Toyota Tacoma Wireless Charging Not Working (Try This!)

Wireless charging is more complex than wired charging; as in wired charging, you have to connect the mobile with the charging cable through a power adapter, and it’s done, the charging will start, but in the case of wireless charging, a little bit of interruption can stop it working. 

If your Toyota Tacoma wireless charging is not working and you are wondering to find a solution, then there is no need to worry. 

Because today in this article, I will explain all the possible reasons and their fixes.

Let’s get started!

Tacoma Wireless Charging Not Working

If you Tacoma wireless charging isn’t working, it could be due to mobile case, metallic items in case, dirty charging tray, incorrect position of mobile, incompatibility of mobile and defective charging tray. To troubleshoot this problem, you will need to use thin mobile case, don’t use metallic things in case, clean the charging tray, correctly place mobile, ensure mobile is compatible and fix charging tray.

If your Toyota Tacoma wireless charging is not working, then you should have to try some quick fixes first; try the following quick fixes:-

  • Remove the mobile case
  • Align the mobile phone on the charging tray
  • Remove any metallic articles from the charging tray
  • Clean the charging tray 

If you have applied all the quick fixes and your wireless charging is still not working, then let’s dive into the detailed article.

1. Use a Thin Mobile Case

The very first thing you should have to check is the mobile case. Wireless charging is much weaker than wired charging, so a little interruption may disturb the wireless charging or even stop it from working. 

You should ensure that you are not using a mobile case thicker than 3mm. Almost all wireless chargers work in 3mm thick mobile cases. 

Remove your mobile case and place your mobile into your Toyota wireless charging; try to see whether it is working or not? 

If your mobile phone starts charging, the mobile case is creating problems in the wireless charging. 

It would help if you had to choose a Qi-friendly mobile case compatible with wireless charging. 

You can search for Qi-friendly portable cases online and offline too. 

2. Remove metallic items

The wireless charger works based on magnetic induction; a transmitting coil inside the charging pad and receiving coil inside the mobile back side combine, then a magnetic field is produced between them, and current starts passing from the transmitting coil to the receiving coil. 

When a metallic object interferes with this magnetic field, then wireless charging stops working. 

Check your mobile case for metallic items, i.e., pins, grips, credit cards, etc. 

These items could create disturbance in wireless charging. 

You must always ensure no metallic interference between the charging pad and the mobile back side. 

3. Clean the Charging Tray 

As we have already discussed, wireless charging is much weaker than wired charging, so some dirt or debris can interrupt the charging process. 

You should check the charging tray to see if there is a little bit of dirt or dust, then clean it with the help of a thin microfiber cloth. 

Also, clean the mobile’s backside and place it into the charging tray to see whether it works. 

4. Reposition the Mobile

To charge your mobile wirelessly, you should place it accurately at the charging pad. The transmitting coil in the charging pad and the receiving coil at the back of your mobile phone should be combined to start wireless charging. 

If your device is displaced from the standard position at the charging pad, charging will be stopped. 

This displacement of the location could occur when your mobile phone is in vibration mode. 

If your mobile phone is placed at the charging pad and in the vibration mode, it will vibrate and be displaced from the correct position whenever it receives a call. 

Keep your mobile phone in general or silent mode before placing it on the charging pad. 

5. Check the Mobile Compatibility 

The mobile phone you are using may not be compatible with wireless charging. Before doing anything else, please check whether your mobile phone is compatible with wireless charging. 

You can check your mobile compatibility online by searching your mobile phone model, or you can also see this information from the box of your mobile phone. 

If your mobile phone is compatible with wireless charging, a Qi logo will be displayed on the mobile phone’s box.  

6. Defective Charging Tray 

If you have tried all the troubleshooting and your Toyota wireless charging is not working, your wireless charging tray is likely defective, or some hardware issue has occurred. 

In that case, you should consult your dealer to see if they can do anything about your wireless charging problem.

7. Try a Wireless Charging Adapter 

If your mobile phone is not compatible with wireless charging, then you can use a wireless charging adapter to enable your mobile phone’s wireless charging. 

These wireless charging adapters are available in the market online and offline too. 

This charging adapter connects with the charging port of the mobile phone and covers the back side of your mobile phone.

8. Mobile Phone Fault

If your mobile phone is qi-enabled and you are still facing the same problem, then you should have to test your mobile phone with some other wireless chargers to see if it is your mobile phone that is at fault for creating the problem in wireless charging. 

If your mobile phone is creating issues with the wireless charging, contact a technician to see whether he can do anything for you. 


How do you turn on wireless charging on Toyota Tacoma?

To enable wireless charging, press the penal lid and open it. 

There will be a wireless charging switch; press this switch and place your mobile phone in the charging tray.

Does Tacoma have wireless charging?

Yes, Toyota Tacoma has wireless charging features, and you can charge your Qi-compatible mobile phone with it. 

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