Nissan Rogue Key Fob Not Working (6 Tips to Fix)

Now a day the most advanced technology in your vehicles is the key fob. But just imagine for a while what happens when it suddenly stops working. You are not able to unlock your vehicle.

Nissan Rogue Key Fob Not Working

You realize how irritating the condition it is. Even if you have a spare key fob with you, the question arises Why is your Nissan Rogue key fob not functioning?

In this article, I’ll give you different reasons why for Nissan Rogue key fob is not working and how to fix your problem.

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6 Reasons for Nissan Rogue Key fob is Not Working

1. Low or Dead Battery

If you maintain your key fob it will last for 8 years, but if you drop it many times it will last for just 4 years.

The first cause of your key fob failure is its battery. Your battery may be dead and no longer have the power to operate. 

You have to ride to the nearby Nissan Rogue dealer shop to get a new key fob battery. This is a simple solution to fix the problem.

But you can also keep extra batteries either in your hand or with yourself that you can carry when you have to travel long distances. It is a fantastic idea to immediately solve the issue.

If you want to replace the key fob batteries by yourself follow these steps:

  1. Remove the hidden key from the key fob.
  2. Remove the old battery inside your Nissan Rogue key fob.
  3. Insert the new battery.
  4. Then reassemble all the parts and check if your key fob is operating or not.

2. Incorrect Battery Installation / Reprogramming

Every key matches a certain lock, whether it is a classic lock or a modern lock. Your Nissan Rogue vehicle has a very complex internal mechanism.

This can secure your vehicle from any damage. But it has also some disadvantages.

For instance, when you replace your key fob battery it needs to be programmed to talk to your vehicle. There is a high chance that you incorrectly installed your key fob battery and its programming.

The best solution for your problem is to take your vehicle to a nearby dealer shop with skilled mechanics and replace your key fob battery there.

This is an important step because installing and reprograming sounds quite sophisticated, but you only need a few times to insert it.

The other solution is that you remove the key fob battery and place it in the right way. You need to place the negative side of your coin battery facing upward.

3.  Damage Key Fob

The issue doesn’t need to be with your battery only, maybe your key fob is not working properly. The connection between your key fob may be disrupted and fail to function.

Maybe your key fob has some internal damage as I have already mentioned above, so have a look at the electronic parts of your Nissan Rouge vehicle.

If your car is older then there is a high possibility of damaged wiring.

Suppose you believe that your key fob is itself damaged or has some internal issues do not try to fix it by yourself. You have to service it from a professional technician. 

4. Issue With the Car’s Electric System

If your car’s electric system is not working or there is any issue happening with the wiring and the electric system, your key fob will not work. It may be the cause of your problem.

In addition to this may be there some ignition problems as your key fob also works for it. If this is the case, you are not able to start your engine also.

If your car is facing a damaged electrical system, wiring, or problem with the ignition (due to a fault in the ignition cylinder) you have to check the wiring of your car and try to fix it. You can also restore the system.

5. Additional Key Fob

In your family, maybe you are the person who buys extra key fobs for a good reason. If you face any trouble with your key fob, you have an extra key to fix the problem in no time.

It will provide you with peace of mind.

But nowadays your original key fob has many copies that diverge more from the original with each iteration, though.

A copy of your original key may also be helpful for you in emergency cases. But a duplicate is a duplicate and it never performed like the original one. 

Therefore, if you are using any additional key fob and it’s not functioning correctly, check its originality. It is preferable for you to purchase the original one than the replica.

6. Water damaged

Water can affect your key fob badly.  If for any reason your key fob comes in contact with water or any other liquid, it may get damaged and results in improper functioning of your key fob.

Firstly, immediately remove the battery from your key fob and let it leave to dry for some time. You can also use a hair dryer to dry it.

Try to place your key fob in a bowl filled with rice, so that rice will absorb extra moisture from your key fob.

If you fail after adopting all the above-mentioned solutions, you need to replace your key fob with a new one. Purchase it from Nissan or any other third party.

Final thoughts

So far, I have deliberated all the reasons and potential solutions if your Nissan Rogue key fob not working.

The solutions include,

  1. Check the battery level of your key fob.
  2. Battery placement and programming should be correct.
  3. Properly check if there is any physical damage happening to your key fob.
  4. Check if there is any damage occurs due to water.
  5. Check if your key is the original one or a copy.
  6. Check if there is any electrical damage in your car.
  7. Check your key fob’s connection.

By reading this article, you will be able to fix your problem.

What is the cost of a new Nissan key fob?

From aftermarket, you will purchase it for just $50-$75, while at Nissan shop its price is $150-$200.

Can your Nissan Rogue work without a key fob?

Yes, if your key fob battery is not working properly, you can start your Nissan Rogue vehicle without any key fob.

What type of battery is required by your Nissan key fob?

Firstly, it’s best to read your owner’s manual, but the preferable battery is CR2032.

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