Hyundai CarPlay Not Working (10 Proven Fixes!)

Carplay is an amazing feature in all the latest vehicles to connect your iPhone with the infotainment system while driving.

You do not need to carry your mobile in hand because every app will work on infotainment like calls, messages, calendar, music and navigation etc.

Hyundai also offers this feature in almost all the variants and latest models.

But sometimes it stops working and that was such a frustrating moment while driving.

If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry because I will explain the possible solutions for your problem.

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Hyundai Carplay Not Working?

Hyundai CarPlay Not Working

It could be due to an outdated iOS system or maybe your bluetooth connection is off.

1. Compatible iPhone 

Before doing anything with the system you have to make sure that your iPhone model is compatible with the carplay system and support it. Because if you have an incompatible model then nothing will help you to get rid from this situation.

You can search online for your iPhone model to see whether it supports carplay or not. 

iPhone 5 and all the later and latest models are compatible with carplay and can be connected to your infotainment system.

You can also check the list of compatible models and apps for carplay here.

2. Software Update 

It is also an important factor that your iOS system is updated. Because carplay does not work properly with an outdated iOS version.

Make sure that your iPhone is updated and if not then you have to update it before connecting with Hyundai carplay.

To update the software of your iPhone follow these steps:

  • Go to settings app
  • Open the search bar
  • Write “system update”
  • Click and open system update option
  • Click on download button
  • After downloading install the updates

The iPhone will be turned off and then after a few seconds it will be turned on back automatically.

3. Restart Mobile 

When you use your iPhone for a long period without restarting then some minor bugs or glitches produced in the software. These glitches and bugs may create different problems with your iPhone.

To fix these bugs you have to restart your iPhone.

Follow these steps to Restart iPhone:

  • Press and hold the power button and volume up button at the same time
  • Slide the power off option to right
  • Wait for 20 seconds and again press and hold power button
  • Keep pressing the power button until Apple logo appears

This method will fix all types of minor bugs and glitches. Again try to connect with the carplay system on Hyundai.

4. Check Bluetooth 

Most of the latest models of Hyundai support wireless carplay and connect through bluetooth.

If your bluetooth settings are turned off then it might not be connected.

Make sure to enable the bluetooth of your iPhone. But if you have enabled bluetooth then select your car model and forget it from bluetooth settings.

You have to try to re- pairing your iPhone with Hyundai carplay. Try the same method on the infotainment system, remove your iPhone model which is already added and again add it.

Because prolonged connection may lead to bugs and glitches which create trouble in connectivity.

When you renew the connection then all the bugs and glitches are fixed and your carplay start smoothly.

5. Check Wifi

Wireless carplay systems require the wifi connection with the bluetooth. Check and ensure that your wifi connection is enabled. Sometimes the wifi connection is turned off without reason.

Also make sure you have enabled wifi settings from your carplay menu. 

Ensure that you have checked the “use wifi connection for projection phone” on the infotainment wifi system.

If you have already enabled your wifi connection and it is also connected to your carplay then you can generate a new wifi pass key to connect.

To generate new wifi passkey follow these steps:

  • Turn on the Hyundai
  • Click on wifi settings on infotainment
  • Click on renew wifi passkey 

Now again connect through the new passkey with your carplay from your iPhone.

6. Check Siri

To use the carplay system access of Siri is also important. If you have disabled the Siri from your settings then it might be the reason for your problem.

Because carplay requires bluetooth, wifi and Siri connections to operate normally.

Carplay uses Siri access for voice commands while you could not touch your screen due to heavy traffic.

Go to your settings app in the iPhone and enable the Siri option and then try to connect it with carplay.

7. Privacy Restrictions 

As the carplay system is working to control your iPhone on the infotainment screen so it requires access to all the phone features.

If you have not given access to your contacts or another permission is disabled then carplay could not work.

To enable the access follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Search for screen time option
  • Click and see the contacts and privacy option
  • Click and turn on it for carplay

Now again try to connect your iPhone with your Hyundai carplay system to see whether it’s working now.

8. Reconnect Carplay 

If you are using the carplay connection for a long time then it could be some system bugs which are stopping the connection.

To fix these bugs you have to reconnect your carplay settings.

Follow these steps on iPhone:

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Search for carplay
  • Click and open your car model shown on the screen 
  • Click on forget and remove your car model

Follow these steps on Hyundai:

  • Turn on the car
  • Click on carplay option
  • See your iPhone model
  • Click on it and then remove it

Now again try to create a new connection on both iPhone and Hyundai to connect the carplay.

9. Use Charging Cable 

First you should have to make sure which model of Hyundai you own. If you have an wireless carplay model then you should have to try all above methods. But if still you are facing issues then try to connect your iPhone through a charging cable.

Make sure to use a compatible charging cable and connect it with your iPhone and the USB port near the gear box.

You will see a notification on the car screen and you have to click on yes to connect your iPhone.

Also ensure that the charging cable is working well and not broken or damaged.

Because charging cables become faulty due to prolonged usage.

10. Hardware Issues

If nothing is working for you and you are unable to access your carplay then it might be hardware issues with your iPhone or the infotainment system. 

You should have to hire a certified technician because he could examine the original situation and can suggest a better solution.

Before going to the technician it would be better to contact your support team online and brief them on the issues. 

If they could not do anything then take your car to a Hyundai care center.


How do I get CarPlay to work on my Hyundai?

  1. To enable carplay in your Hyundai make sure which model you have whether it’s a wireless carplay model or USB carplay model. 
  2. For wireless carplay models ensure that you have turned on the bluetooth, wifi and Siri. Also turn on the carplay settings on iPhone. 
  3. It is also important to give access to your contacts and privacy to carplay.
  4. For the USB carplay model, turn on carplay settings on your iPhone and add your car model. Then plug in the USB cable to your iPhone and USB port of your car.

Is Hyundai Apple Carplay Wireless?

Latest models of Hyundai have a wireless carplay system but the older models have only a USB carplay connection. 

Models after 2020 have the wireless carplay.

What Year did Hyundai Get Apple Carplay?

In 2016 Hyundai introduced its models with android auto and Apple carplay. 
In 2015 Hyundai was the first company which offered the android auto.

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