Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning On (9 Proven Fixes)

I love to drive a Tesla, and its climate control is amazing because it allows you to control your car’s climate with several options.

But sometimes climate control could be stuck in problems due to many reasons. If your Tesla climate control keeps turning on and you do not know how to stop it, don’t worry. 

Until the end of this article, you can stop your Tesla climate control by turning it on by itself. 

Let’s dive into:

Why Does Tesla Climate Control Keep Turning On?

Tesla Climate Control Keeps Turning On

When your Tesla climate control starts turning on by itself, it may be due to software malfunctioning, app glitching, or missing some settings for your climate control.

If you still need clarification, read the troubleshooting guide until the end. 

1. Software Glitch 

Sometimes, the Tesla software may be encountered due to glitches for many reasons.

The software glitch could occur due to outdated software or new version errors. You must ensure that your Tesla has the updated software. 

Here are a few steps to update Tesla Software:

  • Make sure that Tesla has a strong internet connection 
  • Click on the control icon on the Tesla screen
  • Find and click on the software option 
  • Here, you will see if any update is pending
  • Click to install the latest version

After installing the latest software version, you must restart your Tesla and try to fix the climate control problem. 

Suppose you are still facing the same problem. In that case, it may be possible that Tesla software is creating disturbance due to connected devices or third-party apps.

So ensure that you have not connected any third-party app with your Tesla and that no third-party app is installed at your Tesla.

Because third-party apps are not secure and could create bugs and glitches in your car’s software. Always install the authorized apps on your Tesla screen. 

It would help if you also tried the reset of your Tesla screen to see whether it helps to fix your problem. 

Follow these steps to reset your Tesla screen:

  • Make sure you have parked your car
  • Press and hold the scroll wheel buttons
  • It would help if you kept pressing both buttons until the screen turned off
  • After the Tesla logo, release the buttons and wait for the reboot screen

Your screen will be reset, and all minor glitches or bugs will be fixed. Now turn off the climate control and wait to check whether it is now turning on itself or not. 

2. Check Climate Control Settings

If you have checked the software errors and there are no problems with the software, then you must have to check the climate control settings.

You may have accidentally turned on some options, so your car’s climate control keeps turning on automatically.

There are many options available in Tesla’s climate control, which allows it to operate automatically. 

Turn on the climate menu and see whether you have enabled the “Keep Climate On” option; it might be a possible reason for your problem.

This option automatically turns on the climate control when required to manage your car’s climate, even when you are out of the car or parked. 

Turn off the features “Keep Climate On”, “Dog”, and “Camp” mode to avoid the problems of climate control. 

To turn off the options, access the climate control menu from the bottom, then locate the “Keep” option above the Dog and Camp mode. After clicking on it, you will see the options to turn off this just right beside the auto. 

Ensure the Dog and camp modes are also turned off because these might cause the climate control to keep turning on itself. 

3. Tesla Apps Errors

As you know, we can also access the climate control features from the Tesla screen and Tesla mobile phone.

Sometimes, the app may encounter errors due to bugs and glitches, which may cause climate control problems. 

Open the Tesla app on your phone and see whether it has an outdated version or some catches that disturb the climate feature. 

Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and update the Tesla app to the newer version because this problem might occur due to an outdated version. 

Go to your phone settings and then apps, and here you should clear the catches to ensure that the app does not create problems. 

You should also troubleshoot the problem by restarting your phone, which helps most of the users in climate control turn on problems.  

4. Sensor Failure 

Tesla uses almost four types of sensors to operate the climate control feature in its cars. If one of them malfunctions, then it might create problems.

These four sensors are external temperature, sunlight sensors, cabin temperature sensors and Proximity Sensors. 

You should ensure that these sensors are working well because if these sensors are not working, your car might have climate control problems. 

Suppose you need to learn more about the circuits. In that case, you must go to an authorized dealer because he could better inspect your Tesla to locate the faulty sensors, if any. 

If a sensor is faulty or worn out for some reason, it might be the culprit for your climate control problem. Replace the faulty sensor, if any, and clean the sensors to remove the dust or dirt. 

5. Electric Issues

Sometimes, faulty electric connections of AC or fans also create problems with the climate control system.

You should check the electric connections of the AC and fans in your Tesla to ensure that they are working well and not faulty. 

Sometimes batteries or whole electric connections also create problems with climate control. It would help if you tried the restart to fix the minor battery and electric circuit errors. 

Turn off Tesla, remove the negative terminal of the battery for a few minutes, and then again connect the battery terminal to start your car.

After starting the car again, try to check the climate control problems. 

6. The precondition is Turned On

Sometimes, climate control keeps turning on when you have enabled the precondition option for your Tesla.

Ensure you have not turned on the precondition because it is causing the climate turning on problems. 

Go to your Tesla mobile app and then access the schedule option. Here, you will see an option to turn off the precondition option.

After turning it off again, you should access the climate control settings to turn it off manually. 

7. Check the Doors

Some users on the Tesla forum said that if your Tesla doors are opened, it might cause climate control problems.

Ensure that the doors of your Tesla are not opened because you’re climate control is malfunctioning due to opened doors. 

8. Contact Support

Suppose you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and are still facing climate control problems. In that case, there might be some manufacturing defects.

You should contact Tesla customer support, tell them the problem in detail, and inform them about the troubleshooting you have tried with your Tesla. 

Why does Tesla’s climate stay on?

If your Tesla climate stays on, there might be a software glitch with your car, or maybe the Tesla app is stuck due to bugs.

Sometimes, a sensor failure also causes climate control problems. 

Does Tesla climate control stay on when parked?

Yes, if you have enabled the stay turned on option in your Tesla, then climate control would stay on when you have parked the Tesla. 

How do you turn off Tesla’s climate control?

To turn off the Tesla climate control, access the climate control settings, and there will be a power option at the top left corner of the menu.

Click on this option, and climate control will be turned off. 

Does Tesla climate turn off automatically?

Yes, Tesla’s climate turns off automatically when the battery drops to 20% or 2 hours passed while running the climate control.

It would help if you recharge the battery and set the climate preferences again. 


If Tesla’s climate control keeps turning on, you must check the software version. If it is outdated, then update it to the latest version.

Check the Tesla update because if the app needs to be updated, it might create problems. 

Make sure you have not enabled automatic climate control options. Check the sensors because if one fails, it might create several problems. 

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