Hyundai Bluetooth Not Working (How to Fix)

Bluetooth is a fantastic feature that allows you to manage your calls, listen to music, allow voice commands, etc., while driving. 

But it is frustrating when Bluetooth does not work, and you have trouble with this problem. 

If you are facing the same Bluetooth problem, you don’t need to worry because today, in this article, I will explain how to fix Hyundai Bluetooth not working. 

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Hyundai Bluetooth Not Working?

Hyundai Bluetooth Not Working

Several reasons could create problems with Bluetooth, like incompatible mobile phones or software issues with your mobile. 

1. Incompatible Mobile

The first thing you should do is check the compatibility of your mobile phone with Hyundai Bluetooth. 

You may be using an older mobile because some older mobiles are incompatible with Hyundai’s Bluetooth.

Make sure you are using a compatible mobile phone to connect the bluetooth of your car. Check here the compatibility of your mobile phone with your Hyundai models and see if you are using the compatible one.

If your mobile is compatible and you still face problems, look forward to the next step.

2. Check Mobile Settings

If you are using a compatible mobile, ensure your bluetooth is turned on and ready for pairing with other devices.

To turn on the bluetooth, go to settings and then connectivity and enable the bluetooth.

Also, ensure that your mobile’s visibility is enabled so other devices can find it for pairing. 

3. Check Car Bluetooth

If your mobile bluetooth is turned on and still not connecting to your Hyundai, then it’s time to check the bluetooth settings of your car. 

Follow these steps to turn on the bluetooth:

  • Tap on the setup button 
  • Click on bluetooth 

Now your Hyundai bluetooth is enabled, and you can add a device to connect with it. Check whether your mobile is connecting or not. 

4. Remove the Mobile

If you usually use a mobile phone while driving, which is already paired with your Hyundai bluetooth, it could be a glitch or bug preventing it from working. 

To fix this problem, remove the already added mobile and add it to your car bluetooth. 

Follow these steps to remove a device from Hyundai bluetooth:

  • Click on the SETUP tab on your infotainment 
  • Press the bluetooth option 
  • Click on Delete devices 
  • Select your mobile model and click on it to delete

Your mobile has been deleted from your bluetooth, and this mobile will be new for you, Hyundai. Again add the mobile to your car and try to connect it.

Follow these steps to add your mobile to Hyundai bluetooth:

  • Open the SETUP tab
  • Click on the bluetooth
  • Press the add button 
  • Click on your mobile phone appearing on available devices 
  • Hyundai bluetooth will send a pairing code to your mobile 
  • Click on the pair option on your mobile 

Your mobile phone will be connected to your car bluetooth, and now you can use it. 

5. Check Paired Devices 

Most of the Hyundai models support only five bluetooth connections, and if you have already paired these five devices with your bluetooth, the new device cannot be paired. 

Check the paired devices in your bluetooth settings, and if you see that you have already paired five devices, then delete one of them.

After deleting the older device from your bluetooth, add a new device, and your bluetooth problem will be solved.

6. Update Mobile

If you have tried all the fixes and are still facing the problem of using the bluetooth facility, your mobile phone may have some bugs that prevent it from connecting via bluetooth.

Did you update your mobile to the latest version of the software? If you do not do so, it could create bugs or glitches in your mobile, which may cause connectivity problems. 

Go to mobile settings and see for pending updates; if you find a pending update, then update your mobile via wifi or cellular data. 

Make sure your mobile battery is up to 40% before updating. After updating to the newer version again, try to connect your mobile with your Hyundai bluetooth. 

7. Software or Firmware Update

Maybe your Hyundai infotainment has some software or firmware updates, and that’s why it is not working well. To fix the problem, you must update your infotainment to the latest update. 

Visit a verified dealer and ask him to update your infotainment, or you may also download these updates from the verified dealer’s website. 

It does not matter whether your bluetooth problem is solved; you will have to pay the dealer charges. 

8. Third-Party Apps

Sometimes you download applications from third-party resources, not Play Store or Apple Store. These apps could cause bugs or glitches in your mobile phone and create connectivity problems. 

Ensure you have downloaded all the applications on your mobile from a verified source. 

Also, make sure that all the apps on your mobile phone are updated because if you have not updated the apps, these could also create problems. 

Open the Play Store or Apple Store and scan all the apps for updates; if any app has pending updates, then update them and try again to connect your mobile to your car.

9. Restart the Bluetooth

If you did not experience this issue before, then it could be possible that it is a temporary bug or glitch that can be fixed by restarting. 

To restart your bluetooth turn off your Hyundai and wait for a minute. Again turn on your car back and enable bluetooth. 

Now try to connect your mobile phone with bluetooth and see whether your issue is solved.

10. Check Other Devices

You may have more than one device in your car which is bluetooth enabled and trying to connect your bluetooth. 

Ensure that bluetooth of all other devices except your mobile phone is disabled.

Now try to connect your mobile phone with your car bluetooth. 

11. Hardware Issue

If you have tried all the methods explained in this article and still your bluetooth is not working, then your Hyundai might have some hardware issues. 

Take your car to a technician, tell the issue in detail, and ask him to do something with your bluetooth problem. 

He can do his best for you while checking the physical situation of your problem. 


Are you facing the bluetooth connectivity issue? Then it can occur due to an in-compatible mobile phone, pending updates in your car or mobile phone, and minor software glitches or bugs. 


How do I reset my Hyundai Bluetooth?

You can reset your Hyundai bluetooth from settings. 

Follow these steps to reset your Hyundai bluetooth.

  • Click on the SETUP button
  • Tap on general 
  • Scroll down from the left side and find the options system info 
  • Here you will find a Reset button; click on it
  • You will be asked “reset system settings to factory defaults.”
  • Click on the Yes button.  

Now your infotainment is reset, and your bluetooth is reset too. 

How do I turn on Bluetooth in my Hyundai?

Follow these steps to turn on bluetooth on your Hyundai:

  • Press the SETUP icon
  • Select the bluetooth 
  • Click on bluetooth connections
  • Then click on add new and add your mobile phone 

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