Nissan Armada Display Not Working [7 Proven Fixes]

Display units are getting bigger with each latest model in the car. Nissan Armada is not an exception.

But unfortunately, its display units freeze, go blank and do not turn On. There are a wide variety of potential causes why the Nissan Armada Display Not Working.

Let me explain the reasons and the ways to fix the Armada’s display unit.

Why Nissan Armada Display Not Working

Nissan Armada Display Not Working

I have researched for 21+ hours to come up with all the causes that damage the infotainment display unit temporarily or permanently. I hope you find out why your Armada display is not working and can troubleshoot the problem.

1. Clean the Battery Terminals.

The corroded battery terminals do not let the electric current flow through the circuit. So, it will not supply the electric current to your Armada’s display unit. Hence, the display unit will not turn on.

To turn it back on, you must clean the battery terminals from corrosion.


  • To do this, you have to park the Armada at a safe place.
  • Then, remove the battery’s negative and positive terminals using appropriate Wrenches.
  • Once you have removed the wires from the terminals, pour some Coke over the metallic rusted part.
  • Then, rub it using a soft bristle brush. Afterwards, clean the terminals with a clean cotton towel.
  • Alternatively, you can sprinkle some Baking soda on the battery terminals. Then, rub it with the brush soaked in lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Do not wipe it immediately; let it rest for some time. Then, clean the battery terminals and reconnect the battery.

2. Check fuse

A blown fuse does not conduct the electricity, and the circuit remains closed. The first thing you need to test in a system’s connectivity is the fuses connected to it.


  • You can check the fuse by opening the fuse box on the right side of the dashboard.
  • In the Nissan Armada, the Fuse number. No.4 and 31 are connected to the AV and radio module. 
  • (But please confirm using the user manual of the car about the location.)
  • Pull out the plugs using a plier and check in the centre. A visible black portion in the middle of the fuse shows it’s burnt.
  • Replace the fuse if it is burnt. 
  • If the fuse is not blown, install it tightly at their location.

3. Software issue

Most of the time, the infotainment system software gets corrupted. The missing code in your car’s infotainment system stops it intermittently, freezes the screen, or sometimes you cannot turn it on.

That calls for a reset of your smartphone and Nissan Armada’s connection. 


  • To reset the connection, you have to open the settings menu on the smartphone.
  • Tap the ‘forget’ option on the Armada’s infotainment Bluetooth connection.
  • Repeat the process in the Armada by opening the Bluetooth option from the settings.
  • Remove your device name from the list of connected devices (if you can turn the display on; if not, jump to the next step).
  • Once you have done it, press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 12 seconds.
  • Once the screen turns off and the display shows the Nissan’s logo again, wait until the display unit turns on.
  • Now reconnect your phone with Nissan Armada’s Bluetooth.

Alternatively, the MyNissan App is corrupted and freezes the screen after some time. You have to reinstall the app to fix the bug in the app. 

  • To reinstall the software, you must log in to the MyNissanApp webpage.
  • Here, you will enter the vehicle’s year and model.
  • Afterwards, you must enter the VIN number and log in to your Nissan account.
  • If that is a paid subscription, then after paying the charges, they will allow you to install the updated software for your car on the USB.
  • Then, you can add those updates to the vehicle’s infotainment system by inserting the USB in the port and following the instructions.

4. Loose wire connections

Rough road conditions can damage the internal connectivity of your Nissan Armada’s display unit. 


You have to look into the display panel wiring. Carefully detect any damage in the wiring. Disconnect and reconnect the connectors with the display unit if the wires are not broken. The loose connectors will reattach at their place securely. 

A loose connection between the radio unit and the module usually causes the display screen to shut down. Make sure to reconnect the connectors.

5. Wiring Harness Damage

Several wire harnesses connect the display unit with a video camera, 360 camera, power cable, antenna adapter, reverse camera harness, AC radio, AV cables, etc. all these wiring Allnesses are securely kept in place by binding using duct tape.


Look for the damage in the wiring harness by opening the display unit. If any wire is physically damaged, replace it with a new one.

6. Satellite Navigation System fault

Sometimes, the system navigation that guides you to door-to-door addresses is no longer supportive. That is why Nissan regularly uploads the navigation system update on their official website. 


