Nissan Altima Carplay Not Working (7 Ways to Fix)

Carplay is the one of the most interesting features which comes in almost all new models of Nissan Altima. 

It allows you to use your iPhone on the infotainment screen and you can listen to music, make or receive calls, read messages, use calendar and navigation while driving.

But sometimes when this system does not work properly it becomes a frustrating moment.

If you are facing issues with your Nissan Altima carplay then don’t worry because I will explain every possible reason due to which it’s going on and how you can fix it.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Nissan Altima Carplay Not Working?

Nissan Altima Carplay Not Working

Before doing anything you should have to check the compatibility of your iPhone model with the carplay system and then ensure that every setting is enabled.

1. Compatibility of iPhone  

If you are trying for the first time to connect your iPhone with the Nissan Altima carplay system then it is very important to check the compatibility of your iPhone.

Carplay does not work with every iPhone model so you have to make sure that you have no compatibility issues.

iPhone 5 and all later models support the carplay system so you have to make sure that you have an iPhone 5 or latest model.

If you are using an older model with carplay then it will definitely not work with it.

You can also check the list of apps and supported models of iPhone here which are compatible with carplay.

2. Restart iPhone 

If you are using a compatible model of iPhone and still facing the problems with carplay then it may be minor bugs or glitches that are responsible for your problem.

Sometimes due to prolonged usage of mobile without restarting causes glitches which result in connectivity issues.

To fix these bugs and glitches you have to restart your iPhone. 

Here are few steps to Restart iPhone:

  • Press and hold the power button and volume button same time
  • Here you will see power off option
  • Slide to right the power off option
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds
  • Again press and hold the power button

Your iPhone will be turned on and this will fix all the minor bugs or glitches that are creating connectivity issues.

You can also do this restart through settings also.

Now again try to connect your iPhone with your Nissan Altima carplay to see whether it’s working.

3. iOS Update

If you have a pending iOS update then it may also be the one of the reasons for your problem.

Because carplay works with an updated iOS system. If Apple releases an update and you do not have installed it for a long time then it creates different problems with your iPhone including the connectivity.

To update your iPhone follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Search for system update
  • Click on system update
  • If you have any pending updates then click to download
  • After downloading the iOS update click on install the updates

When installation starts your iPhone will be turned off and then turned on back automatically. 

After updating your iPhone it will be like new and all the minor bugs will be fixed. Now try to connect your carplay system to see whether the iOS update fixes your problem.

4. Carplay Enabled

If you have checked all the things and still not able to use carplay then it’s time to check the carplay settings in your iPhone.

Maybe you have not enabled your carplay from settings and that’s why you are facing the problems.

To enable the carplay settings follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Click on search bar
  • Write carplay in search bar
  • Click on the carplay option
  • Here click on Nissan Altima
  • Click on “enable carplay when phone locked

Now you have successfully connected your iPhone with your Nissan Altima carplay system. 

You can also customise your preference to use carplay through the vehicle carplay settings.

  • Click on settings 
  • Open the apps option
  • Click on Apple carplay option
  • Click to enable USB connection to your preference “Always” , “Ask” or “never”

If you select the always option then your iPhone will be connected to the carplay system whenever you plug the USB cord to the infotainment system.

5. Check USB Cord

Almost all the Altima models support the USB cord carplay system. It means you have to connect your iPhone through a charging cable to your infotainment system.

It is helpful to check if the USB cord is working well or not. Because if your charging cable is faulty then it will stop your iPhone from connecting with the carplay system.

Double check the charging cable by using it with another iPhone or with another car.

Charging cords become faulty due to prolonged usage or rough handling.

Sometimes the wires inside the charging cord break due to twisting from any end or the connection points may be damaged.

Ensure that the cord is working well otherwise use another charger cord to connect your iPhone with Nissan Altima carplay system.

5. Reconnect Carplay

If you have already connected your iPhone with Nissan Altima and this time you are facing a problem then you have to reconnect the connection.

Because prolonged Bluetooth or any other connection required reconnecting to work smoothly.

To reconnect your carplay system follow these steps:

  • Open settings app
  • Go to general settings
  • Click on carplay
  • Click on Nissan Altima
  • Click on forget button and then press yes
  • Again select your Nissan Altima and connect it

This reconnecting will fix all the minor glitches and your carplay connection will be restarted. 

6. Privacy Restrictions

Sometimes the privacy restrictions stop your phone from connecting to the carplay system.

You have to check all the privacy settings of your iPhone and allow the carplay to run over to fix the problem.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to settings app
  • Click on screen time option
  • Click on “contact and privacy restrictions”
  • You will see allowed apps list
  • Make sure you have allowed carplay 

Now you have given permission to your carplay to access all your iPhone apps, contacts and messages. 

Again try to connect your phone with your Nissan Altima carplay system to see whether your problem exists.

7. Enable Siri

Nissan Altima carplay system use Siri for voice commands and if you have not enabled it then it may also create problems with your carplay.

You have to enable it from your iPhone settings and can also access it from the vehicle.

On your steering wheel there is a talk button you have to press and hold to access Siri.

You can also do the same thing through the infotainment screen by pressing and holding the home icon on screen.

Contact Support

I hope one of the methods will definitely work for you but unfortunately if you are still facing the same problem then you have to contact the support team.

Contact a certified technician for help because it is possible that your carplay system has some hardware issues.


How do I get CarPlay to work on my Nissan Altima?

  1. Plug in the USB charging cable to your iPhone and the other end to your Nissan Altima screen. 
  2. Enable carplay settings from your iPhone and allow your carplay from the vehicle too. 
  3. Give carplay access to all the apps from your mobile settings.

Does Nissan Altima support CarPlay?

Yes, the Nissan Altima 2023 model comes with a carplay system which allows you to use your iPhone on an 8.0 inch touch screen infotainment system display while driving. 

This system also supports voice commands.

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