Kia Display Screen Not Working (10 Proven Tips)

In terms of car manufacturing Kia is gaining popularity worldwide. But what happens when you start your Kia car and meet with a dead display? You must be wondering how this issue came about and thinking about the solutions.

To give you ease, I looked into these worries, and here in this article, I will discuss what will happen to your Kia display screen.

Let’s begin…!!!

How To Fix Kia Display Screen Not Working?

1. Blown Fuse

All electrical cars including Kia contain several fuses that will protect from any electrical damage like overloads and short circuits.

However, if the fuse in your Kia blows, the attached devices could malfunction or stop working.

Your Kia display screen may be damaged due to a blown fuse and it must be changed to get rid of the problem.

Fuse boxes in your Kia are present in the hood, and near to the battery.


Before replacing the fuse, you have unplugged the negative connection from the battery terminal which will prevent further damage to the car.

  1. Open the fuse boxes.
  2. Take a look inside to identify the problematic fuse.
  3. Replace the blown fuse with a fresh one.
  4. Check the Kia display screen.

2. Loose Wires

While you are on a drive, your car vibrates which could lead to the loose wiring in your display screen. This is the reason why you see a blank screen after starting the car.


You should examine the wiring system of your car.

Next, if you see any disconnected or slack cables try to reconnect them. You have to follow the wires that are attached to the head unit.

To expose the cables of your Kia vehicle you might need to remove several components.

3. Hardware Malfunctioning

If you find no reaction when you touch, tap, or swipe, it may be due to hardware malfunction.


It is a little bit challenging for you to repair at this point. Maybe you have to change the entire display screen which will be an expensive solution.

4. Cleaning your Kia Display Screen

The easiest solution is to try cleaning your display screen if Kia comes in contact with water and other types of liquid.

Here are some techniques to assist in removing excess moisture from your Kia display screen:

  1. Moist parts should be removed as soon as possible.
  2. To dry, wipe the moist areas.
  3. You can also use an electric fan or hair drier to remove excess moisture.
  4. Open your Kia car doors and windows for more ventilation.

If still, your Kia display screen is still not working, try replacing the damaged head unit.

5. Infotainment System Damage

If your Kia display screen suddenly went dark and stopped working, your touch screen had a total system breakdown. In this case, you have to replace the Kia infotainment system.


Before replacing make sure to buy a compatible display screen for your Kia car. To change the damaged unit, follow the following steps:

  1. You have to switch off your Kia motor.
  2. Utilize all the parts.
  3. With the help of panel remover, remove the cover of the steering wheel.
  4. Plastic trim should be removed.
  5. The cord holding the ignition button should be set free.
  6. Screws should be eradicated.
  7. Carefully eliminate the head unit parts.
  8. Know you have to connect the cables to the new display screen.
  9. Then, place your new Kia display screen in its place.
  10. Start the Kia car engine to check whether the display screen is working or not.

7. External Factors

Suppose you have installed aftermarket accessories in your Kia, like dash cams or aftermarket stereo systems. In that case, these things may not be compatible with your Kia and create problems starting the screen. 

If you are using these aftermarket devices, you should check these items and disconnect them to fix the screen problems.

Disconnect the aftermarket devices and then try to operate the infotainment screen of your Kia. Sometimes, the screen may need to be more responsive due to the passage of time and create problems in starting. 

8. Hard Reset

Sometimes, the car may get stuck into glitches or errors, which might create several problems, including the starting problem of the screen. To fix these bugs and glitches, you have to hard reset your Kia. 

Follow these steps to hard reset your Kia:

  • Turn off the ignition
  • Disconnect the battery terminals 
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes 
  • Then again, connect the battery terminals 
  • Turn on the ignition and start your infotainment 

This method will solve all the minor glitches and bugs that create problems with your car infotainment screen and hinder it from operating.

9. Temperature Factors

Temperature is the reason to interrupt any of the electronic devices, and these devices stop working. So make sure that the internal climate of your car is manageable because that could be the reason for your problem. 

Sometimes, the overheating from the engine creates problems with your screen. So, ensuring your car’s climate is average and the engine is not overheated would be best. 

If the climate is too high, then turn on the AC and wait until it cools down, or if the engine is overheated, then stop and wait till cooling down the engine. 

10. Contact Kia Service Center

If you fail to resolve the problem by yourself you can go to the Kia Service Center and request a thorough investigation of your particular problem.

You should focus on getting a professional fix.

How to Avoid the Causes to Happen in the Future?

Follow these recommendations:

  1. You have to find the main reason for the problem. Whether the issue is hardware or software-related.
  2. Try to use the key fob to lock and turn off your Kia car.
  3. Use a dry cloth gently to clean your Kia display screen.
  4. Try rebooting or resetting your Kia display screen.
  5. Bring your Kia car to a reputable mechanic or dealer if the problem continues.
  6. Check your Kia warranty to repair your car parts without any cost.
  7. Do not do anything alone. It will cause more damage to your Kia display screen.

Final Thoughts

So far, I have discussed all the possible reasons and solutions that cause the Kia display screen to stop operating. The solutions include:

  1. Fix the blown fuse.
  2. Replace the display screen.
  3. Try cleaning your display screen with a brush or piece of cloth.
  4. Connect the disconnected cables.

Please get in touch with us if you have any information to share with us on this topic. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

What is the Cost to replace your Kia display screen?

It depends upon the number of variables. For example, the Kia model, replace parts ($300 – $700) and labor cost ($200 – $400). Your final amount might be between $600 and $1,000.


How do I reset my Kia screen?

To reset your Kia screen, turn off your car and disconnect the battery terminals for at least 15-20 minutes.

This method will reset your car and screen, fixing minor glitches and bugs. 

How do I update my Kia screen?

To update your Kia screen, access the menu>settings>system and then software or system update. Here, you will see the latest version of the software.

If available, download it and install it for your Kia. 

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