Honda CRV Cruise Control Not Working [9 Easy Fixes]

Cruise control is a helpful feature in the Honda CRV that maintains the car’s speed within a specific limit. Hence, your foot can rest on a long drive as the cruise control takes over the car’s throttle and maintains the speed within the limit set by the driver.

It saves you from fatigue. But what if you are on a long drive and decide to give your footrest for a while but find out that the Honda CRV Cruise control is not working? 

It causes significant irritation, especially when you have to travel long distances. But understanding the cause of the malfunctioning Cruise control system will help you solve the problem quickly.

I researched for 8 hours and fixed my CRV Cruise control, saving me the costly repair of the Cruise control system.

Let’s examine why the Honda CRV Cruise control is not working.

Why CRV Cruise Control Not Working

Here are a few other causes why the Honda CR-V Cruise control is not working.

1. Faulty Vaccum Actuator

The vacuum actuator is the key component connected to the throttle via a wire. The faulty vacuum actuator could not pressure the throttle body to maintain a set speed.

2. A Broken Wire

The wire connecting the Vacuum actuator and throttle can be damaged. It will result in the complete failure of the Cruise control system in the Honda CR-V.

3. Clock Spring Misaligned

The Honda CRV has a cable reel or clock spring in the steering wheel as the steering column has various electrical controls.

It may happen that the clock spring is not aligned to the same position after a repair. The misaligned clock spring would not allow the cruise control system to function correctly.

4. Blown Fuse

The fuse connected to the cruise control system may be blown. Although a common problem, a short circuit may cause the fuse to blow.

With this minor part malfunctioning in the course, the cruise control will stop working.

5. Faulty Sensor

The speed sensors are associated with various functions, such as fuel control, ignition, and cruise control systems.

It’s crucial to maintain the car at a set speed. But a faulty speed sensor will halt the cruise control operation as well.

6. Faulty Brake Light Switch

The brake lights are always turned ‘On’ after the brake light switch misses a part or gets damaged after some time.

That disengages the cruise control system because it sends the signal that you have pressed the brake pedal. 

How To Fix Honda CR-V Cruise Control not Working

The Honda CR-V Cruise control system can be tricky. But before you spend your hard-earned money on cruise control system repair, here are a few easy fixes you can apply yourself.

1. Turn The ‘Main’ Switch ‘On’

The recent Honda CR-V cars allow you to initiate the Cruise control function through the ‘Cruise’ button. In the older CR-V cars, you must press the ‘Main’ switch to turn the Cruise control.

After the activation, accelerate the speed and press the ‘Set’ switch on the steering column.

2. Replace A Blown Fuse

The fuse is the weakest part of any connection. Any fluctuation in the current results in a blown switch. Hence, like all the electricals in the car, the cruise control is also connected to the fuse.

The box is located under the dash on the driver’s side. You can look at the manual for the fuse connected to the Cruise control.

Most of the time, the fuse seems fine, but I would suggest replacing it to restore the cruise control function.

Therefore, pick the old one out and insert the new fuse. It would be best if you remembered to put the same fuse in the place.

3. Replace the Wire

Like all the mechanics in the car, the cruise system is connected to the throttle and vacuum actuator via a wire. 

The cruise system is also connected to the wire behind the steering wheel. Any damage to the wire will stop the cruise control function. 

You can check yourself or call a professional dealer to assist you in resolving the issue. However, it would be best to call a professional help to avoid any damage to the car mechanics.

4. Replace The Brake Pedal Switch

The brake pedal switch is a small switch that lights up a light on the instrumental panel when you press the brake pedal.

But if the rubber piece where the brake pedal switch rests is missing or worn out after years of use. The brake peddle light would not turn off.

In that case, the cruise control sensor will detect that you are pressing the brake, which would not activate the cruise control.

