Honda Remote Start Not Working (6 Proven Fixes!)

The remote start feature made it much easier to start your Honda car from a distance with the Key fob. 

Imagine parking your car in the freezing temperature and then having to wait for ten minutes to heat the engine.

Well, if you have a remote start function in your Honda car, you can pre-start it before ten minutes from as far as 100 feet away.

Unfortunately, the Honda remote start not work.

So, if you are having the same problem let’s find out in this article what are the reasons and how you can fix it.

How to Fix Honda Remote Start Not Working?

Honda Remote Start Not Working
Doors are not lockedMake sure to lock the doors.
Fob batteries are deadReplace the batteries
Check the Car System SettingsTurn on the Keyless Access
Check Engine Light is LitThe engine has serious damage that automatically turned off the remote function
Car Valet turned onTurn off the Car Valet by pressing Lock+Trunk Keys
Broken Hood Or Trunk LatchAdd connector/ Replace Latch

1. Lock Your Honda Car

It’s the simplest yet a solid reason why your Honda remote start is not working. Every time you get out of the car, make sure that its doors are properly locked. 

The hood is closed because the fob would not if any of the doors were left open. Double-check if something is stuck in the door and remove that.

  1. Now press the lock button. 
  2. The car lights should blink and you will hear a beep sound. 
  3. Finally, hold the remote start button for a few seconds. 
  4. It should start the car.

2. Fob Batteries Are Dead

It’s super easy to swap the fob batteries. Before diving too deep into hard fixes, you must change the fob batteries first.

Using a small screwdriver, pry the key fob open. Now replace the battery and try to remote start of your honda car.

3. Check The System Setting

After trying both options, look for the settings in the car system. More often than not, you forget to turn on the Keyless access in the car setting menu.

To make sure that it’s turned on, go to the car settings, and in the Vehicle menu, press the Keyless Access setup.

The next menu will display the remote start system. If it’s turned off by mistake, you can turn it back on, and the remote start function will begin working again.

4. Car Valet Turned On

Valet mode generally turns off all the alarm functions in your car. But sometimes, it accidentally turns on the fob.

It may appear as if your remote start function is specifically affected while the car lock and unlock button works perfectly in valet mode.

The valet mode also deactivates the truck release function. So you can simply check out if that’s disabled to ensure that the car valet is turned on.

But you can turn it off by pressing the two keys simultaneously, which is Lock + Trunk key.

As soon as you press these keys, the Honda’s remote start function should turn back on. To ensure it’s working, press the lock button first and try holding the remote start for a while.

5. Check Engine Light is Lit

Many manufacturers include the exclusive function of turning off the remote start function after sensing damage.

Honda is one of those automotive companies that make safety a priority. So if the remote start did not work coupled with the Check engine light turned on. 

Then you have to check the engine as it indicates the signs that it has been seriously damaged. 

Before anything else, you might want to get the detailed engine work-up. 

Alternatively, press the OK button on the steering wheel and close the engine hood after turning off the car. The remote start feature will reset afterward.

6. Broken Hood Or Trunk Latch

If all the other ways failed to resolve the matter, you need to look deeper into your Honda’s mechanics. 

Typically, the security lights do not turn on inside the car. Another sign is that you would not hear any beep.

It’s a sign that the switch that connects the trunk latch is broken. Most of the time, the indicator lights inside the car for the trunk turn on, which tells that the wires have a poor connection.

To make sure, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Remove the clips covering the hood latch, and remove the truck covering it by removing the clips.
  2. The loose or broken wires will require a new hood latch.
  3. Later, connect the new one if the existing hood latch is broken or in bad condition.
  4. Once again, try locking the car as the connections are re-established.
  5. It should remote start the car after holding the remote start on the key fob.
  6. Afterward, the security lights, which were turned off with that, will turn back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Honda Remote Start

You may face the issue more often after replacing the fob’s battery. 

That feature turns back on once you enter the car and turn it on by igniting the key.

  1. Now press the Lock or unlock button for 5 seconds. 
  2. In that time, the remote will complete its programming.
  3. You may want to repeat it at least five times, and it will reset.

Final Words!

I have elaborated all the methods to resolve the problem. If any fixes do not work, try checking your Honda car with the expert Honda Auto mechanic. 

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