Porsche CarPlay Not Working (9 Proven Fixes!)

Porsche is a popular brand for cars and it also includes the carplay system to manage all your calls, messages, navigations and music on the infotainment system.

Carplay is the easiest system to manage your iPhone through the Porsche screen while driving without touching your phone.

But sometimes it may not work due to several reasons and that moment is quite frustrating.

If you are also struggling with your Porsche carplay and it is not working then don’t worry. 

Because I will explain every single reason that’s why you are facing the problem and also give you the possible solutions.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Porsche Carplay Not Working?

Porsche CarPlay Not Working

Ensure that your wifi, bluetooth and Siri connections are turned on. Also make sure your iPhone model is compatible with the carplay system.

1. iPhone Compatibility

The very first thing you should have to check is the compatibility of your iPhone with the carplay system. Because if you are using an older model which does not support the carplay system then nothing will fix your problem.

iPhone 5 and all latest models support the carplay system but older models do not support it. Make sure you are using the latest model with carplay support.

You can also check the list of compatible apps and iPhone models that support carplay here.

2. Restart iPhone

Sometimes if you use your iPhone for a longer time without restarting it may create connectivity issues due to minor bugs or glitches.

These glitches may also create bluetooth wifi connection problems and which results in carplay not working.

To fix this problem you have to restart your iPhone.

Here are few steps to Restart iPhone:

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Press and hold volume up button at same time
  • Slide right the power off option
  • Wait for 20 seconds
  • Press and hold the power button until Apple logo appears

Now your mobile phone is refreshed and free from all bugs and glitches. You can also restart your iPhone through the settings app. 

Again try to connect the carplay with Porsche to check whether problems exist.

3. Update iOS System 

Almost all the vehicles’ carplay does not work with outdated iOS versions. So make sure that your iPhone does not have pending iOS updates.

Whenever your mobile has a new update and you didn’t install it then software starts creating problems.

Go to your settings app and search for pending updates. 

To update your iOS follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Search for system update
  • Click and open it
  • If you have pending updates then click to download 
  • After downloading click the install button

Your iPhone will be turned off and turned on back automatically. Your iPhone is now up to date and ready to connect the carplay system.

4. Bluetooth Settings 

The Carplay system is available in Porsche 2017 and all later models and you can connect it through bluetooth. 

If your iPhone bluetooth is turned off and not ready to pair with your carplay system then it might be the reason for your problem.

Make sure your iPhone bluetooth is enabled and ready to pair with your Porsche carplay. Also ensure that the carplay settings are enabled on the vehicle infotainment system. 

You can connect through the bluetooth settings and through the talk button on the steering wheel also.

Press and hold the talk button on the steering wheel until you see the pairing options on screen.

5. Enable iPhone Carplay 

It is also important to enable carplay settings from your iPhone. If your carplay settings are disabled from your iPhone then it might be the possible reason that’s why you are unable to use carplay on Porsche.

To activate the carplay settings follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Click on search bar
  • Write “carplay” in search bar
  • Click on the carplay option
  • Click on your car model Porsche 
  • Enable the option “stay connected while locked screen”

Now your carplay is enabled and will be connected whenever you want.

6. Enable Porsche Carplay Settings 

If you have already set up your iPhone with your Porsche carplay then it’s good, but if you did not have then you have to add your iPhone.

To add your mobile phone in your carplay system follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Porsche
  • Click on device option on screen
  • Click on add new devices
  • Enable carplay settings in your iPhone
  • Click on your iPhone model in the infotainment system
  • Confirm pairing on both iPhone and Porsche infotainment system

Now your iPhone will be connected to the carplay system and apps will be showing on the screen.

7. Use USB Cord

If you are unable to connect your carplay system wirelessly then there may be signal issues and something else.

In this situation you can connect your iPhone to the Porsche carplay system through a type C charging cable.

Make sure to use a compatible charging cable. When you connect the both ends you will see a notification on the infotainment system. Click on yes and your carplay will be connected to your phone.

8. Enable Wifi Settings

If you are connecting carplay wirelessly then it is also possible that your wifi connection is turned off.

To enable the carplay wirelessly you have to enable bluetooth, wifi and Siri because if one of them is turned off the system will stop working.

To fix the problem check the wifi connection and make sure that it is enabled. Also check the wifi settings because sometimes wifi turns off after a fixed time as managed in the settings.

9. Reconnect Carplay 

You have made sure that all the settings are enabled and everything is doing well and still facing the same problem. Then you should have to reconnect the carplay system.

To reconnect the carplay follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Click on search bar
  • Write “carplay” on the search bar
  • Click and open the carplay settings
  • Tap to open your car model
  • Click on forget

You have to do the same thing with the Porsche infotainment system. Remove the already added iPhone model from the device option.

Again pair the both mobile phone and carplay system.

10. Privacy Restrictions

Sometimes you did not give the access of your contacts and all other apps to your carplay system. 

To fix this problem you have to give access to your carplay from your mobile settings.

Follow these steps:

  • Open settings app
  • Find the screen time option
  • Click on contacts and privacy
  • Ensure that access is enabled for carplay

Now again try to connect your iPhone with carplay to see whether the problem is solved.

11. Enable Siri

It does not matter that you have enabled all the settings. If you have not enabled the Siri option then the carplay will not work.

Your carplay requires Siri for voice commands and it is an important part to enable the carplay.

Open the settings app and make sure that the Siri is enabled and then again try to connect your carplay.

12. Hardware Issues 

If you have tried everything to fix the carplay problem and nothing is working then it might be a hardware issue with your mobile phone or the infotainment system.

You should have to contact an authorized Porsche mechanic to see whether he could do anything to fix your problem.


How do I activate Apple CarPlay on my Porsche?

  1. To activate the carplay in Porsche you just have to add your iPhone in the infotainment system. Also pair both mobile phone and the infotainment system through bluetooth settings. 
  2. Make sure that you have enabled bluetooth, wifi and Siri.
  3. You can also use a compatible charging cable to activate the Apple carplay on your Porsche.

Which Porsche models have wireless CarPlay?

All Porsche models of 2017 and later have wireless carplay systems. 

You can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your infotainment system while driving.

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