Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working [12 Ways to Fix]

Nissan Kicks Remote Start is an intelligent feature that allows you to start the car from as far as 197 feet. It means you can pre-start its engine, and its automatic heating and cooling will begin according to the outside environment.

But sometimes the Nissan Kicks Remote starts Not working after a battery change. Don’t worry, I have compiled all the reasons and solutions to solve this problem.

Why Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working

Nissan Kicks Remote Start Not Working

Here are the reasons for your Nissan Kick’s remote start malfunction. I have attempted to elaborate on the problem with the step-by-step method to fix it.

1. Ignition Is ‘On’

For the remote start feature to work, you must lock the door and turn the ignition ‘Off.’ make sure your vehicle’s door is locked and the ignition is ‘off.’

2. Dead Key FOB

Key fob batteries usually last about 2-3 years. If the remote start is not working from any distance, near or far, you might need to consider changing the key fob battery.

A dead key fob’s battery will not convey the signals needed to start the intelligent system of your Nissan Kicks. Therefore, change the batteries to avail of the car’s remote start feature.


  • Remove the small plastic cover enclosing the batteries on the back of the key fob. You can use the flathead screwdriver to pry the plastic piece out.
  • Remove the old batteries and put in the new ones.
  • Now check if the remote start of your Nissan Kicks has started working.

3. Many Attempts to Remote start 

When you try to start the car, you accidentally forget to press and hold it for a few seconds. As a result, the car’s engine will not start. You may make many attempts to start it right away. But remember that if you make many consecutive efforts to start your Nissan Kicks remotely, it will not respond.


If you have already tried to remote start a couple of times, complete a key cycle and then try to remote start.

  1. Get inside the car, turn the key in the ignition, and lock the door.
  2. Turn the ignition ‘ON’ and the ‘Off.’ 
  3. Afterwards, get outside the vehicle and lock it. Then try to remote start the car.

4. Faulty Remote Start Button

The key fob may get damaged after usage. Sometimes, not all the switches are gone bad, but only the remote start button is not responding and conveying signals to the car.

The sensors may have a problem, or the key fob needs reprogramming. To ensure the key fob’s remote start button is faulty, try starting the car using the spare key fob. 

5. Car In Valet Mode

When you do not use the car for quite some time or mess up with the functions in the Nissan’s key fob, that puts the car in valet mode. 

So, you could not start the vehicle using the key fob remote start feature.


You can put the Nissan out of valet mode using two methods.

  • At first, you need to turn the ‘Ignition’ on without turning on the engine.
  • Then press the ‘Brake’ 10 times.

That should exit the car from valet mode. If that does not work for you, try the second method to bring the car out of ‘Valet’ mode.

  • Turn the ignition ‘On.’ 
  • Then press the ‘Trunk’ and ‘Lock’ button simultaneously on the key fob.
  • You will see the light on the dashboard blink twice.
  • That assures you that the car is now out of ‘valet mode.’

6. Nissan Kick’s Hood or Door is Open

The sensors connected to the Nissan’s door would not let the remote start feature work. The sensors convey that the door is open and the remote start would not work.

One of the major causes of a disabled remote start is your car’s hood switch is disengaged. It’s the place where the device is installed. The reason that companies disable remote start is to prevent the technicians from any injury when they are working with the engine. 


Ensure all the doors and hood are properly closed before starting the engine car through a key fob.

7. Remote Start Settings Turned ‘Off’

It may happen that while playing with the features in the Kick’s infotainment system, you may have turned ‘Off’ the remote start settings.


Here is how you can turn it back ‘On.’

  • You have to scroll through the switches on the Steering wheel after turning ‘On’ the ignition.
  • In the settings menu in the infotainment system of Nissan Kicks, scroll down to ‘Vehicle Settings.’
  • Press ‘OK’ to enter the menu; in the next menu, scroll down to ‘Remote Start.
  • Here, you have to check if it is ‘On.’ If not, check the box to turn it on.

