Nissan Altima Remote Start not Working (Proven Fixes!)

If you are getting late, and your Nissan Altima remote start not working, this must be disgusting for you.

In this article, I will try to discuss the causes and Solutions of this problem.

Now, let’s get started….

How to Fix Nissan Altima Remote Start not Working

Nissan Altima Remote Start Not Working

1. Dead key fob battery:

If you are struggling to remote start your car, but it’s not responding. This may be due to the dead battery of your key fob. Usually, the battery works long about 3 to 4 years.

The poor battery makes the poor connection and the remote start feature won’t work in this situation. It uses coin batteries which are quite cheaper.


If you find that the batteries in the key fob are dead, replace them with new ones. Make this sure, that you insert the batteries properly.

So the key fob operates the remote start function properly.

2. Car out of gas:

If you are struggling to remote start your car but it’s not working, this can be due to insufficient amount of fuel. Turning on the car, while sitting in your home requires the engine to start.

An insufficient amount of gas will surely not turn on the engine, and your vehicle will not start.

Such kind of situation can be handled just by filling the gas in your car.


It is surely good advice that before parking your car, check your fuel tank. It will save you from upcoming troubles in a short time.

3. Open door, windows, or trunk:

Remote start works only when all the doors, windows, and trunk of your car are closed properly. If your door or trunk remains open during your parking, the remote start will not work.


The only solution for this kind of situation is to check all the doors, windows, or trunks of your car when you park it. And close them properly. Otherwise, remote start will surely not works.

4. Neutral gear:

The remote start feature of the Nissan Altima works when your car is in parking gear.  If your car is not parking gear, the remote start features will not operate and won’t turn on your car.

Your key fob is connected to the Nissan’s Altima computer which will ultimately not respond if your car is not parked.

It is a safety feature that prevents your car from moving after you remote start it and prevents any kind of accident.


So to avoid trouble, make sure that your car is in parking gear.

5. Engine lights On:

If you are trying to remote start your car but it’s not responding. This can be due to the reason that your car is illuminated.

This is one of the most common reasons for the remote start not working. Turned-on lights prohibit the remote starter to work.


Turn off the lights so that your Nissan Altima remote start operates appropriately.

6. Hood switch:

If you are facing trouble with the remote starter, it can be due to an unlatched hood. The hood switch operates and tells you that hood is unlatched.

The unlatched hood disables the remote starter. It is also possible that the hood switch is disconnected or broken.


If the hood switch is broken or disconnected get it fixed and connected appropriately  And if the hood is unlatched, make e that the hood is latched

7. Improper use of remote:

If your remote start function is not working, ensure you are using the remote properly. Every brand launch its own method to operate this feature.

Some remotes only need a single push of a button and some require a double.

However, some remotes are used by holding the push for some seconds as directed through instructions.


So, make sure that you are operating remotely correctly.

8. Programming issue:

If you are trying to operate a remote starter and it’s not responding this can be due to a programming issue. Using a remote starter needs to be programmed well with the car.

The program can be in manual or automatic operational mode.


To operate this, push the “Power” button once and four of the lights get on, again press the “Power” button two of the light get on( indicates manual operational mode) and again press the power button, added light turns on( Indicates automatic operational mode).

This means everything is working properly

9. Coolant and oil pressure:

If you are facing the remote start is not working. This can also be due to if the lights of coolant temperature and low oil pressure of the engine of your car are on.

This kind of situation disables remote starters.


If you are facing a problem due to this reason, let the car’s engine cool and use coolant or add oil to the engine to handle this situation.

10. Remote connection:

Sometimes, Nissan Altima remote start won’t work because of disconnected remote mode.


Check it by opening a square box near the dashboard lying near the steering wheel. Open the square box and you will find an open port.

This open port allows communication between the Remote starter and your car, check the connection and fix it if disconnected.

11. Remote start Off:

One of the reasons for this Altima Remo is the start network that the starter switch is Off. Alike valet mode, the remote starter switch can also be switched off.


Simply, open the port near the dashboard, On the switch and remote start feature works again.

Here is the video which should be helpful;

12. Broken key fob:

A broken key fob or damaged key fob can also cause Nissan Altima remote start feature not to work.


Facing this kind of situation, you should get a new remote. This remote start feature of a car only works with the remote which comes with it. Contact Nissan Altima company and order the original key fob (remote)

Or you can install the Nissan Connect app to activate the Nissan Remote start of your car. Create an account and control the remote start feature with it.

 Here is a helpful full video to operate Nissan Connect which may be helpful for you.

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