Hyundai Wireless Charger Not Working (10 Easy Fixes)

Hyundai offers the comfort of charging your mobile phone wirelessly while driving on a long trip. You do not need to carry the wires; place your mobile phone on the charging pad, and your phone will start charging. 

It is frustrating when your Hyundai wireless charging does not work correctly, and your mobile battery is about to die.

If you are facing the same issue, there is no need to worry because today, in this article, I will elaborate on all the possible reasons with fixes.

Let’s dive into it.

Hyundai Wireless Charging Not Working

If your Hyundai wireless charging isn’t working, it could be due to your vehicle disabled wireless charging, open doors, interference of metallic items or thick case, software glitches in vehicle or mobile and outdated software of your mobile. To troubleshoot this, you will need to enable wireless charging of your Hyundai, ensure doors are close while charging, use thin case, restart vehicle and mobile and update the software of mobile.

hundyai wireless charging not working

There could be several reasons for wireless charging issues, like your mobile case, magnetic interference, or mobile compatibility.

1. Mobile Compatibility

If you are charging your mobile wirelessly for the first time and facing a problem, your mobile phone may not be compatible with wireless charging. 

Make sure that your mobile phone is compatible with wireless charging. To check the compatibility of your mobile phone, search your mobile phone model online or click here to find your mobile phone. 

Almost all new models are compatible with wireless charging, but older models do not support wireless charging.

You may also check compatibility by seeing the Qi logo on the box of your mobile phone if you have that box.

2. Wireless Charging Settings

Most Hyundai models have manual settings to turn on/off the wireless charging features. Make sure that you have turned on the wireless charging of your Hyundai. 

Follow these steps to turn on the wireless charging.

  • Open the settings on your Hyundai infotainment 
  • Select Setup and then tap on Vehicle 
  • Tap on the convenience option
  • Click on the wireless charging option

If your wireless charging option is enabled, then it might be some other reason that’s why your charging creates a problem. 

3. Check the Doors

Hyundai wireless charging stops working when your Vehicle’s doors are open, so check the doors of your car.

Make sure that your Hyundai engine is turned on before charging the mobile.

 If you are trying to charge your mobile wirelessly when your car is in a stand position, ensure both factors that your car ignition is turned on, the doors of your car are closed, and not a single door is opened.

After ensuring these things, try to charge your mobile again.  

4. Size of Mobile 

Sometimes the charging problem could occur due to the size of the mobile phone, as the charging tray size is a bit larger than the mobile phone, but some of the older models of mobiles are smaller than the new models. 

These mobiles could be dislocated from an aligned position, and your charging will be stopped.

Wireless charging works on the base of the magnetic field in which a magnetic field is produced between the transmitting coil inside the charging pad and the receiver coil in the mobile and passes through the current to your mobile phone.

Wireless charging will work only when these coils combine perfectly. 

5. Mobile Case Problem

Most charging problems occur due to the mobile case, as wired charging is more powerful than wireless charging.

The charging process could be slowed down by using a thick mobile case or even stopping in some cases. 

Ensure you are using the mobile case, which is at most 3mm, because most wireless charging pads work fine with this thickness. 

Remove the case of your mobile and place it on the charging pad to see whether it is working without a case or not.

If your charging works fine without the case, then remove the mobile case before charging or buy a Qi-friendly mobile case. 

6. Check for Metallic Interference

As we have discussed, wireless charging works on magnetic induction processes, which could be interfered with due to metallic items. 

Ensure nothing is metallic inside the mobile case or near the charging pad, as these metallic items can interfere with the charging process or eventually stop it. 

Remove your mobile case and remove the pins, grips or credit cards, etc., and then put them on the case.

Ensure that no metallic item is present near your charging pad, and then again place your mobile on the charging pad to see if your problem is solved. 

7. Restart Your Car

Your Hyundai could also have some issues with the power supply and not transferring enough power, as wireless charging requires a standard power rate to operate. 

This problem can be solved by restarting your Vehicle. You can restart your car by turning off the ignition and restarting the battery.

Detach the +ve terminal of your battery for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then again attach the wire with the same terminal.

This method will fix minor issues if causing the problem in charging.

8. Restart Your Mobile

Your Hyundai wireless charger is working fine, and the reason for the problem is your mobile.

Sometimes you use your mobile for a long time without restarting, and there could be minor bugs or glitches occurring in your mobile, and these bugs create some problems in charging.

To restart your mobile phone, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power button 
  • There will be two options: “Power Off” and “Restart.”
  • Click on the “Restart” option¬†

Your mobile phone will be turned off and turned on automatically, and this restart will fix minor bugs and glitches.

Then again, try to charge your mobile wirelessly with your Hyundai.

9. Update Mobile

If you have a pending software update or app update, these updates could create problems with wireless charging. 

Your mobile phone will be slowed down and consume power even when you are not using it due to running background apps.

To fix the issue:

  1. Update your mobile phone and the apps through the google play store.
  2. Open the settings and find the software update option.
  3. Start the software update if you have any pending updates. 

10. Contact Your Dealer

If you have applied all the methods I have explained in this article and are still facing charging issues, then it could be some hardware issue with your Hyundai. 

Contact your dealer and ask to do something for your Vehicle; they could replace the charging pad tray or fix other hardware issues after identification.

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