8. Duplicate Key Inside

If placed near another key fob, the Nissan Remote start’s intelligent function will erase its memory. 

That is one reason the program to remote start Kicks is not working. At the same time, you might forget to take out another intelligent key from the car. If a duplicate key is inside a locked car, you cannot turn on the car’s engine using the remote start feature.

Make sure that you have not left any duplicate keys inside the vehicle.

9. Kicks Is Not In ‘Park’

Sometimes, you put the car in the ‘Park’ and forget to change it. In that situation, the remote start function would not work. 

Therefore, you must ensure that Nissan Kicks is not in the park before using the remote start.

10. Check Engine Light ‘On’

The ‘Check engine light’ begins flashing on the dash, and simultaneously, the remote start feature stops working.


Whenever there is a severe problem with the engine or transmission, a loose gas cap is usually responsible for the flashing ‘Check Engine Light;

Put the gas cap back in place. If that does not solve the problem, take the Nissan Kicks to a trusted technician to identify the cause.

11. Bug in NissanConnect App

With the introduction of the NissanConnect App, you can use the remote start feature through the mobile app. That means using the ‘Engine Start/Stop’ option in the app to turn the engine on without using a key fob.

Unfortunately, it would help if you bought a paid NissanConnect subscription to remote start the Nissan Kicks. They offer a paid trial. Hence, the chances are that you now need to subscribe first to use the app and enjoy the features.

Alternatively, the NissanConnect app refuses to work due to a bug in its software. You may try reinstalling the app to avail yourself of the remote start feature and other benefits.

12. Corroded Battery Terminal

If you have forgotten to check the battery terminal, then my friend, that is where you need to take a deep look. The hidden thief called corroded battery terminals of your Kicks can damage the electrical functions and reduce the battery life eventually.


  • First, remove the battery terminals (both -ve and +ve) by separating the bolt and removing the connectors. 
  • You can remove the corrosion on the battery terminals by sprinkling the baking soda over the battery terminal.
  • Then, clean it with the help of a toothbrush after soaking it with lemon juice or vinegar.
  • That would soak the soda on the terminals.
  • Clean the soda from the terminals after a few minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can drop the Coke over the battery’s terminal. 
  • Rub the rusty area with a soft bristle brush, and clean it with soft cotton or tissue paper afterward.

Reset The Nissan Kicks Remote Start

Often, a new battery, a computer bug, etc., interrupts Nissan’s remote start feature. Therefore, you need to perform a reset on the Nissan computer.

Here is how you can reset the Nissan Kicks.

  • You need to turn ‘Off’ your car first.
  • Then, access the battery’s negative terminal and remove the nut securing the connector.
  • Separate the connector and reattach it after 15 minutes.
  • Then turn the ignition ‘On’ and lock the door.
  • Turn it Off after a minute and get out of the car.
  • Now press the ‘Door lock’ switch on the key fob, and then, within 10 seconds, press the remote start button.
  • Repeat the ignition cycle, and the remote start feature will work perfectly.

How Do You Activate The Remote Start On Nissan Kicks?

You must first ensure that you are in the mentioned range of your vehicle. Then, before pressing the remote start button, you must press the door lock switch on the key fob. In some vehicles, you have to press the lock button twice. 

Afterward, press and hold the ‘RES’ switch for 5 seconds. If it does not start, hold it for two more seconds. The Nissan Kicks’s engine will start.

Does Nissan Kicks Have A Remote Start?

Yes, Nissan Kicks introduced the remote start feature in 2016. All the Kicks from that year onwards have this feature.

Final Thoughts

Nissan Kick’s remote start is the best intelligent feature that makes it better than other vehicles. But if the remote start does not work, try to ensure that door hoods are closed, and you do not have to leave any extra key fob inside the car.

But if you see the warning lights ‘On,’ too, I suggest you visit the nearby Nissan dealer for quick insight.


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