After accepting this, your mobile phone will be connected to your Yaris, and you can manage it for calling or audio only through your mobile.

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