Mazda 3 Push Button Start Not Working

The push-button start feature in your Mazda 3 vehicle makes it convenient for your car to start.

But what happens if your dashboard of Mazda 3 starts displaying an error stating “Push button start malfunction”?

What are the reasons behind this message that causes your Mazda 3’s push-button to stop functioning?

In this article, I will discuss the various causes of the push button start not working along with solutions.

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How to Fix Mazda 3 Push Button Start Not Working?

1. Battery Shortage

If you have a battery shortage problem in your Mazda 3 vehicle the check engine light will turn on after pushing the start button. But nothing occurs and the light becomes dim. Due to low battery, your engine is not able to start.

If your check engine light and push button error occur at the same time, it has a strong probability that your battery is the reason behind it.

The main reason behind the push button start error is the dead or low battery of your Mazda 3 vehicle.  Your Mazda 3 battery starts draining when you are sitting in the car without starting it for an extended period.

A sensor can automatically recognize the key fob. The key fob will continue to interact with the car and as a result, it will drain your battery.


To fix the issue first try to charge your battery to see if it solves the issue.

You can accomplish this by starting your Mazda 3 vehicle and letting it run for around 30 minutes.

Your battery should be sufficiently charged and started to operate normally.

2. Starter Motor Malfunctioning

One of the other reasons for your Mazda 3 push button start not working is the starter motor. The starter motor in your Mazda 3 is the most susceptible component that will start the engine.

Although the starter motor in your vehicle is the powerful constituent it eventually wears out.

A weak connection or loose battery cables may also cause the starter motor to cease working.

It might start to malfunction gradually at first and eventually stop working at the end also causing problems with your push button start.


Your damaged starter motor is broken and needs to be replaced, which might cost from $250 to $850. The cost might be depending on how complex the repair is and how much the part costs.

3. Key Fob Battery Shortage

If your Mazda 3 cannot be able to detect that your key fob is inside your vehicle, the push button start won’t operate. The reason behind it is the dead or shortage of your key fob battery.

Due to this, your key fob is not able to send out a signal which will prevent your car from starting.


You cannot recharge your key fob battery, that’s why you must replace it when it runs out of power. You can also change it on your own.

4. Body Control Modules

Your vehicle’s Body Control Module (BCM) is a computer supporter that is made of electronics.

Along with regulating your Mazda 3 push-button start it also manages your car wipers, lights, power windows, and other non-engine-related electronic systems.

That’s why if your BCM is not behaving well, the other electronic components also start working improperly.

For example, it will result in a dead battery ultimately causing your push button to start to stop working.


If all the above-mentioned components are working properly in your Mazda 3 vehicle then it must be your BCM that is not functioning accurately. If you are confirmed that your BCM is defective, you must have to change it.

You should take your Mazda 3 vehicle to a dealer shop in order to replace and reprogram BCM.

You can also perform the replacement yourself if you are competent enough at removing the Mazda 3 interior parts and reprograming the BCM. 

After removal, you should check the BCM for corroded or damaged electrical contacts.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed all the potential reasons that cause problems in your Mazda 3 push button start and their solutions.

Following are some solutions from my side for you:

  1. Charge your battery.
  2. Replace your damaged starter motor.
  3. Change the faulted Body Control Modules.
  4. Recharge your key fob battery.
  5. Contact the Mazda 3 service center for additional help.

If you have any information, you can contact us. We would be delighted to get a response from you.


What is the problem of Mazda 3 not starting?

The main problem for Mazda 3 not starting may be the dead battery of your Mazda. It could also be possible that ignition switch is not working properly or damaged.

Sometimes the fuel pump is malfunctioned and create disturbance in starting.

How do I manually start my Mazda 3?

Sometimes when your key fob stop working then you can start it manually through the push start button. If you simply press the push button then Mazda will not be start and give an error key not detected.

To start it manually press the push button with key fob and your Mazda will be started.

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