Nissan Rogue Wireless Charging Not Working (9 Ways to Fix)

I bought a Nissan Rogue 2021 last year, and it’s a fantastic car. But yesterday, when I placed my mobile phone on the charging tray, I noticed it was not working. 

I have tried everything with it, but nothing works. Then I researched on the internet and found the possible reasons and their fixes. 

So, if your Nissan Rogue wireless charging is also not working read the below troubleshooting steps.

Let’s dive into it!

Nissan Rogue Wireless Charging Not Working

If your Nissan Rogue wireless charging isn’t working, it could be due to incompatibility of mobile, thick mobile case, faulty fuses of your vehicle, software glitches in your mobile, incorrect placement of mobile and outdated firmware. To troubleshoot this, you will need to make sure your mobile is compatible with Nissan Rogue, use thin case, replace fuses, restart your mobile, correctly place your mobile and update the firmware.

Nissan Rogue Wireless Charging Not Working

1. Mobile Compatibility

If you are trying to charge your mobile phone for the first time with your Nissan Rogue wireless charger, ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with wireless charging. 

If you own a mobile phone that does not support wireless charging, then the wireless charging pad cannot charge it. 

You can check your mobile phone’s wireless charging support online by searching your mobile model and seeing it on your mobile’s box. The Qi logo will be printed on the box of the mobile, which is compatible with wireless charging. 

You can also make your mobile phone wireless charging compatible by using a wireless charging adapter available in the market. 

This charging adapter chip will wirelessly connect to your charging port and transfer power to your mobile phone.

2. Mobile Case

Mobile cases with more thickness could create the problem while charging. Make sure that you have to check your mobile case should be at most 3mm. 

Wireless charging is much weaker than wired charging, so thicker mobile cases could create charging problems. 

Remove the case and place your mobile phone on the charging tray and see if it is working; then, always remove your mobile case before charging it wirelessly. 

You can also buy a Qi-friendly mobile case online.

3. Check the Fuses

Fuses inside your Nissan dashboard are directly connected to a wireless charging pad and interior lights. 

Check if these fuses are working fine; sometimes, this fuse could be blown due to overheating or a short circuit. 

If you notice any of the faulty fuses, then replace this fuse with a new one. After replacing the fuse, check again by placing your mobile on the charging tray. 

4. Check for Metallic Interference

Wireless charging works based on magnetic induction, and this magnetic induction could interfere with any metallic material. 

So check the mobile case for metallic items like pins, grips, credit cards, etc. 

These items could interfere with magnetic induction and stop your charger from working. 

Just remove these items from your mobile case and the charging tray also. Then place your mobile in the charging tray to see if it is helpful for you. 

5. Restart Your Vehicle 

If you have rechecked all the above things and are still facing problems with wireless charging, it’s time to restart your Nissan. 

This will reset all minor glitches or errors with your vehicle, and your charger will start working. 

Remove the +ve terminal of the battery of your Nissan for almost 30 seconds to 1 minute and then again attach it with the battery terminal. 

Turn on your vehicle, put your mobile on the charging tray, and see if it is working.

6. Restart your Mobile 

Sometimes your mobile phone gets stuck in an error or glitch due to software reasons. These errors could also create a charging problem, but you could still fix this problem by restarting your mobile phone. 

A restart will fix all minor bugs and glitches, and your mobile phone will usually start working. 

To restart your mobile follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Here you will see the restart option
  • Click on the Restart button

After pressing the restart button, your mobile phone will turn off and turn on back automatically. 

You can also restart your mobile by power off and then turn on manually. 

This restart will refresh your mobile phone and fix minor bugs and glitches. 

7. Update your Mobile

The wireless charging problem is not only due to your Nissan, but it could also be due to the fault of your mobile phone. 

Sometimes your mobile phone has a pending software update, and this pending update could create several problems like charging. 

Open your mobile settings app and then click on the system update option, and there you can see if your mobile requires any update. 

If your mobile requires an update, update your mobile phone software via wifi network or cellular data. 

This software update will fix your mobile phone charging problem.

8. Alignment of Mobile 

Wireless charging requires perfect alignment of your mobile phone on the charging tray. 

Check your mobile phone alignment on the charging tray and ensure that your mobile phone receiver coil combines with the transmitting coil of the charging tray. 

Your mobile phone could be displaced due to various reasons like driving your car on a jumping road or if you have enabled vibration mode on your mobile phone. 

If you have enabled vibration mode, your mobile phone will vibrate on getting a call or message and be displaced from the standard position. 

Always enable the general mode before charging your mobile wirelessly. 

9. Clean the Charging Tray

Wireless charging is weaker than wired charging, as we already discussed, and minor debris and dust could stop it from working. 

Check the charging tray and clean it with the help of a microfiber cloth; also, clean the back surface of your mobile phone. 

After cleaning both the mobile and charging tray, try to charge your mobile phone again.

10. Visit Nissan Care Center

If you are still facing a problem after using all the troubleshooting steps, it might be a hardware problem you could not fix at home. 

You have to visit Nissan’s care center and ask them to do something to fix your charging problem.

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