Tesla Not Showing Cars Around Me [How to Fix!]

As a Tesla driver, one of the most frustrating situations is when Tesla is not showing cars around me.

Driving Tesla on Autopilot saves me from fatigue on long drives. Thanks to this remarkable technology, I cannot think of driving my Tesla EV without this feature.

You see, it happens due to a Software glitch or the system needs calibration. In this Guide, I will break down the reason for the bugs and how to fix them.

Let me unveil the method for you.

Why is Tesla Not Showing Cars Around Me?

Tesla not showing cars around me

Before I tell you the step-by-step solution of how you can visualize the cars again on your Tesla screen, let me tell you the reasons why it happened in the first place.

1. Cameras Not Working

As everyone knows, Tesla’s autopilot feature coordinates with 360 cameras. That covers traffic from each side and transmits signals to the car to take action using brakes and accelerators. 

However, if one or more cameras are not working, you will have trouble using Autopilot. Honestly, it will be dangerous to drive when you don’t see a car on screen and are driving on Autopilot. 

So don’t turn on the Autopilot until you ensure the cameras are working the next time.

2. Ended Trial FSD Period In Tesla

Tesla offers a free FSD trial for a limited time. However, once it ends, you will continue to drive in the basic autopilot mode, which is still good but not as smooth and assisting as the FSD Paid feature.

Still, I assure you that it can see the cars and assist you in staying in lane. However, you can purchase the annual paid FSD subscription to enjoy full self-driving mode.

3. Additional Cameras Calibrating Is Not Complete

Many new Tesla owners worry their car lacks visualization when they don’t see the road lines and vehicles around them on a touchscreen.

Tesla does not show the cars until you drive it a few miles, and it sees the road’s stop signs and speed limits. After the completion of around 100 miles, the camera’s auto-calibration completes.

You can see the sign on the top left corner of the screen. The circle turns green as the calibration completes.

Alternatively, when you repair Tesla hardware, for example, by changing the windscreen, the camera would re-calibrate before you start seeing other cars on touchscreens.

4. Sentry Mode Bug

If you have permanently enabled Sentry mod, it stops the car from going to ‘sleep.’ Technically, you never put it at rest. When you turn it off, it resets the Autopilot and will start working again.

5. Software Bug

Most Tesla users agree that Autopilot is not as smooth as it should be. The new updates often introduce new bugs in the system, which may result in temporary interruptions in visualizing the cars around you.

You can get the needed help from the Tesla service center using the bug report feature. Or you can use the voice command feature to report the bug.

How to Fix Tesla Not Showing Cars Around You

Based on your issues, here’s how you can resolve the problem so you can again see the cars around you on screen.

1. Recheck Autopilot Settings

Before heading to any other troubleshooting method, you must ensure you have ticked the autopilot settings in the Tesla.

  • You can turn it on by going to ‘Controls.’ Then, navigate the ‘Autopilot’ from the list.
  • Turn the ‘Autosteer’ by moving the slider towards the right.
  • Do the same for ‘Full Driving Visualization Preview’
  • You can view the cars in the surrounding area by turning these options ‘on.’ The car visualization is available in the standard autopilot mode, too. So don’t worry if you have a basic autopilot; the feature still works for you.

However, if you like to drive the car in full self-driving, you must get a $ 15000 annual subscription.

2. Reset Tesla

  • You can reset Tesla to remove the bug in the car computers. To perform a ‘Soft Reset’ On your Tesla, press and hold both buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Take your hands off the buttons once the touchscreen turns off.
  • Once the Tesla logo appears on the screen, Do not interact with it for an additional 2 minutes.

3. Calibrate Camera

Camera Calibration will do the trick to bring back the autopilot feature. Let me first show you Method No. 1 to do this.


