Tesla Theater Not Working [7 Easy Fixes Added]

Tesla theater going blank is a very common error. Suddenly, all icons disappear as you open the ‘Entertainment’ tab on the Tesla touchscreen.

Fortunately, it’s not something ‘broken’ that needs to be fixed. I have found the following errors responsible for Tesla Theater Not Working.

You can bring back the Tesla Theater by applying these seven methods.

Why Tesla Theater Not Working

Tesla Theater Not Working

I enjoy the endless streaming options in my Tesla when supercharging the car. Not only me, but some of you, too, have experienced the problem using the Tesla theater. 

Most of the time, you don’t see any apps in the entertainment tab. While only a few times, the screen goes completely blank. What causes this problem? I have found 5 causes. 

1. System Displays Error Codes

The Tesla entertainment section stops displaying Netflix, and an error message appears. That error code does not appear in all Tesla vehicles. A software update resolves this issue.

2. Introduction of New App

With the introduction of ‘Monty Python in the Apps list on Tesla Theater, many users experienced that the screen is not showing any theater icon. 

That is resolved by changing the Tesla’s name with weird yet funny names associated with the App. Read along to know how to change the car’s Name in Tesla.

3. Software Glitch

A malfunctioning software causes the Tesla theater screen to go blank.

Most of the Tesla Model 3, S, X, and Y have been recalled for an issue in the software regarding customers’ concerns over Windows safety features.

The latest software is claimed to be free of bugs and glitches.

4. Unstable Internet

For the entertainment section to run smoothly, you must connect the Tesla infotainment screen with a strong internet connection.

A weak and slow network will constantly show error codes on Tesla’s screen when you are streaming a show.

5. Lack Premium Connectivity

It would be best to buy the premium connectivity to watch the content over Tesla Theater. Premium connectivity charges are $ 99 annually.

So, make sure that you have purchased your premium connection.

How to Fix Tesla Theater not Working

Here are 7 simple changes that allow you to restore the Tesla theater quickly.

1. Change The Language

A glitch in the Tesla restores the Tesla Theater icons as they were after you change the language to any other language.

  • To do this, you have to enter the ‘Quick Controls’ by tapping on the car.
  • Now, navigate to ‘Display’ and click it.
  • Then, in the ‘Touchscreen Language’ tab, change the language from ‘English’ to any other language.
  • Once you select the language and hit ‘OK,’ the screen will shut down and restart after a few seconds.
  • Now, you can see that the theater mode in your Tesla has started working.
  • You can now change the language to ‘English’ again.

2. Turn Off The Headlights

Another reason is that a few times when the exterior Headlights in Tesla are on Auto or turned ‘On,’ the Theater will not work.

  • You have to open the ‘controls’; you will see an ‘Exterior Lights’ option in the first Control’ many.
  • Swipe left to the ‘Off’ to turn it off.
  • Also, turn off the ‘Dome Interior Lights’ below this menu by swiping the bar to the left.

Now, recheck if the Theater has started showing the icons.

3. Change the Car Name

You can Rename your car to troubleshoot the Theater, which is not showing any icon problems.

  1. You must enter the ‘Quick controls’ menu by tapping the extreme left ‘Car’ icon.
  2. Then navigate the ‘Software’; in that menu, go to the car name on the right upper side.
  3. Rename the car to “Patsy,” ” Biggus Dickus, ” or ” Rabbit of Caerbannog.” 
  4. As you change the name, a Monty Python foot with a comic fart sound will appear on the screen. 
  5. Then, check the Theater by tapping on the ‘Entertainment’ option.
  6. You will now have all the icons on your theater screen and the new ‘Monty Python App.
  7. Now, you can rename your car again to the previous one, and it will not affect the Theater settings.

4. Reset Wheel Settings

Another trick that worked for many Tesla users to bring back their Theater screen is changing the wheel configuration.

