Hyundai Smart Trunk Not Working (9 Proven Fixes!)

A smart trunk is a feature that could be very useful while you are carrying too many shopping bags. I know it is very frustrating when your Hyundai smart trunk stops working all of a sudden.

One of my friends faced the same problem. He told me and I did research on this and fixed his issue.

So, I’m writing this article in the hope that it will fix your problem too.

Let’s get started…

How to Fix Hyundai Smart Trunk not Working

1. Ensure the smart trunk is activated

First of all, you should make sure that you have enabled the smart truck. If you have bought a new Hyundai, you will have to enable it yourself to use it.

Or maybe you have disabled it or someone else has disabled it unintentionally. You should make sure that the smart trunk checker box is checked.

To enable the smart trunk, follow these steps.

  1. Go to settings on the cluster display or infotainment system.
  2. Go to “door”.
  3. Go down and check the smart trunk box.

Now your smart trunk feature has been activated and it will automatically open when you reach your car’s trunk.

2. Key fob position

If your key fob is not with you or it is in your back pocket, it can cause smart trunk issues.

You will need to have the key fob with you so that its proximity could be detected and the trunk could be opened for you.

You should check is if your key fob is in your back pocket. Your body can cause interference between the car and the key fob.

Which will lead to your car trunk not detecting the proximity key. And eventually, the trunk will not open automatically.

3. Key fob low battery

The low battery of your key fob can also cause smart trunk problems. If the battery of your key fob is lower then it would be able to send proximity signals to the car.

So that the car trunk can open. Check the battery and charge it or replace the battery with a new one. Ensure all the doors are closed and locked

You should also make sure that all the doors and trunks are properly closed and locked. The smart trunk in your car only works when all the doors and trunk are closed and locked.

Make sure you are locking the car doors and trunk correctly. Lock the car and wait for at least 15 seconds.

Now go near the trunk and it will open automatically.

4. Check Fuses

If the smart trunk feature of your car is not working and not auto-opening the trunk for you, it could also be due to a faulty or blown fuse.

If you inspect that the cause of this problem is a damaged or blown fuse, you need to replace the fuse with a new one.

You need to locate the fuse box according to your car model. You can find this out in the manual. In most Hyundai vehicles, it is located in the instrument panel behind the cover on the driver’s side.

Now remove the lid of the box and inspect the fuses for damage or burning spots. You should especially check the Truck fuse.

Mostly the truck fuse in Hyundai vehicles is 10A. You can find out the truck fuse number in the driver’s manual.

5. Check the trunk button and latch

Another potential reason for this issue could be the damaged button or rusted latch.

If the button of your Hyundai’s trunk is damaged, it will not be able to receive proper power. And your trunk won’t be able to open.

A rusted latch of your trunk can also cause this problem. A rusted latch will keep the trunk locked. Check the button of the trunk and make sure it’s getting enough power.

Remove the rust from the latch using a rust cleaning agent.

6. Check for Obstructions

Your smart trunk will not be able to unlock and open the car’s trunk if there is any obstruction or objects that are blocking the path of your car’s trunk.

Remove the obstruction if there’s any to make the smart trunk feature work properly.

7. Check your car’s battery

The low battery of your car can also cause Hyundai smart trunk not to work. If the battery of your car is low, it will not be able to supply power to the truck.

And eventually, the smart trunk feature won’t be able to open your truck.

Start your car and charge your battery or remove the battery from your car and try to charge it with another source.

You can also replace the battery with a new one if it is damaged or too old.

8. Check for Faulty antenna

In your Hyundai, there is a signal-receiving antenna that receives the signal from the key fob and lets your car know that you are here. And then your cars beep three times and open the trunk for you.

Malfunctioning of this single receiving antenna can also lead to the smart trunk problems. Inspect the antenna and make sure it’s working properly.

For this, you may need some professional assistance. If you want to check yourself, you need to remove the rear side bumper.

Now check the antenna for damages, cracks, and black spots. If you find any, you may need to fix it or replace it with a new one.

9. Perform a System Reset

Electric problems in your Hyundai can also lead to smart trunks issues.

These electrical problems and glitches can be fixed by resetting the system of your car.

  1. You can reset your car by just following these steps.
  2. Make sure your car is parked and turned off.
  3. Disconnect both terminals of the battery.
  4. Wait for a few minutes.
  5. Now reconnect it back.
  6. Your system will be rebooted and will be able to work properly.

10. Seek Professional Inspection

If all the above-mentioned solutions failed to fix the problem, you should take your car to Hyundai’s dealership or contact a workshop.

They will inspect the vehicle and will find out the cause of the Hyundai smart truck not working and will assist you with a possible solution.

Final thoughts

So far we have discussed all the possible causes and solutions for the Hyundai smart trunk not working.

The solutions include:

  1. Ensure the smart trunk is activated
  2. Check the Key fob position
  3. Check Key fob low battery
  4. Ensure all the doors are closed and locked
  5. Check Fuses
  6. Check the trunk button and latch
  7. Check for Obstructions
  8. Check your car’s battery
  9. Check for Faulty antenna
  10. Software update
  11. Perform a System Reset

If you have something to share with us about this topic feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Hyundai smart trunk not opening with foot

There could be many reasons for this problem. These may be wrong foot gestures, sensors malfunctioning, or the key fob.

How do you manually open a Hyundai trunk?

You can manually open the Hyundai trunk by holding the trunk button on the key fob or using the trunk release button located on the lower-left side of the dashboard or the driver’s door panel.

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