Toyota Tundra Cruise Control Not Working (How to Fix)

My friend has been using Toyota Tundra for 2 years, and everything is going well. But last week, when I was going with a friend on a trip, he told me about his cruise control that was not working perfectly. 

I tried as many troubleshooting as possible, but it was not even working. Then I researched for him to find the possible reasons and how I could fix these issues. 

Obviously, you are also wondering about the possible fix but don’t worry because today, I will give you all the possible reasons and fixes.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Toyota Tundra Cruise Control Not Working

Toyota Tundra Cruise Control Not Working

1. Wheel Speed Sensor

The cruise control is directly attached to the speed sensor, which transmits signals to the cruise control to fix the speed. Check that the speed sensor and the speedometer are working correctly. 

If you notice that the speedometer is not working fine, it could be why your cruise control is not working.

To fix the problem, you should have to repair or replace the speed sensor, and I recommend you visit a Toyota-certified technician.

The speed sensor will cost you almost $290 to $350, which may change with time. 

2. Cruise Control Switch

Whenever you press the cruise button to set a specific speed, this button through the switch transmits the signals, but if your cruise control switch is faulty and not working properly, it could also create a problem. 

To check the cruise control switch, press the on/off button at the cruise control switch, which is located on the right side behind the steering wheel. An indicator light in the panel blows when the cruise control is working fine. But if this sign is not turned on, your cruise control switch is not working.

This problem could be solved by the replacement of a cruise control switch. You can order it online, replace it at home, or visit a Toyota maint shop. 

This switch may cost up to $250 to $370, but this cost will fix your problem as well. 

3. Brake Light Switch

There is also a possibility that your brake light switch is not working properly, and that’s why you are facing difficulties in using cruise control. 

Whenever you press the brake padel, its light switch passes the signals to the cruise control to set your desired speed, but if this light switch does not work properly, it could stop the cruise control from working. 

This issue could occur due to a blown fuse due to a short circuit for the reason of overheating. 

To fix this problem, you should have to replace the brake light switch, and after this replacement, your cruise control will start working fine. 

4. Faulty Fuse

There is a fuse under the steering wheel inside the fuse panel, and if it is blown for some reason, it could stop the cruise control from working. 

This fuse could become faulty due to overheating the engine and a short circuit. This problem cannot be fixed until you replace the fuse. You can replace the fuse by yourself by opening and assembling the steering kit.

But if you didn’t know, you have to visit the Toyota care center to help you get out of this problem. 

5. Engine Problem

If you are traveling a long distance and driving your Tundra without rest, it could be an engine problem. Your vehicle may be overheated, and the sensors are not properly.

This could also happen if you don’t maintain your engine regularly, like changing the oil, etc. 

If everything is working well and your cruise control is not working, you should have to check your engine. 

Check the engine compartment and rest in your Tundra; it will solve your problem if the engine creates some problems.

6. Throttle Position Sensor

When the throttle position fails to operate, it could also stop the cruise control from working. You have to identify that your throttle position sensor is working fine.

Your engine computer will produce black exhaust, which can be observed from the tailpipe. The throttle position sensor can also produce dead spots, and that problem can lead the cruise control to stop working.

To fix the problem, replace the sensor, which may cost up to $160 to $200

7. Check Tail Light

The tail light at the rear glass of the Tundra is parallel connected with the cruise control, and if this light is faulty, it could be a possible reason for your problem.    

Check the light by pressing the brake padel of your vehicle, and if it is not blowing, then it means this light is the reason for the problem. 

Replacement of the tail light will fix this problem.

8. Check Tundra 

Your cruise control may not be working due to some bugs in the system. There is another way that could help in some of the cases. 

Rotate your steering wheel end to the Right to turn the tyers and then left. After doing this, drive the Tundra in forward and reverse directions too.

This will fix minor bugs in the system, and if your wheel sensors are creating some problems, that will also be fixed.

9. Rain or Slippery Road

Driving any vehicle in rain or slippery roads is always difficult but in the case of Tundra, cruise control stop working in extremely rainy weather and slippery roads. 

Suppose you are driving your Tundra on a rainy road and apply the brakes. This will sometime damage the brakes and tyers due to the slippery way.

The brakes and tyer sensors are directly connected to the cruise control, so it could stop working. 

I recommend not using this feature on rainy days or wet roads.


Why is my Toyota cruise control not working?

This could be due to a faulty fuse, brake switch, speed sensors, or cruise control switch. Whatever the reason is, in your case, you have to find it and fix it. 

Is there a fuse that controls the cruise control?

Yes, there is a fuse under the dashboard on the driver’s side in the fuse panel. If this fuse is faulty, then it will stop your cruise control from working.

Does the ABS sensor affect cruise control?

Yes, ABS sensors directly affect cruise control. There is one sensor in every wheel, and these sensors are directly connected to the cruise system and will stop this system from working. 

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