Nissan Frontier Cruise Control Not Working (9 Easy Fixes!)

Cruise control is an interesting feature because it allows you to drive your car on a fixed speed without pressing the race padel.

You can maintain a distance from any vehicle going in front of your car.

But sometimes it stops working and that is such a frustrating moment when you try to enable cruise control and it does not work.

If you are also one of those who are facing the issue that their Nissan Frontier cruise control is not working then don’t worry.

Because I will explain the possible reasons and the fixes for your problem.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Nissan Frontier Cruise Control Not Working?

Nissan Frontier Cruise Control Not Working

Cruise control is directly connected to the brake lights and speed sensor. Even if one fuse in the circuit is blown the whole cruise control will fail to operate.

Cruise control also help you to maintain the distance between the traffic on the highway and also safe the fu

1. Check Speed Sensor

Cruise control is directly connected with the speed sensor and gets signal from this sensor to maintain desired speed.

If the speed sensor is faulty or not working properly then it may fail the cruise control to work.

You should have to make sure that your car speed sensor is working well and the speedometer is also working.

If you observe a speed sensor or speedometer error then it is the main reason that’s why your cruise control stops working.

Hire an authorized technician for replacement of the speed sensor. Sometimes the speed sensor requires maintenance so be careful and make sure if it requires maintenance then don’t change the speed sensor.

2. Check Cruise Control Switch

Cruise control switch is the main part of your cruise control because it transmits the signals to the system for how much speed is required to be fixed.

If this switch is faulty and not working properly then cruise control may also not work.

Older models this switch is present with the steering wheel and the newer ones have on the steering wheel.

You have to carefully detach cruise control switch from the steering wheel because airbag present in the steering is sensitive.

Check all the cables are attached or not a single connection is detached from the switch.

Press the cruise button and see if it is unresponsive then replacement of the switch is the better option.

3. Check Fuses

Electric circuits inside the dashboard of your Nissan Frontier have many fuses for different purposes.

Open the dashboard with the help of a screwdriver and check all the fuses are working well. Fuse in the circuit are used to control the circuit and save the components from short circuit damage.

Maybe your car is overheated and the fuse is blown due to this overheating.

Identify the blown fuse and replace it with a new one to fix your problem.

But if you didn’t understand the circuit then I will recommend you to take your Nissan Frontier to a certified technician. Because he could examine its real condition and could give you better suggestions.

4. Check Brake Light

Whenever you apply the brakes the brake lights blow and signals transfer to the cruise control system to decrease the speed or disengage the cruise control.

Brake lights should be in working condition for smooth functioning of the cruise control.

Start your car and ask anybody to apply the brakes and examine the brake lights. Are these working properly?

If your brake lights are working well then you should also have to make sure that the connection of cruise control with brake lights is not damaged.

But if brake lights are not working then replace them with the newer ones. 

5. Check Tail Lights 

As the brake lights are present at the rear of your car there is also a tail light on the rear window.

This tail light also blows whenever you apply the brakes. If brake lights are working well then you should also have to make sure that the tail light is also working fine. 

Be sure it’s working fine but if not then take your Nissan Frontier to a Nissan care center for repair or replacement of tail light to fix your cruise control problem.

6. Engine Problems

Cruise control also depends on the engine condition because it gives command to the engine to fix a speed. 

Make sure that you regularly maintain your engine and change the engine oil. Also ensure that your car’s engine is not overheating while driving.

If you did not do maintenance of your car engine then take it to a technician for engine maintenance. Change the engine oil and also fix the overheating problem of the engine.

After this drive your Nissan to test the cruise control is it working now?

7. Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle position sensor is also an essential part of the cruise control system. Make sure it’s working well.

If your throttle position sensor fails to work then your car will start producing black exhaust and you can see it from the tailpipe.

Due to the failure of this sensor you will also observe dead spots from the engine.

To fix the problem you have to replace the throttle position sensor.

8. Electric Short Circuit 

Cruise control is also connected with the electric circuit of your car and if the electric circuit is not working then cruise control will be stopped as a result.

Electric wiring could be damaged due to short circuit and this short circuit can occur due to overheating of the engine.

Make sure all the wires in the electric circuit are working fine and not a single wire is damaged.

Also give some rest to your Nissan Frontier while long route driving or when you observe overheating in the engine.

9. Road Conditions

If you are driving on a slippery road or in extreme environmental conditions the cruise control will not work.

Because driving on the slippery road is more difficult as compared to standard.

Cruise control becomes unresponsive on slippery roads and I also recommend you not to use cruise control on rainy days.

10. Contact Support

If everything is working well and you have tried all the methods but the problem is still not fixed then you should have to contact your Nissan support team or an authorized dealer.

Because they could give better solutions. Brief them about all the situations and also tell them about the fixes you have applied.

In case they could not do anything for you then you should have to hire a certified technician. He will examine your car and will be able to identify the issues.


How do you set cruise control on a Nissan Frontier?

Start your Nissan Frontier and drive it at almost the speed of 20 KM/H. There will be cruise control buttons on the steering wheel press to turn on the cruise control system.

Press the plus button until you reach your desired speed and then release the button.

Now your Nissan Frontier will be running at your fixed speed. Press the brake pedal to disengage the cruise control.

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