  • Tap the car icon to enter the ‘Controls.’
  • Navigate the ‘Service’ tab in the list of options.
  • After you tap on the ‘Service,’ the right side of the screen will display a ‘Wheel Configuration’ option.
  • Here, you have to change the configuration.
  • Then check if the Theater is working.
  • Afterward, you can revert the ‘Wheel Configuration’ to the previous settings.

5. Update Software

The old software usually installs updates automatically. But you can check the settings for an available update and install it to remove the Theater not working problem.

  • In the ‘Controls’ menu, navigate to the ‘Software’ tab.
  • As you see on the left side, the screen will show when the system last updated the software. Also, you will see if there is any pending update.
  • If yes, set the ‘Software Update’ preferences to ‘Advanced’ and install the software.
  • Once installation is completed, check if the Theater has started showing the icons again.

6. Reconnect The Internet

  • You can reset the internet connection between Tesla and the wifi router to solve the theater malfunctioning issue.
  • To set up the internet connection again, tap the wifi icon on the top right corner of the touchscreen.
  • Remove the old connection with your device here and tap the router icon to re-establish the connection.

It will remove any glitches on your Tesla and solve the theater connectivity problem. 

7. Soft / Hard Reset Tesla Theater

Soft Reset

Tesla has two-wheel switches on the steerings, both left and right side. You can both press and roll those switches. 

  • Start the Tesla in the Parking mode.
  • You need to hold both wheel buttons simultaneously until both screens turn off.
  • After one minute, both screens will turn on.
  • This soft reset method will erase any bug in the system and remove any error in the theater section of the Tesla touchscreen.

Hard Reset

  • To perform a Hard reset, open the ‘Controls’ menu and scroll down to ‘Safety.’
  • On the left side, turn off the ‘Sentry Mode’ and tap the ‘Power off’ option.
  • The Tesla touchscreen will power off.
  • Before interacting with its screen after that hard reset, you have to wait 3 minutes and then navigate to the theater settings.
  • The reset process restores all the normal functions of the software.

Quick Tip

Suppose you are not finding your favorite video streaming app on the Tesla Theater. Then, there is a  website with way more apps to stream the videos and music of your choice. 

You have to open the browser on the Tesla touchscreen and enter abettertheater.com in the address bar to access the webpage and its content.

What To Do If This Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work?

It’s a known issue, and Tesla claims their new firmware will not contain this bug. However, you must contact the Tesla customer support center and address the issue quickly.

How Do You Reboot The Tesla Display?

You can reboot the Tesla display by pressing both wheel switches and the brake. 

The Tesla touchscreen will power off. Remove your hands from the wheel buttons as the reset is complete. Do not interact with the screen until it turns on.

What Is The Error Code t7121 3078 On Netflix Tesla?

That error indicates that your Tesla browser is not supported any longer. You have to install the new version. 

The Tesla software update will fix this issue, so you must check for the available Tesla software.

  • Tap on the ‘Car’ Icon to access the Controls.
  • Now Navigate the ‘Software.’
  • Here, you will find that if your Tesla has a pending software update, install the latest version to eliminate that error code.

What Is Error Code S7121 1331 On Netflix?

The S7121 1331 error code is pretty common when you get a used Tesla car.

However, you can apply these solutions to get rid of this error code.

  1. Install the new software update on your Tesla
  2. Sign off from the Netflix account on your Tesla screen and then back in.
  3. Contact Netflix customer support.

Can You Use Tesla Theater Mode While Driving?

No, Tesla theater mode is only available when the Tesla is Parked. Hence, a driver cannot access the theater mode while driving.

How Do You Get Theatre on a Tesla?

Once you have the car in the Park, You can get the Theater on Tesla by displaying the popup menu from the bottom.

Then, Tap on the Entertainment option available in the list.

The touch screen will display all the available apps in the Tesla theater.

Final Thoughts

Tesla Theater saves you from boredom when you supercharge your Tesla or wait for someone. 

However, you can solve any problem with the Tesla Theater not working properly by renaming your car, changing the language, altering wheel configuration, turning off headlights, or installing a software update.

But consult a professional if the fault remains unidentified.

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