  • You have to Park the Tesla before starting the camera calibration.
  • Tap on the lower left corner at the ‘Car icon’ to open ‘Controls.’
  • Then Navigate the ‘Service’ and scroll down to ‘Camera Calibration.’
  • The pop-up message box will show up and hit ‘Clear Calibration.’


But if you have recently changed the hardware in a Tesla, or the Tesla is brand new, you cannot drive on autopilot. Simply put, Tesla will not show cars around you until it automatically calibrates.

  • To automatically calibrate the Tesla, you must follow Method#1. Afterward, drive the Tesla to finish the calibration.
  • circle in the top left corner will begin filling. 
  • As you finish driving around 100 Km, you will get the message that calibration is complete.
  • Then, you will see the lanes, and the cars will begin appearing on the Tesla screen.

4. Turn Off The Sentry Mode

You can temporarily turn off the Sentry mode to allow the autopilot to fix itself in sleep mode.

However, turn the Sentry mode back on once you see the cars on screen.

Go to ‘Controls’ and navigate to’ Safety’.

You will see the Sentry Mode’ in the options. Turn it ‘Off’ and Power Off your Tesla.

Turn it back on and see the autopilot has started working.

5. Detach USB

You can detach the USB in the glove box to fix the autopilot mode.

  • Open the glove box and detach the USB.
  • Reboot the car by pressing the scroll buttons on the Steering wheel until the touch screen turns off.
  • Reattach the USB. 

6. Supercharge Tesla 

Many times, unexplained bugs ruin the driving experience. If you see the autopilot not available and Cruise control not available errors, you will not be able to see the cars on the Tesla screen until you fix the issue.

  • One of the most helpful methods is to go to the nearby Tesla Charging Station and recharge your Tesla.
  • The charging will go above 80% after approximately ten minutes. You can restart the car and try again.

7. Firmware Bug

If you have a software bug, the autopilot will often not show the lines, cars, and speed limit on screen. Any fix will be futile until you report the problem to the Tesla Service Center.

  • You can Dial the Tesla Phone numbers for roadside assistance. They will get to you as soon as possible.
  • You can also check for an available update in the software to remove the bug.
  • You must Tap on the ‘Controls’ and navigate the ‘Software’.
  • Then, tap the advance and install the latest software version.

8. Reset DAS

This last option will reset the driver’s assistance system in the service mode.

  • To access these secret settings, you must go to ‘Controls.’
  • Then tap on ‘Software’ and press and hold the ‘Long range’ just below the Tesla’s name.
  • A permission box will Pop up asking for the password to enter the Service mode.
  • Enter ‘Service’ as a password and hit ‘Enable’ on the next option to activate the service mode.
  • Then Tap on ‘Driver Assist’ on the left side and tap on ‘Cameras.’
  • Press the ‘Reset DAS.’
  • Follow the instructions to unlock the permission.
  • Press and hold the brake for ten seconds and hold the signal on fully up.
  • After 10 seconds, it will unlock and tap on ‘Run Odin Routine.’
  • You will notice the car cameras turn off for a few seconds to reset.
  • Then it will turn back on.
  • Then, Exit the service mode and drive the car to check the autopilot.

Why Is My Tesla App No Longer Showing Cars?

You can reboot your phone and reinstall the Tesla app to fix the error in the Tesla app. Restart the phone once you have reinstalled the app.

Can Teslas Sense Other Cars?

Yes, Tesla can sense the cars by using ultrasonic sensors.

Through 8 ultrasonic sensors, it detects the cars, and 12 cameras fixed at different spots visualize the vehicle’s actual shape instead of just showing a dummy image.

Then, it processes and acts on the information using brakes, steering, and acceleration.

Sum Up!

Using these simple methods, it will not take more than five minutes to fix the bug in the Tesla’s autopilot not working. 

However, if it’s a software bug, you would not clear it until the Tesla Service team takes action and debug the system.

I hope the guide helped you to solve the problem, and if Tesla is not showing cars around, you can get the needed help from the Tesla service center free of cost. Good Luck!

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