Hyundai Cruise Control Not Working (9 Ways to Fix)

Cruise control is one of the best features in the latest cars that allow you to drive on long routes without maintaining the speed because you just set the speed of your car. 

But it is sometimes quite frustrating when your cruise control stocks or does not work correctly.

If you are facing the same issue and do not know how to fix this problem, then don’t worry because I will tell you all the possible reasons and fixes for this problem.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Hyundai Cruise Control Not Working?

Hyundai Cruise Control not Working

It could be anything that is directly connected to your cruise control system. The blown fuses or the brake lamp might not work correctly.

1. Check the Fuses

The first thing you should have to check is the fuses in your car because all the electric system in the car is connected through fuses. 

If one of the fuses blows and does not respond, it could lead the car to non-function of the cruise control.

Check the fuses inside the dashboard and ensure that all the fuses are working fine. If you find any fuse blown, remove it from the circuit and replace it with the newer one. 

After replacing the fuse, your cruise control will start working, and you can check it by driving.

2. Speed Sensor

The second thing directly connected to the cruise control is the speed sensor. Cruise control fixes your car’s speed as required or set through the cruise control button. 

If the speed sensor is faulty and does not provide the correct speed reading, it could confuse the cruise control and stop working. 

Speed sensors are available on almost four wheels of your car, and a single sensor fault will lead the cruise to stop work. Check the speed sensor by yourself and if you cannot do this, then take your Hyundai to the technician and ask him to check the speed sensors. 

If you find that the speed sensor is not working correctly, then replacing that sensor is the solution for you. 

3. Cruise Control Switch

Sometimes your cruise control switch becomes faulty and does not pass the signals, so your cruise control stop works. 

It could occur due to a short circuit or overheating of the engine.

Check the cruise control buttons and see whether they are responsive or not. 

If these buttons do not respond on pressing, then you should have to replace your cruise control switch. Sometimes the cruise control buttons get stuck and do not function accurately. 

You could buy a new switch and replace it with the older one. But I will recommend you take your Hyundai to a technician. 

4. Check the Brake Lights

Brake lights are directly integrated with cruise control, and if the brake light bulb has blown or not working correctly, it could fail cruise control. 

A brake padel error or fault will stop cruise control from working. Press the brake padel and see if your brake light and tail light work by applying the brakes.

If the brake lights do not work, replace the brake light bulb and the tail light if it does not work. 

5. Engine Problems

The engine may also lead you to cruise control problems due to overheating or improper maint of the engine. If you have driven your Hyundai for a long distance without giving your car rest, your engine may be overheated. 

Engine problems could also occur due to improper maint of the engine, like you do not replace engine oil regularly and not maint the engine regularly. 

If your car engine is overheated, stop it and turn it off for 10-15 minutes or until its engine cools down.  

Also, replace the engine oil regularly and take care of the maintenance of your car engine regularly. 

6. Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is the central part of your cruise control, and if it fails to work, it will stop your cruise control from working.

You should examine whether your throttle position sensor is working correctly or not. Your car will produce black exhaust or could create dead spots if the position sensor is faulty. 

To fix the problem, take your car for a replacement of the throttle position sensor to a technician. The throttle position sensor will cost you almost $160 to $200.

7. Turn Off the Lights

it is silly to say that sometimes your brakes light stops working when you turn on the front lights.

A user said on Hyundai Forum, “I’m having this issue, but I found that if I turn the lights off, the cruise works; however, I’ve noticed that my brake lights don’t work when lights are on. So turning the lights off engages the cruise, but turning them on makes it disengage fine for daytime driving but a massive issue for nighttime driving.”

You could also try this method by turning off the front lights of your car; maybe you are facing the same problem. 

But replacing the rear lights could be the permanent solution to this problem. 

8. Slippery Road

Cruise control did not work correctly on a slippery road. Because if you apply the sudden brakes on the slippery road, that could damage your car’s brakes or tyers. 

And this will lead to cruise control failure. 

Try not to use the cruise control while driving on a slippery road or in stormy weather because the cruise control would not work correctly.

9. Electric Fault

Electric supply malfunctioning may also create cruise control problems. Check all the wires are connected correctly and the wiring has no loose connection. 

Also, make sure that your car battery is working fine because due to the low-voltage electric system of your car does not work. 

To fix the problem, fix all the connections and do not leave a single loose connection; also, ensure that your battery provides accurate voltage.

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