Tesla Speakers Not Working [10 Ways to Fix]

The Speakers in my Tesla are not producing any sound. The problem hit hard as I also noticed no blinkers and navigation sounds.

The Tesla suggests performing a Reset if the speakers are not working. During research, I found that software bugs are the primary cause of speakers not working.

Keep scrolling to know how to fix it.

Why Tesla Speakers Not Working

Tesla Speakers Not Working

Before scrolling down to how to fix the Tesla speakers, let’s look at why we face this terrible issue.

1. Software Issue

Tesla rolls out new updates periodically, and the latest updates often introduce bugs in the system. That’s why your audio system in Tesla is affected. 

The most common result of a software bug is that you will hear cranking and squeaking sounds intermittently. 

Tesla repeatedly recommends performing a soft reset, which is only a temporary solution. Hence, you will experience a breaking voice or a complete absence of sound from the speakers.

2. Hardware Fault

Apart from the software problem, if you are not hearing any sound from the Tesla audio, that indicates that the speakers are faulty. On the other hand, a faulty amplifier in the car trunk can also stop working.

The overhead module that contains a microphone and dome lights is connected to the audio system.

Any fault in these hardware results in audio interruption, and sometimes you won’t hear any sound.

3. Burnt Fuse

The radio and audio amplifiers are connected to the fuses in the circuit to avoid any damage when the circuit experiences extra current flow.

You can find the location of the radio and audio amplifier fuses by reading the user manual. 

4. Loose Wiring

The amplifiers are connected to the connectors through wire harnesses. Often, the wires break, or the connectors are not securely connected to the socket.

That resulted in the interruption of the audio system in Tesla.

5. Phone and Tesla Connection Error

If you have paired your phone with a Tesla and are playing audio, it’s not working. That can result from a broken connection between your phone and Tesla.

A new connection between both will resume the audio in your car.

6. Bug In Sentry Mode

If you turn ON the Sentry mode, the speakers stop working. That’s a software glitch, and you can resolve it by performing a Reset on the Tesla. But unfortunately, it’s a temporary fix. 

7. Faulty Audio Settings 

As a Tesla user, you must have loved the immersive sound feature in the car. That cancels out all the extra sound. But that reduces the noise and world better for many music types.

But unfortunately, it does not always work best. That can be why you are not hearing the sound from the Tesla speakers as you like. 

How Do I Fix a Tesla Audio That Isn’t Working

Here are all the possible fixes that would fix the speakers in your Tesla.

1. Reset Your Tesla

You can reset Tesla to fix any bug in the software quickly.

  • You have to press & hold the brake pedal.
  • Press and hold both wheel buttons on the steering wheel simultaneously.
  • You will see the infotainment screen turned off.
  • After a few moments, the screen will turn back on, and the Tesla logo will appear.
  • Wait for 2 minutes before checking the speakers.

2. Power off 

Tesla has an option to perform a hard Reset by turning it off. However, unlike any other vehicle, Tesla only goes into standby mode when you power off.

You can power on the Tesla by touching the screen, pressing the brake pedal, opening the door and windows, and interacting with the screen while in the Park.

  • To power off Tesla, put the car in Park.
  • Then go to the ‘Controls‘ and Navigate to ‘Safety and Security’.
  • Tap on the ‘Power Off’ tab.
  • Do not interact with anything in the car for the next 2 minutes. 
  • Restart the car by pressing the brake pedal to check if the speakers work.

3. Reconnect Amplifier’s Connectors

You can access the amplifiers by removing the Tesla’s truck mat from the right side. The amplifier is connected to the three connectors.

  • Do not disconnect the connectors before disconnecting the 12v battery from the main battery plug. That will blow the amplifier, the main computer, and the microphone in the dome light. 
  • Once you have disconnected the battery, remove the connectors and reconnect them.
  • Close the trunk and try turning on the music to see if the speakers work.

4. Replace The Module

The overhead module connected to the microphone can be faulty. It affects the entire circuit. You have to check if the module housing the microphone is working.

You need to contact the Tesla service center to replace it if it is faulty or buy one from an ecommerce store and replace it.

5. Turn On The Boombox

The Boombox is one of the unique features that Tesla offers. So you can enjoy music through external speakers when the car is parked.

