Nissan Armada Radio Not Working (8 Proven Fixes)

It’s cool to listen to your favorite music and programs on the radio while driving. Still, it becomes frustrating when your radio does not work.

Yesterday, when I was going to the office on my Nissan Armada, I turned on the radio and was shocked it was not supposed to work. 

Then, I applied the known troubleshooting, but nothing worked; then, I researched different platforms to determine the possible reasons for this problem. 

If you are also facing the same issues with your Nissan Armada radio, don’t worry because you can fix these issues after reading this article guide. 

Let’s dive into: 

How to Fix the Nissan Armada Radio Not Working?

Suppose your Nissan Armada radio is not working. In that case, you should check the wiring malfunctions, blown fuses, broken antenna, or check your car’s speakers. But how to do this still needs to be clarified, so read these troubleshooting steps.

1. Wiring Malfunction 

The first step in your Radio problem you should have to check is the wiring of your radio because it could be possible that the wiring is damaged or any connection is broken. 

Ensure all the wiring is well and there is no loose connection between the radio and your car wiring. Because damaged or broken wiring will result in radio problems and will only be fixed by figuring out the wiring. 

How to Check the Wirings of the Radio in Nissan Armada?

To check the Nissan Armada radio wiring, you should make sure of the make and model of your car and then find a starter guide for your car because there would be a Radio wiring diagram to understand. 

Check the diagram and access the wiring in your car to ensure no broken or damaged wire. 

2. Blown Fuse 

Fuses are essential to any electric circuit because they block the current flow while short courses and prevent any damage to the other components.

One of the fuses in your Nissan Armada circuit is also connected to your radio, and maybe it is blown, so your radio stops working.

It would help if you had to access your fuse panel and find the blown fuse to replace. 

How to Find Blown Fuse in Nissan Armada?

The fuse panel is located in different locations based on the make and model of your Nissan Armada. It would help if you had to consult your car manual to find the fuse box.

After that, inspect the fuse panel to ensure no one is blown. If you find a blown fuse in the panel, then replace that fuse to fix your problem. 

3. Broken Antenna 

As we know, the radio works with the help of the antenna on your car’s rooftop, and if there is a problem with the antenna, then the radio will stop working. So, make sure that the antenna is not damaged physically. 

It could also be possible that the antenna’s connection with your radio is damaged or broken, so your radio is not working. Check the antenna’s physical condition.

If it is broken, then you should have to replace it to fix the problem. However, the antenna does not have any physical damage.

In that case, you should check your antenna’s connection wire with the radio. If the connection wire is worn out or broken, fix the connection to eliminate this problem.

4. Reset Your Car

Sometimes, your Nissan Armada may get stuck in trouble due to bugs or glitches and create problems with the radio connectivity.

This may occur due to the low power supply or damaged supply of current to the radio or antenna. 

Make sure to restart your car before turning on the radio connectivity. Follow these steps to restart your vehicle. 

  • Access the battery of your Nissan Armada 
  • Disconnect the battery terminals 
  • Wait 20 minutes and then again connect the terminals

This process will restart your car and fix the connectivity problems due to some errors. Now, turn on the radio again to see whether your problem is fixed. 

5. Firmware Update

Some of the Nissan Armada models contain over-the-air systems for connectivity and run the connectivity options in flow.

Suppose you own one of the models that include this software system. In that case, you may have missed any updates, and that’s why your system is hindering the radio from operating.

So, ensure you have updated firmware while connecting with your radio.

Here are a few steps to update your over-the-air system manually. 

  • From your Nissan Connect screen, press the menu button
  • Then click on the info option
  • Find the software option and then the software update
  • If you have a pending update, then follow the instructions on your screen
  • But if you did not have a pending update, then you will see a message your system is running on the latest version 

After updating the system again, try to turn on your radio to see whether it fixes your problem. 

6. Check Speakers

If your radio is showing light and you cannot listen to the sounds, then definitely it is the speaker creating problems. You are assuming that your radio is not working.

You should ensure that your Nissan Armada speakers are working fine and that there is no issue with them. 

To find the speaker’s problem, you should connect your car to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and play music to see whether the sound is coming from the speakers.

If you do not listen to a sound from your speakers, then the speakers are faulty and create problems listening to the radio. 

Locate the speakers in your Armada and fix the connections of the speakers. You can get help from the car manual to find the location of speakers. 

7. Radio is Faulty

Suppose you have tried all the troubleshooting and cannot use your radio. In that case, it is possible that the radio itself is faulty and requires some repair or maintenance. 

Contact an authorized dealer for the repair of your radio. If it is not repairable, then you should have to replace the radio to fix the problems.

8. Contact Support 

Contacting the support team would also be the best option to find a solution to your problem. Visit the official website of Nissan for live support chat, and you may also contact Nissan support through message or call. 

Here are the contact numbers for the support team:

Message- 1-615-675-9338


Please describe the problem to the support team representative and tell him about the troubleshooting methods you have applied to fix the issues with your car. 


If your Nissan Armada radio is not working, you should ensure that the wiring is working well and there is no issue in the current flow. Then, ensure the signal antenna works well, and the fuses are not blown

Try to restart your Nissan and make sure the firmware updates are not pending. Check the radio itself because it has been damaged and cannot work anymore. 

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