Tesla Windows Keep Going Up and Down [9 Easy Fixes]

In the unique Tesla cars, we get frameless doors where windows have to go down when you open the door slightly. 

But sometimes, these automatic Tesla windows go up and down without your command. For example, you have not pushed the switch, but windows go down when you shut the door.

On the other hand, I also had an annoying experience with Tesla’s driver-side Window not closing up.

During the research to find a solution to why Tesla windows keep going up and down, I came up with these potential causes and how to fix them.

Why Tesla Windows Keep Going Up and Down

Tesla Windows Keep Going Up and Down

Tesla window automatic sensors allow it to roll down slightly when the temperature is high to avoid any damage from excessive heating inside the car.

But the situation gets annoying when your Tesla’s Window keeps going up and down without any such scenario. Also, it’s a perfect entry point for thieves, and you won’t feel safe leaving the car.

I spent the entire day looking for the causes and the solution, so you don’t have to.

1. Faulty Window Harness

The rough road condition sometimes damages the internal wiring harnesses connected to the windows. The damaged wire may transmit wrong signals to the sensor, and Tesla windows keep going up and down.


  • You need to check the wiring harness of the malfunctioning windows by opening the door panel.
  • Seek a professional Tesla mechanic’s help if you cannot do it yourself.
  • If you have successfully disassembled the windows, access the wire harness and test them with the help of a multimeter.
  • Reconnect the disconnected wire to restore the Tesla’s power window to normal function.

2. Faulty Puddle lights

The puddle lights and window sensors have the same circuit. Suppose the piddle light is not working and the windows keep going up and down. Then, I assure you that a simple trick would restore the window function.


  • All you have to do is buy a new Puddle light; you can buy it from Amazon or Tesla store.
  • You need a flathead screwdriver to remove and disconnect the light from the connector.
  • Afterwards, install the new puddle light. Your Tesla’s window sensor will begin working again.

3. Outdated Software Version

Tesla has recalled more than 1.1 billion cars due to faulty windows. They have proposed that from September, they are rolling out a new updated version that would not cause trouble to Tesla users regarding the car windows.

But if your Testa is not 3s built between 2017-2022, Model Ys 2020-2021, or Model S & X made between 2021-2022, you can update the software to its latest version.


  • You can check for the available latest software version of your Tesla by connecting the car’s infotainment system with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then tap on the ‘Car’ icon in the lower left corner.
  • Now go to the ‘Software’ and check for the available update.
  • Install if you have an older version. That would remove the glitches from the software and may restore the function of the Tesla’s windows going up and down.

4. Door Latch Sensor

Tesla uses cutting-edge technology in each vehicle. So when you open the door using the handle. There is no internal mechanic that unlatches the door. Instead, a sensor sends a message that unlocks the door. 

At the same time, it lowers the car windows. However, a faulty sensor will not lower the windows and may fail to up and down the windows on command.


  • You can recalibrate the windows to remove any bugs in the system. 
  • To do this, you have to sit on the driver side. 
  • Press the driver’s side switch and raise the affected windows all the way up.
  • Then, using the same switch, lower the Window till it is completely open.
  • Repeat the process 3 times. It will recalibrate the power windows of your Tesla.

Here is another method that will reset all the electricals in the Tesla and set it to the ‘Factory Settings.’

  • You have to turn on the car and access the touchscreen of your Tesla.
  • Then tap on the ‘Car’ logo at the bottom of the screen, and you will enter the settings menu.
  • Navigate the ‘Service’ tab and tap the ‘Factory Reset’ option.
  • That will fix the bug in the software, and the sensor will work properly afterward.

But if calibration and soft reset do not solve the problem, you may want to take the vehicle to a Tesla dealership. They will replace the faulty sensor in your car.

5. Settings Malfunction in Window

The Tesla windows can go up and down by pressing the door switch once. Any malfunction in the settings can disrupt this function.


  • You can temporarily fix this problem by tapping the ‘Car’ icon on the touchscreen.
  • Go to the ‘LOCK’ and enable the ‘Close Windows On Lock.’
  • That would lock the car windows in the close position when you lock the door.