  • You can access and install it any time by opening the official webpage of Nissan.
  • Then, choose the Armada as the car model and the year.
  • Afterwards, you will be directed to the page where you will select the subscription package of your choice.
  • Install the updates in the USB and then connect it to the infotainment system to update the navigation system.

7. Damaged Display Unit

When you have tried installing the software updates, the display unit keeps going blank. If it turns off intermittently, it can be a problem between the navigation unit and radio signals.

The LCD unit does not receive the radio signals as it usually does. In that situation, you may notice that the screen has not completely turned off even when you turn off the Armada. Instead, it is lit and drains the car’s battery while you don’t know it.


That needs you to replace the whole navigation display of the Nissan Armada. Unfortunately, it is an expensive repair that may cost up to $ 1000. 

I suggest you replace the navigation screen with the help of an expert technician to avoid any damage.

8. Short controller AV/TV module 1500$

The controller module can stop working due to a short circuit, and there is no way to restart the display until you replace the radio unit.


In Nissan Armada, the display unit is located under the radio navigation screen; most accurately, you can locate it below the 12-inch screen in Armada 2023. 

  • To access the control module, you must open the side panels enclosing the screen and switches connected to the control panel.
  • Then, remove the switch panel and the display LED screen by removing the connector behind it.
  • Below this section, you will find the AV module enclosed in a metal case. You must remove the Torx bolt and connectors with the wire harnesses for navigation, screen, AC, etc.
  • Install the new module in place and reconnect all the wire harnesses carefully.
  • After reassembling the display unit, your Nissan Armada should start working again.

How To Reboot Nissan Armada

Here is the quick way to reset your Nissan Armada using the Power/Vol switch.

  • Park the car in a safe location and put the keys in the ignition.
  • Turn the ignition ‘On’, but do not turn on the engine.
  • Now, you must press and hold the Power button for 12 seconds. 
  • After that, The frozen or dead infotainment display will turn on, and you will see the Nissan Logo on the screen.
  • Do not interfere with the process, and let the reboot complete.

How Do I Reset My Nissan Armada Infotainment

Factory Reset Vehicle Information Display In Nissan Armada

You can toggle between the different options in the Nissan Information Display through the use of switches on the left side of the steering wheel. 

  • Press the back arrow to enter the main menu and Open the settings.
  • You can scroll down the menu using the dial in the centre of the switches on the steering wheel.
  • The last option in the settings is ‘Factory Reset.’
  • Scroll down to this option and press the ‘OK’. 
  • The reset will begin. 
  • Do not interrupt the process until the display turns ‘On.’

Reset Nissan Armada’s Stereo System

To use this method, you must have the Factory Radio Code to reset the Nissan Armada’s Stereo system. Therefore, if you don’t yet have it, get it by contacting the Nissan Armada’s dealership.

  • To reset, you must put the key in the ignition to start the vehicle in the Accessory mode.
  • Once you see the screen turned ‘On’, open the keypad and press ‘4’.
  • Hold it until you see the digit on the screen.
  • Using the scroll-down knob, scroll to the first digit of the vehicle’s Factory radio code.
  • Then press ‘5’ to confirm.
  • Complete the process by entering the car’s factory code.
  • Once you have done it, turn off the ignition.
  • Turn the ignition after 10 minutes.

Hard Reset to Recover Display On Nissan Armada 2003-2019

On all the older models of Armada, you can use this reset method to recover the infotainment display.

  • You have to access the car battery and remove both of the terminals.
  • Use the proper wrenches to remove the bolts over the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
  • Now, wiggle out both wires from the battery terminals.
  • You have to attach both wires before reconnecting them to the battery.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and reconnect the wires to the battery.
  • Once you have put the bolts over the battery terminals, turn the ignition ‘On’ to check if the infotainment system has started working.

This reset process would not erase any saved information, but it will only reset the radio, TV/AV and navigation system so it is clean from any bug. That stops the infotainment system from working smoothly.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you find the solution to fix the fault in your Nissan Armada display unit.

If you are hesitant to apply any solution, contact the nearby Nissan Armada dealership for expert assistance.

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