Toyota Tundra Interior Lights Not Working (7 Ways to Fix)

My friend has been using Toyota Tundra for two years, and everything was going well. 

Last night he was struggling with the interior lights, which were not working, and he was worried about what would happen to his truck. 

Then I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. After this, I researched and found some possible reasons and their fixes.

So, if your Toyota Tundra interior lights also not working read on to learn how to tackle this problem.

How to Fix Toyota Tundra Interior Lights Not Working?

There could be several reasons behind this problem, like a blown fuse, dome light bulb or broken bulb. Let’s dive into a detailed discussion:

Toyota Tundra Interior Lights Not Working

1. Blown Fuse

Several fuses are used for interior wiring near the steering wheel under the dashboard. 

If one of them is blown due to overheating or a short circuit, then it could be the possible reason that’s why your interior lights are not working. 

You have to have a screwdriver to open the dashboard’s upper part. After opening it, you will see fuses, and you have to identify the faulty fuse and create a problem.

This fuse may be blown due to engine overheating or a short circuit in the power supply. 

After identifying the blown fuse, replace that fuse and see whether your problem is solved. 

2. Dome Light Bulb

Sometimes dome light bulbs become faulty without any sign, so you should also check the dome light bulb.

Dome light bulbs could become faulty due to overheating and prolonged usage or any fault in the power supply. Disassemble the dome light and open it to check if there is anything wrong with this bulb.

If your dome light bulb is faulty, purchase a new one and replace it with your older one. This bulb will cost almost $23; you may also check on Amazon.

3. Dome Light Bulb Current 

Sometimes the sockets in which your dome light bulb is fixed do not work properly, and that’s why your interior lights do not work well.

You should have to check if the socket is powering it or not. A faulty wire in the power supply could stop the current flow, and resultantly your light will not work. 

You can check the current flow with the help of a voltmeter. Just connect the voltmeter connecting points with both ends where the dome light connects.

You should have to read 12V, but if you did not note any reading, there is a current flow problem. 

In this case, you should visit the Toyota care centre to consult a good technician because they could find out the fault in the power supply and fix it.

4. Faulty Electric Wiring 

The electric wiring could have a problem if your interior lights are not working. If all of your functions are working well and the lights are not working well, then the electric wiring of your interior lights is at fault.

It would be best if you had to take your truck to a Toyota mechanic so he could find the exact fault and fix it.

I recommend not opening anything like electric wiring because you don’t know the wiring pattern well, as a technician can do something better for you.

5. Moisture 

Moisture can also cause damage to your interior lights or wiring from your batteries to your interior lights. 

Dome lights and other lights are sealed with rubber to prevent the bulbs from direct exposure to water because water could damage the bulbs and lights. 

But over time, these rubber seals are getting loose; therefore, your bulbs and lights may face water or moisture that could damage them. 

If you feel the moisture in the dome light or other lights, you should use a blower to dry them and replace the sealing rubber from the market. 

6. Faulty Batteries

If you have not replaced or maintained the batteries of your truck for a long time, then it could also be the reason for your problem. 

Batteries provide the current to the truck to operate fine, but sometimes batteries do not pass enough current to operate the truck normally. 

Check your batteries and replace them if necessary.

7. Contact Your Dealer

If you have checked everything and are still facing the problem, you should consult your dealer. 

It would be best if you also had to consult a Toyota-specified technician because he could see what’s wrong with your truck and could do something better for you. 

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