Nissan Rogue Radio Keeps Turning Off (7 Tested Tips)

Imagine that you are on a long drive with your loved ones, but suddenly your car radio shuts off. Nothing can irritate you more than this.

We have performed the legwork for you if your Nissan Rogue radio keeps turning off.

In this article, I’ll share why you might be having this problems and how you can fix it.

Let’s Begin…!!!

How to  Fix  Nissan Rogue Radio Turns off

1. Wire Shortage

All the wires in your radio system are connected. Sometimes, these wires wrap around. But the main question that arises in your mind is how it happens.

Here you use the term known as wire shortage. Usually, old cables contain scratches in them, and that gradually uncover the copper as time passes.

This can result in a situation that you can term a wire shortage.

When you are driving your vehicle on uneven surfaces it will result in wire shortage. It means that in normal conditions the wires that are not meant to come in contact with one another are forced to link with each other. 

When you are traveling over bumps, for instance, a black grounding cable touching a red power wire may cause the audio system to unexpectedly turn off.


You should check the wires in the wiring system properly. You need to tape any cuts on your wire bodies to prevent accidental links.

Detangle them if they are tangled up. Moreover, look for corrosion.

2. Software Error

Sometimes your Nissan Rogue software expires. It will trigger your radio and turn it off. Often the software problems you encounter get fixed by themselves. 

But sometimes you have to fix them on your own.

It can be challenging for you to identify the precise reason for your problems due to the unpredictability and complexity of the underlying causes.


To resolve your Nissan Rogue radio software problem the first and most effective method is with a cycle key.

To proceed follow the following points:

  1. Completely switch off your Nissan Rogue.
  2. You have to close and open your car door until your car shuts off.
  3. Wait for a maximum of two minutes so that your automobile will completely shut down including its radio.
  4. Once you complete all the steps your Nissan vehicle key cycle effectively.

You have to try another method like software rest if this simple method does not work.

To solve any internal problems with your Nissan Rogue radio you should go through the following steps:

  1. Start the radio of your Nissan Rogue.
  2. Turn the sound up while pressing the repeat button and hold it until the menu appears.
  3. Click the back button.
  4. If you press the power button your radio system will restart.

3. Defective Radio

Another reason for your radio to stop working may be any internal or external damage. This problem will make your radio unable to sustain power.

If you find out that your radio has some hardware issue that prevents it from working properly try resolving it.

Depending upon the severity of damage your radio faces, the only option left is repairing.


Firstly, try to replace your Nissan Rogue radio by yourself to resolve the issue. You can easily find an alternative radio for your Nissan Rogue on the internet.

If you have some mechanical knowledge, it’s not problematic for you to install it alone.

It’s preferably good for you to just have a mechanic change the radio of your Nissan Rogue. The reason is that many people are unable to alter the parts on their cars.

4. Shortage of Power Supply to the Radio

Shortage of power supply to your radio is another cause of radio malfunctioning. Your Nissan Rogue radio cannot function properly if your battery has run out of power.

Your radio starts shutting on and off on its own due to a power issue.

Your Nissan Rogue radio system contains a lot of electrical parts. If these parts are not operating well due to damage or a low supply of power, your Nissan Rogue radio might not keep working efficiently.


That’s why you need to verify that there is no defective part like a fuse etc. in your radio system.

If you find any damaged part immediately replace it with the new one.

5. Improper Placement of Faceplate

To avoid car thefts during parking, owners of automobiles remove their removable faceplates. These faceplates likely didn’t fit snugly on the stereo’s panel when they were reinstalled.

The panel’s back is made up of gold metal that aids in establishing power connections to the audio.

This metal won’t form a strong electric link with your radio if it is not pressed in and clipped to the panel properly. That results in turning off your radio while driving.


You should try to place your faceplates in the exact position after removing them from your Nissan vehicle.

6. Overheating

If you are living in a very hot region, your car may be heated up. If the cooling fan on your radio is broken it will turn off your radio while driving. 


That is why make sure that you have a radio cooling fan with a good operating system.

7. Contact Nissan Support

After trying all the methods mentioned above, if you still having trouble with your Nissan Rogue radio, try contacting Nissan on your phone or on their website to get more help with your issue.

You will find some extra options for solving your problem.

The best option for you, if you are having a Nissan radio issue, is to take your vehicle to the Nissan dealership.

They will assign a mechanic to your car, and he will help you to provide potential troubleshooting methods to solve your issue.


So far, we have discussed all the potential reasons that cause problems in Nissan Rouge radio and their remedies.

Following are some recommendations from my side for you:

  1. Check the wires of your Nissan radio.
  2. Resetting the software.
  3. Replacing the defective radio.
  4. Complete power supply.
  5. Proper placement of faceplates.
  6. Use a radio cooling fan to avoid overheating.

If you have any information you can contact us. We would be delighted to get a response from you.


How do I reset my Nissan Rogue radio?

To hard reset the Nissan Rogue radio you should have to reset the infotainment system. The infotainment system is avail in 2018 and later models.

Follow these steps to reset the Nissan Rogue Radio

  • Press and hold the power button on the infotainment screen
  • Wait for 30 seconds and keep press the power button
  • Screen will gone black and then release the power button
  • Infotainment system will be turned on back automatically

How do I update my Nissan Rogue radio?

To update the Nissan Rogue radio you must have to update the firmware of your Nissan. Follow these steps to update the Nissan Rogue radio:

  • Connect your infotainment system with wifi network
  • Click on Info option at bottom left corner of your screen
  • Now open the system information option
  • Then click on Software update and change the update method to manual
  • Click on software update option and it will show your software version
  • Here you will see if your Nissan has pending software updates.

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