Subaru Cruise Control Not Working [Try These Fixes!]

Subaru’s cruise control works better than other vehicles. But many times, you experience an intermittent cruise control discontinuation. Or sometimes it does not turn on at all.

It must have been frustrating. So, after spending 7 hours of research, I have come up with the following causes and solutions.

That would surely help you fix if your Subaru Cruise control is not working.

Why Subaru Cruise Control Not Working

Subaru Cruise Control Not Working

Before I elaborate on the reasons for damaged cruise control in the Subaru, you must remember that cruise control is closely associated with break padel. If you accidentally press the brake, then cruise control will automatically disable.

So here are the reasons for a malfunctioning Subaru Cruise control.

1. Dusty switches

Subaru’s cruise control switches are on the right side of the steering wheel. Whenever the buttons have dirt inside, they won’t work until you clean them thoroughly.

2. Broken Brake Light Switch

The brake light switches are directly connected to the speed sensors. If a brake light switch is not working, the sensor will get a message that the brakes are pressed. 

Similarly, if the brake lights are not turning ‘On’, it would also make your car think that brakes are applied to the vehicle. Therefore, your cruise control would not activate.

3. Check Engine Light “On”

Sometimes, the ‘Check engine lights’ illuminate in the Subaru, and the Cruise control icon blinks. You don’t know why these are turned ‘On’. But afterwards, until the ‘Check Engine Lights’ illuminate, you cannot drive the car in Cruise control.

It’s one of the prominent reasons why your cruise control is not working, and you need to immediately look into the gas cap and a few other functions. But never delay the due repair as it would cost you more if you don’t get it repaired immediately.

4. Faulty Switches

If you are trying to turn on the cruise control, one or more switches are not working. Also, cleaning the switches has not restored their function. Then, the switch panel can have a loose wire or connector.

But most of the time, the brake switches are faulty. 

5. Blown Fuses

Subaru’s cruise control is connected to the fuses to bear any fluctuation in the electric current. So that it would prevent your vehicle’s electrics from any damage during fluctuating currents.

The two 7.5 AMP fuses connect with the cruise control system. If one or both are blown, the cruise control will work until you replace the fuse.

6. Faulty Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is another crucial part of your Subaru, which ensures the car maintains the set speed.

If there is physical damage to your Subarau speed sensor, you cannot use the cruise control feature. It would be best to repair the speed sensor before putting your car in cruise control mode.

7. Throttle Disconnected

The throttle body beside the engine compartment in the hood is a metal part that sets at a specific position when you select a speed on cruise control. 

If it has dust or the throttle is broken, unfortunately, you cannot run the car at a set speed in cruise control. 

8. Vacuum Actuator Or Cable Problem

The vacuum hose is the next part that maintains the tightness of the cable connected to the throttle. Sometimes, there is a leak in the vacuum hose of your Subaru, or the cable is broken. These parts wear out soon as the applied pressure can wear out the vacuum and cable. 

You must check and replace if you have traced a fault in any of these parts to drive the car in cruise control mode. 

9. Failed Control Module

The control module is the intelligent system in your Subaru that collects the information from the switches and sensors and ensures that the vehicle drives at the set speed. 

The control modules may fail, and you need to either repair or replace the control module if your Subaru cruise control is not working.

How to Fix Subaru Cruise Control is Not Working

Cruise control is an intelligent system that prevents much fatigue if you travel long distances. However, you can apply the following proven fixes if your Subaru cruise control has stopped working.

1. Reset Electricals

The battery in your car is the primary power source for all the electricals. If any connected function is not working, the experts recommend resetting the electricals by disconnecting the battery.

Therefore, you can also reset the cruise control system to restore its function.

  • Open the hood and access the car’s battery.
  • Remove the negative terminal using the proper tools. 
  • Make sure to remove the spark plugs that are in the fuse box in the hood.
  • Reconnect the battery terminal after 15 minutes and test if the cruise control has started working.

2. Replace Brake Lights

The brake lights in the Subaru are linked to the cruise control sensor. It’s not a wonder if you lose the cruise control function when the brake lights are not working. 

All you have to do is install the new brake lights, and the Subaru cruise control system will be fixed.

3. Replace Faulty Sensor

Subaru has a variety of sensors in the hood. But you need to look for sensors connected to the throttle electronics and the Engine coolant temperature.

The one connected to the throttle body is the primary sensor operating the cruise control system. If the engine coolant temperature sensor is faulty, it will illuminate the ‘Check engine light’ icon on the dashboard. 

You must run the diagnosis by asking a professional for help and tracing the fault. Afterwards, you can replace the sensor and install the new one. That way, you can drive the Subaru in cruise control mode again.

4. Change the Brake Light Switch

The brake light switch may get loose after some time. There is no other way but to replace that with the new one. 

  • Find the location of the brake light switch below the brake padel.
  • Remove the connector and attach the new brake light switch to the connector.
  • Put the button back into its position. It should fix your Subaru’s cruise control.

5. Change or Clean the Electronics

The cruise control uses several electronics, including vacuum, throttle, cables, etc. 

The vacuum hose leaks will not supply the required tightness to hold the throttle in position. 

Therefore, you would experience intermittent cruise control failure. Hence, you must replace the vacuum hose or a broken cable connecting the throttle with the vacuum.

Moreover, clean the throttle and look for any damage to it. Replace the throttle if it is broken.

6. Replace Fuse

By opening the fuse box in the car’s hood, you can find the two 7.5 AMP fuses. These are connected to the Cruise control. If there is a blown fuse, it will not allow the circuit to complete.

Replace the fuse with the new one by pulling out the old one with a plier. Then, see if the cruise control is working.

7. Replace Switches

Before replacing the switches, you must clean them with a suitable material that dissolves anything that sticks on the inside.

Therefore, spray a small amount of WD-40 on the cruise control switches. It will dissolve anything that is sticking around the sterling hinges.

However, if that does not work, you must replace the switches with new ones. 

  • To do this, carefully remove the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Then, drag the bolts using a screwdriver from the back of the steering wheel.
  • That would allow you to detach the airbag on the front. Then, carefully remove the connectors.
  • Afterwards, you would be able to separate the steering wheel. Make sure not to alter the position of the clockspring.
  • Remove the screw behind the switches and replace the cruise control switches with the new one.
  • Attach them with the connectors and put the steering wheel back again. The process is the reverse of disassembling.
  • Reconnect the battery and see if the cruise control is working.

8. Put On the Gas Cap

Sometimes, the Fix is easier than we expect. The missing gas cap is why your ‘Check engine light’ is illuminating. 

If it is not in its place, put the gas cap on. You may need to replace the gas cap to remove the flashing cruise control icon and ‘Check engine light’ on the dash if it’s in its original position.

9. Calibrate the Control Module

The cruise control system is integrated with the cruise control module. You must seek the help of a professional Subaru technician to help you with tracing the fault in the cruise control module.

Where Is Cruise Control On Subaru?

The cruise control switches are on the right side of the steering wheel.

  1. You will turn the cruise control ‘ On ‘ by pressing the icon with the car and speed meter.
  2. Then press the ‘Set’ button to set it at the required speed.

How Do I Activate Cruise Control On My Subaru?

You can activate the cruise control on the Subaru by pressing the icon with the car and speed meter.

Final Thoughts

I have found that broken brake light switches, faulty cruise control switches, blown fuse, and burned brake lights are common reasons your Subaru cruise control stops working.

Keeping your cruise control in working condition would ensure that you will have a fatigue-free drive. Hence, If you cannot trace the fault, ask the Subaru dealership to repair the cruise control.

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