Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Not Working (5 Easy Fixes!)

Toyota RAV4 rear parking sensors make parking a hassle free process. The narrow parking lane requires you to repeatedly watch behind for anything behind the car.

But the rear sensors detect the object when you put the speed below 5 MPH. The beeping and visual signs help you easily park the Toyota car.

But there are instances when Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Not Working.

If You are looking for the causes and possible solutions to the Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Not Working. Then stick with me till the end to know the reasons and ways to fix the problem.

How Do Rear Parking Sensors Work In Toyota RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Not Working

Toyota RAV4 is a spacious car with a roomy cabin. The 4 rear ultrasonic sensors are really helpful in parking the car when it is hard to detect small objects. Let’s look at how these sensors work.

  • Put the car in reverse and turn on the sensors button on the left side of the steering, and it lights up the indicator to let you know that the rear sensors are turned on.
  • Now they will release ultrasonic waves that will strike any object behind the car, and the beep sound will alert you.
  • Suppose you are not comfortable with the beeping alert sound. In that case, a visual indicator on the multi-informational display will turn on to let you know that you are in proximity to any object.
  • As the car approaches the object, the beep sound becomes more continuous, and the visual sensor logo will change colour. 
  • But these indicators can err in detecting very small objects and main holes.

Why Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Are Not Working? 

While looking for a solution you may need to rule out the causes of the Toyota RAV4 sensor’s failure. Here are 3 causes in the section below.

Debris And Fog On Glass

The sensors cannot detect the objects when their surface is clogged with dust and fog. The layer of dust and debris creates an obstacle by forming a layer. 

Cleaning the dust accumulated on the sensors’ surface will make it work again.

A Broken Wire 

The car faces many bumps and damage over time. Chances are the Toyota RAV4 rear parking sensors are not working due to its wires being disconnected. 

You need to check the wires connection by touching the multimeter with the wires individually. If it is a broken wire connection, you can replace it, and the sensor will work again.

Moreover, you should manually check the sensors with the Toyota RAV4 car dealership to ensure it works properly.

Damaged Sensor

Every electronic accessory can get damaged over time, and Toyota RAV4 rear sensors are no exception.

If any of the above is not the cause of Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors not working, then the sensors themselves are damaged and need a replacement.

Changing the rear sensors in Toyota RAV4 is not a hefty process. 

Moreover, you can change the Toyota RAV4 rear sensors without an expert mechanic.

How To Fix Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensors Not Working

Here are 3 ways that would fix the sensors like before.

Clean The Sensors

The rear parking sensors of Toyota RAV4 can get dust-free by using the Microfiber towel.

Take the Microfiber towel and clean the layer of dust and debris. Now take the WD-40 spray and spray it over the sensor. That will cleanse the sensor display from any additional stains.

Finally, use the soft cotton swab, dip it in the soap water or isopropyl alcohol and clean the corners of the sensors.

Repeat the process for all the rear sensors. 

Remove Water

The sensors are exposed to a harsh environment. The rainwater quickly gets inside and stops the sensors from detecting the objects on the rear and front sides. 

Hence you can restore the sensor’s functions by spraying WD-40 on them. That would clear the sensors of any water that has got inside.

Now clean it with a clean towel to make sure that any excess water is removed.

Start the car and test the rear sensors.

Reconnect The Broken Or Disconnected Wire

The sensor assembly can be accessed by opening the rear compartment of the Toyota RAV4.

You can access the sensor by opening the small rectangular box in the bumpers. Once the sensor is visible, you will notice two wires attached. 

One is grounded or earth wire and the other is a connector. Remove the earth wire and attach the multimeter to it.

 Repeat the same process with the connector if the multimeter shows 0-ohm resistance. That means the wire needs replacement.

All you need to do is to change the wire. It would restore the function of Toyota RAV4 Rear sensors.

Replace The Toyota RAV4 Rear sensors if Still Not Working

The rear parking sensors of Toyota RAV4 are accessed by opening the rear box-shaped compartment near the bumper.

  • The small holes in that compartment will indicate the presence of the sensors inside.
  • You can access them by making a small hole in the hood.
  • Once you see the sensor, disconnect the connector and ground wire and install the new sensor.
  • Once you install the sensor, put them back in place and reconnect the wires.
  • Test that the sensors are working correctly.

How To Reset Toyota RAV4 Rear Sensors

When you programme the system, an update can often stop the Toyota RAV4 parking assist from functioning. A glitch in the system offers a hindrance.

But don’t worry. It’s a simple process to reset the parking assist of a Toyota RAV4.

Start the car, and You need to access the menu by pressing the button on the left side of the steering. Then a P in the multifunctional display will appear.

That is the parking manu by scrolling down on P and pressing the button. You will change the off from On. 

Now turn it back Off and turn off the car. Now restart it once again. 

By repeating the process 3-5 times, the Toyota RAV4 rear sensor will reset and start functioning normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on Parking sensors On Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 parking sensors button is on the steering wheel’s left side.

Once you turn on the parking sensors, the multi-informational display will show a few options.

You need to select the parking option to adjust the sensor volume by pressing the up or down button.

What Is Parking Assist On RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 has a parking assist for the rear as well as front parking.

The parking assist alerts you through a beeping sound or blinking light on the display if it senses any object near its rear end. 

As you approach the object, the beeping gets fasts with a fast blinking light. Hence the Toyota RAV4 has audible and visual parking assist.

Final thoughts!

Dust is the common cause if your Toyota RAV4 Rear Parking Sensor not working. Alternatively, you can check for the electronic assembly of rear parking sensors.

If the RAV4 Rear sensors need replacement, it would be best to seek professional help. Replacing the sensor is not expensive, but it would save you plenty of time.


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