  • The first and easiest solution is to align and replace the rubber where the brake pedal switch rests. It’s an inexpensive small rubber piece that you can quickly return.
  • Alternatively, you can realign the plunger on the position to securely push the brake light switch backward. 
  • As a temporary solution, putting the electric tape securely over the rubber piece where the brake pedal switch rests will turn off the light on the instrumental panel. 

All the above fixes will turn off the brake lights, and the cruise control system function will be restored.

5. Fix The Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is the vital part connected to the cruise control system. The speed sensors depend highly on the sensors to read the car’s speed. 

The ABS Sensor that goes into the steering knuckle can get dust on it, reducing its ability to read the vehicle’s speed.

Alternatively, the sensor is completely damaged, and you need to replace it with a new one.

I recommend removing the connectors from the sensors and blowing the dust from them with an air hose.

If it does not work, it would be best to seek the help of an expert technician to replace the sensor with a new one.

6. Battery Problem

The cruise control system is connected to the car battery. To operate the cruise control function, the car needs a significant amount of power, and chances are, your car battery is drained.

That is why the cruise control system failed to function.

An old battery may need a replacement, but if it is in good condition, you may only need to recharge it.

Therefore, you can recharge the battery by following these steps.

  • Please remove the battery under the hood and disconnect it from the car.
  • Next, connect it with the charger and leave it overnight.
  • Reconnect the battery again with the vehicle and check if the Cruise control is working.

7. Damaged Throttle Control

Unfortunately, you cannot drive the car using the cruise control feature when the throttle is dirty or damaged.

The throttle body is the part attached to the accelerator. When you activate the cruise control engages the throttle at a certain position automatically to maintain a speed control.

However, you can clean the throttle and grease the inside butterfly valve to fix the problem.

When you press the accelerator pedal, you feel resistance; that is when you know the throttle is damaged.

8. Replace the Cruise Control Switch 

The Honda CR-V cruise control switches can get damaged over time. You need to change them if any of them is not working correctly.

  • You must remove the lower bracket below the steering wheel and disconnect the connector to do this.
  • Then, carefully remove the steering wheel from the vehicle.
  • Remove the two Phillip screws on the back of the steering wheel. That would allow you to access the cruise control switches.
  • Now remove the connector from it and replace the new one in place.
  • Reconnect the steering wheel and test the cruise control system.

9. Ask a Mechanic

Honda CR-V is user-friendly, but the cruise control function is connected to a few mechanical parts, such as its steering wheel having all the controls connected to it.

The clock spring inside the steering gets misaligned. 

With the steering wheel connected to other electricals in the car, it would be best to ask an expert CR-V mechanic to avoid messing up the vehicle’s different functions and simultaneously correcting the cruise control system.

How Do I Reset My Cruise Control On My Honda CRV?

The adaptive cruise control changes the car’s speed, maintaining a safe distance from the other vehicles. 

Here is the method to reset the adaptive cruise control on the Honda CR-V.

  • Press the Interval button on the Honda CR-V on the steering wheel. It’s the one with the car and four bars behind it.
  • Once the cruise control mode selected is visible on the instrumental panel, press the same switch again.
  • That would reset the Adaptive Cruise control in your Honda CR-V.

How Do I Use Cruise Control On My Honda CRV?

You can turn on the Cruise control in Old Honda CRV by hitting the Cruise or Main switch.

However, in the latest Honda CRV, the steering wheel has three signs, one with the vehicle and one-speed bar, which turns the Cruise control ‘On’ and ‘Off.

At the same time, the four-lane switch maintains the distance from other vehicles that the driver preselected.

The third switch with Lanes on the sides of a vehicle sets the lane departure bars.

Final Thoughts! 

Honda CRV cruise control makes it easy to drive long distances. It allows you to set the speed above 25MPH.

But if the cruise control is not working in the Honda CRV, try repairing the electricals in the car or check the brake pedal switch for a quick solution.

However, if the problem is not easy to understand, it would be best to contact your nearby Honda CRV dealership for quick repair. 

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