6. Physical Obstruction In Windows

Tesla windows have powerful sensors that retract once they sense a physical obstruction in the way.

Dust, stones, or grime can get stuck in the windows and stop them from closing all the way.


You have to clean the windows thoroughly using a clean cotton towel. In addition, use a spray that dissolves the obstructing material and acts as a lubricant, Such as WD-40.

That would clean the windows from anything obstructing the windows from going all the way up.

7. Faulty Window Regulator 

The Tesla windows have a regulator that moves the windows back and forth when you press the switch. The power window moves with the help of a circular plastic piece that wraps the Window moving in a circular motion.

Therefore, it has a spring and a plastic ferrule in the path to accomplish the task.

The plastic ferrules get damaged more often than not. Eventually, it results in a blocked power window; sometimes, it does not snap with the exact closing position. 

That is problematic because you cannot maintain an optimum temperature inside the vehicle with a partially open window. 

On the other hand, the noise from the outer environment disturbs you. Fortunately, the faulty window regulators are simple to repair.

  • You can repair the faulty window regulator by disassembling the door panel.
  • Then, you must remove the window regulator assembly with a motor attached to it.
  • Afterwards, remove the three T25 screws using the appropriate screwdriver.
  • Move the wire to the position where it lowers the Window.
  • Now replace the plastic ferrule that snaps and jumps over pulleys.
  • You can replace it with a plastic ferrule or a metal one.

8. Faulty Fuse 

Fuses are linked to the electricals in your Tesla to avoid overvoltage. It will burn if the excessive voltage flows through the circuit and prevents the potential damage to the electricals. 

Chances are, The fuse linked with the power windows in your Tesla is burnt, which is why Tesla windows keep going up or down. Instead, they are stuck in one position.


The power windows in your Tesla are usually linked with 30amp fuses near the steering wheel. 

Once you have reached the fuse box, the cover of the fuse box has labeled each fuse with its respective link. You will find the power windows fuse and test it by prying it out using a plier. 

Examine the middle transparent section of the fuse. Change the fuse if it is burnt from the center. That should fix the Tesla windows not going up or down.

9. Malfunctioning Power Window Motor

The power window’s automatic function depends on the motor’s health. Usually, the motor works fine for most of the time. But if the motor fails, you have to repair or replace it.

The power windows motor is installed in the door below the Window. 

You must remove the plastic part covering the door and the bolts to access the motor.

You must check the motor with the help of a multimeter. If it is not working, then you need to replace it.


  • You have to disassemble that one door whose Window automatically goes up and down and sometimes gets stuck in the middle.
  • Then once you have removed the top plastic, you will remove the screws of the metal part of the door to reach the window regulator.
  • It is attached to the motor in the center. Using a screwdriver, disassemble the motor.
  • Install the new motor in place and carefully assemble the door panel. 

How Do You Reset A Window Sensor In Tesla?

Tesla recommends that you reset the Windows sensors by following the method.

  • Sit in the driver’s seat and close the door.
  • Using the switch on the door, raise the faulty Window all the way up and do not leave the switch for an additional 15 seconds.
  • Then press the switch to lower the Window and keep pressing the switch for an extra 15 seconds.
  • Repeat the process 3 times, and it will reset the window sensors.

Quick Tip

While rolling the Window up, stop halfway and give it a firm smack. That will move anything stuck in the windows. Then repeat the process until the Window no longer goes up or down automatically.

Why Does the Tesla Window Roll Down By Itself? 

The Tesla windows roll up themselves mainly due to a faulty power window sensor or a software glitch.

How Do I Stop My Tesla Windows From Rolling Up Automatically?

You can stop your Tesla Windows from going up automatically by recalibrating the door latch sensor, replacing the puddle light, performing a factory reset, or updating the old software version.

Final Thoughts

You now know why your Tesla’s power windows keep going all the way up or down automatically and all the possible fixes.

However, Do not think twice about taking advice from the expert Tesla technician.

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