A simple solution to resume the Tesla speakers function is to play media using a Boombox.

  • You must toggle the ‘Click Up Arrow’ at the toolbar at the bottom of your Tesla display.
  • Now tap on the ‘Toybox’ to see the ‘Boombox’ app at the top of the list. 
  • You will turn on the music using external speakers by tapping on the ‘Play Current Media’ on the right side of the App.
  • If you get the sound, then your problem is solved.

6. Turn Off Sentry Mode

Sentry mode records the unusual activity when you are away from your Tesla. It’s also a bug in the Tesla’s software that you do not hear any sound after turning on the Sentry mode.

  • You can resume the speaker’s function by going to ‘Controls’ and tapping on ‘Safety.’
  • Now navigate the ‘Sentry Mode’ and disable it by moving the bar towards the left.
  • Afterward, perform a reset by pressing and holding the scroll buttons on the steering wheels.

7. Check The Fuse

The fuse box located in the Tesla S and X passenger compartment has the 20A fuses connected to the Audio amplifier.

  • Open the fuse box and find the location of the amplifier fuses.
  • Remove the fuse and check the middle transparent area to see if it is burnt.
  • Replace the faulty fuse with the new one.

8. Reconnect The Phone and Make A Call

It is an effective way to remove the audio glitch if you reconnect the Phone with Tesla. 

  • Therefore, forget the connection by going to the ‘Settings’ in your phone.
  • Then Tap on the ‘Bluetooth’ and Forget the Tesla from the list of ‘Paired Devices.
  • Reconnect the Phone with your Tesla, and ensure Bluetooth is turned On and actively searching.
  • Afterwards, receive the phone call while your phone is still connected to the car’s Bluetooth. 

9. Update Software

If Tesla is connected to a Wi-Fi, it will automatically update the software to the latest version.

While you can check if there is an available update to remove the bug and bring back the sound of the Tesla audio system.

In the ‘Controls,’ tap on the ‘Software’ and hit the ‘Update’ tab to install the latest software version.

10. Use The Bug Report Feature.

If the problem remains unsolved, you can report the error using the ‘Bug Report’ feature.

You can also go to Tesla.com and request to schedule a service visit.

Quick Tips

Despite all the ways to fix the Tesla speaker not working, here are a few quick hacks that can restore your audio system’s sound. I advise you to try it before you hit the call button at the Tesla service center.

  1. Switch to radio if you are playing media through Spotify or any other streaming service.
  2. Mute the volume in Tesla by tapping on the bottom right corner of the Tesla screen on the speaker icon. Then Unmute it.
  3. Power off the car and come out. Shut the door and wait for 2 minutes. Then, reenter the vehicle and try turning on the media to test whether the speakers work.
  4. Shut down the Tesla and connect the UMC (universal mobile connector) in the port to clear the bug in the audio system. Then, turn the vehicle back on.
  5. Clean the dust over the speaker grill on the passenger side using a soft bristle brush.
  6. To hard reset the electricals, you can unplug the 12V battery. That will reset the speakers, too, and resume their function.

How Do You Reset The Speakers On Tesla?

A soft reset on a Tesla computer will reset speakers, too. Hence, press and hold both scroll buttons on Tesla until the display turns off.

Then, leave the buttons and do not interact with brakes, doors, or display until the screen turns on.

Why Can’t I Hear The Radio In My Tesla?

The malfunctioning speakers, amplifiers, and software glitches can affect the audio system of your Tesla. That’s why you can’t hear the radio in it.

How Do You Turn On Sound On Tesla?

Tap on the bottom right corner of the Tesla touchscreen on the speaker icon to turn on the sound on Tesla.

However, if Tesla speakers are not working, you can reset, power off the Tesla, and check the fuse, speakers, and amplifiers to troubleshoot any defect.

Why Is The Volume In My Tesla So Low?

Immersive sound features do not work best for all kinds of media. You can turn it off if you feel that the volume in your Tesla is too low.

Final Thoughts!

As you can see, there are a few common reasons your Tesla speakers are not working. You can fix the software bug by updating and checking the fuse and loose wiring connections between the speakers and amplifiers.

However, I would advise you to reset your Tesla once every month to remove glitches. I hope you found the guide helpful in solving the problem. Also, say no to distractions while driving.

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