Ram 1500 Cruise Control Not Working [Reasons and Solutions]

Ram 1500 has been the coziest car of all for me, with a roomy and plush interior. It’s superior to any vehicle for long drives.

I loved the drive in it until I found out that my Ram 1500 Cruise Control was Not working.

As a techie, I scrolled through all available fixes on the internet and found the following reasons and ways to fix this problem.

Why Ram 1500 Cruise Control Not Working?

Ram 1500 Cruise Control Not Working

Ram 1500 cruise control switches are on the steering wheel. To switch it on or turn it ‘Off,’ you must press the On/Off control switch on the steering. 

Besides that, remember that brakes are closely associated with cruise control. Anytime you accidentally press the brake, it will discontinue the cruise control.

Here are the reasons I found when my Dodge Ram 1500 cruise control stopped working.

1. Damaged Switches

The Ram 1500 switches are not some of the best parts of the vehicle. Most users experienced that cruise control switches on the steering get damaged often.

On the other hand, all the control cruise switches are located on the steering wheel, which rotates through the clock spring.

The misplaced clock spring may damage your Dodge cruise control system.

2. Faulty Fuse

The fuse is connected to all the electricals in the car to prevent damage from fluctuating electric flow. 

One common reason is that the fuse connected to your Ram 1500’s cruise control is burnt. In that case, you won’t be able to run the vehicle at a preset speed through the cruise control menu.

3. Damaged Vacuum Hose

In most old Ram 1500, the vacuum hose connected to the throttle body maintains the vacuum pressure. The vacuum hose supplies the steady pressure when you engage the vehicle’s cruise control.

Any leak in the vacuum hose will stop the cruise control.

4. Software Glitch

The cruise control in your vehicle is connected to the computers. So you can operate and control the speed limit and turn it off and on.

If there is a bug in the system, the computer will not run the correct code for the command. So you will see a disabled cruise control system in Ram 1500.

5. Low Battery

Cruise control needs high voltage to operate. The low or old battery would not be able to allow you to operate the cruise control on the Ram 1500.

6. Damaged Cruise control Module

The cruise control module monitors the speed you set on the Ram 1500 and constantly maintains it. It’s like the backbone of the cruise control system.

A damaged module would halt the cruise control system in your Ram 1500.

7. Damaged Throttle

Ram 1500 has a Throttle body attached to the cruise control. If it’s damaged or dirty, the cruise control will not work.

According to Repair PAL, you experience this issue 80% of the time.

8. Malfunctioning Brake Light Switch

The most common reason your Ram 1500 cruise control is not working is that the brake light switch is not working as it should.

Among all other options, it’s the least expensive repair and easiest to do it yourself.

How To Fix Ram 1500 Cruise Control Not Working

I have found the following fixes to the Ram 1500 cruise control repair, so read along to solve this issue in your vehicle.

1. Change Ram 1500 Cruise Control Fuse

The Dodge Ram 1500 fuse box is in the hood beside the engine. You can read the module to find the fuses connected to the vehicle’s cruise control. After you locate the fuse, 

  • Please remove it from the fuse box using a plier.
  • Check the wire inside; if it’s burnt, change it.
  • You don’t need to change the fuse if the cruise control light is On.
  • Put the switch back and tighten all the fuses to their maximum depth, as there can be an intermittent electrical issue.

That should fix the cruise control problem. 

2. Ram 1500 Cruise Control Switch Replacement

The Ram 1500 cruise control switches need replacement more often than not. You should inspect the switch thoroughly to see if anything has gotten into the switches.

The fluid can spill over the switches, and they are damaged.

  • You have to disconnect the battery before changing the cruise control switch.
  • Afterward, pull the lever below the steering wheel to separate the adjoining halves.
  • Then, after removing the bolts on the back of the wheel, access the switches connected to the cruise control.
  • Disconnect the connector from the switch and connect the new one with it.
  • Now, reattach the steering wheel and connect the battery.

3. Check Clock Spring

ClockSpring in the steering maintains the electrical connectivity. Maybe you have misaligned to repair the other controls on the steering wheel. 

It would help to ask a nearby expert mechanic to troubleshoot this problem. Doing it yourself would probably not help, as it needs to be appropriately aligned.

4. Repair Throttle

The throttle body is located in the hood beside the firewall. It engages its position to maintain the car’s speed at a point that you set through cruise control.

  • To maintain its function, check if it is damaged, then replace it.
  • Otherwise, the dust settled on it interferes with its proper functioning. Therefore, clean it from any dirt and check the Cruise control.

5. Change Vacuum Hose

If you have detected a vacuum leak, you can replace the vacuum hose to maintain a steady pressure to engage the cruise control.

The vacuum hose is on the engine’s right side under the battery pan. Replace it and check if the cruise control function is restored.

6. Change Sensor

The sensor works in coordination with the electricals in Ram 1500. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the sensors yourself if they have failed. 

You need to take the vehicle to the expert technician of Ram 1500 to test the cruise control sensors.

7. Brake Light Switch

It’s part of the cruise control system. It’s on the brake peddle, which does not allow you to engage the cruise when you press the switch.

The reason is by pressing the switch multiple times; the switch gets loose or simply worn out. Hence, it would help if you replaced it.

  • First, you must access the switch under the brake padel and remove the connector.
  • Take the new switch and connect it with the connector.
  • Put it back on the place, and check if the cruise control works correctly.

8. Change the Oil

Your Ram 1500 cruise control will not work if you see an oil change light on the display screen.

That ‘check engine light‘ on the Ram 1500 indicates there can be a problem with the engine or other vehicle’s part. That’s why it cannot engage the cruise control.

Therefore, you must change the car oil if you see this light and cannot operate the cruise control. The cruise control will start working correctly afterward.

9. Software Glitch

The computer software in Ram 1500 may have missed one or two codes. A glitch in the computer software causes the problem, and you can rewrite it by reinstalling the software.

But you must first run a scan tool to know if a faulty code exists. Reprogram the Ram 1500 by reinstalling the software.

10. Replace Ram 1500 Cruise Control Module

The powertrain control module connects all the electricals, including cruise control, in the Dodge Ram 1500.

You can test the PCM module by running a diagnostic session through an OBD Scanner or take it to a nearby dealer to run a diagnostic test on your vehicle.

Quick tips:

  1. Putting the feet heavily over the brake sometimes solves the problem.
  2. Flick the top of the switches on the steering. Tap the back side of the steering. The messed up wiring and the faulty position of the clockspring in your Ram 1500 discontinued cruise control system.
  3. Patting it with the soft side of the hand will temporarily solve the problem.
  4. Alternatively, you can press the ‘Gear+’ switch on the steering multiple times to reset the Ram 1500.

How Do I Reset Cruise Control on Ram 1500

Here is the step-by-step guide to reset the cruise control on Ram 1500.

  1. Press the ‘- and + switches’  on the steering simultaneously.
  2. Hold it for 10 seconds, and it will reset the cruise control to its original settings. This way you can set the control software to its original settings and be able to restore the cruise control function.

How Do You Set Cruise Control on a Ram 1500?

You can turn ‘ON/ OFF’ the cruise control switch to start and stop the car. To set the speed, you can press the + and – switch.

Final Thoughts

The damaged sensor, throttle, brake light switch, and sensor are other reasons your Ram 1500 cruise control is not working.

If you cannot figure out the cause, ask an expert to solve the problem. 

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