Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working [7 Easy Fixes]

Honda Civic provides Bluetooth in the car to make hands-free phone calls, enjoy endless music streaming and avail many other features through the car infotainment system.

But despite all the technological advancements, you find that Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working annoying. I encountered the same problem in my Honda Civic and found viable solutions.

Before sharing all the valuable findings, I suggest you enable Bluetooth in your Honda Civic and your Smartphone. 

Here are some common causes and fixes to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connectivity problem in Honda Civic.

Why Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working?

Honda Civic Bluetooth Not Working

Here are some common Bluetooth issues that would help you identify the problem in your Honda Civic.

  1. The Smartphone is disconnected from the Bluetooth on the Honda Civic. While trying to connect again, you cannot find the Vehicle’s name in the available device list.
  2. Hands-free link software is outdated. An outdated version would not support the new Bluetooth connection.
  3. There is an interruption caused by the nearby devices in the car. If you have multiple connecting devices with the Smartphone in your Honda Civic, they will interfere with the Bluetooth connection.
  4. The Honda Civic screen freezes. You will not be able to make or receive any phone calls. Operating the other audio functions is also halted. 
  5. Honda Civic is not accepting new connections because it already has many paired devices. Hence, you cannot add your Phone to the list.
  6. There is a glitch in the Phone and Honda Civic’s infotainment system. That would require a reset or reboot.
  7. The Bluetooth/ radio module is faulty, or the wires are simply disconnected.
  8. The network settings in the Phone are unsupportive of the new Bluetooth connection. 
  9. The mobile phone software is outdated, and the Civic Bluetooth does not support the outdated version.
  10. The Honda Civic LX, Sport, and EX have dual CarPlay and Android Audio options. You may have turned off the Carplay and tried to connect with your iPhone. In another case, you have an Android smartphone and Android Audio is turned off from the settings.

How to Fix Honda Civic Bluetooth Problem

Here are all the solutions that would help you fix the Bluetooth connectivity problem in your Honda Civic.

1. Enable Bluetooth & Remove Interfering Devices

Sometimes, you turn off the Bluetooth from the device or Honda Civic settings. Make sure these are turned on by tapping on the Settings in your Phone.

Scroll down to the Bluetooth and tap on the Vehicle’s name to connect.

Other devices in the car can interfere with the Bluetooth signals. Chances are those devices are placed too close to the device; thus, you will experience an unstable Bluetooth connection. 

Make sure to Disable the Bluetooth in all other devices inside the car. Once there is no other interfering Bluetooth device, connect your Phone with the Civic’s Bluetooth again.

2. Restart The Phone and Honda Civic

If you use a phone compatible with Bluetooth, it works perfectly connected to your Civic. Then, there can be a bug or glitch in the Phone’s Bluetooth settings.

There are two ways to revert the settings to its original. 

  • Turn the Bluetooth of the Smartphone by Opening the Bluetooth from Settings. Slide the bar to the ‘Left.’ 
  • Then, Restart the Smartphone. Afterwards, turn the ignition ‘On’ and ensure it’s in ‘Accessory’ mode.
  • Restarting both the Honda Civic and the cellular device will remove any bug in the Bluetooth settings. If that does not solve the problem, you may need to forget the old Bluetooth connection.

3. Re-establish The Connection

If your Honda Civic was previously connected to several devices, that can exhaust the adding capacity. Or the other paired phones interfere with adding a new device.

  • Therefore, you must forget the connected phones and clear the list. 
  • To do this on a Honda Civic, press the ‘Phone’ button on the infotainment system.
  • The following pop-up message box will ask if you want to add a new device.
  • You will enter the next Phone Setup menu by selecting‘ No’.
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘System Clear’ tab on the screen. 
  • You will remove all the Connected devices, including your Phone, by tapping that option. But if you don’t want to forget all the Phone and only Un-pair your Smartphone, then Go back to the ‘Phone Setup’.
  • By selecting ‘Connections’, you would scroll down to the ‘Delete Phone’ option. 
  • You can select your phone name and press ‘Yes’ when prompted to confirm the action.

Now your Phone is disconnected. Before re-establishing the connection, restart the Phone and Honda Civic.

Afterwards, enable the Bluetooth in your Phone and make sure it’s actively discovering the new pairing device.

As you start the car in accessory mode, press the ‘Phone button and tap ‘Yes’ when the pop-up message asks to add the new device. 

You will be prompted to enter the pairing code to add the new device. Enter the code to pair the Honda Civic with your Phone.

4. Update The Spotify

Most users love to stream music on the Car Bluetooth. You cannot immediately evaluate what’s the problem when you cannot play music on your car audio connected to your Phone. 

Most users use Spotify in the Honda Civic like I do, and I forget to Update the app manually. The latest app versions may also not support many car stereo head units. 

You need to download the latest available update first to ensure the new version of Spotify is supported.

Quick Tips

Make a Call

Commonly, your Bluetooth is connected, but it is not receiving any calls or playing audio in the infotainment system.

On top of that, the screen is completely frozen, and the buttons are not working too. It’s a glitch in the Civics’ infotainment system, and you can restore the Bluetooth function by turning off the Honda Civic at first.

Then start the car, and make a phone call from your Phone connected to the Vehicle Bluetooth.

Disconnect the Battery

All the electricals, including the radio module in the Honda Civic, are connected to the car battery.

  1. Disconnecting the battery would reset the connections. 
  2. Hence, disconnect the battery’s negative terminal and then access the Fuse box in the hood.
  3. Remove the Fuse connected to the Audio and Radio of the car. 
  4. Connect the Fuse and battery terminal again after 30 minutes.

During this time, the car’s electrical system, including Bluetooth, will reset and reconnect with the device’s Bluetooth.

5. Reset Network Settings

In Android or Apple devices, the network settings are altered, and you may need to bring them back to their factory settings to establish a stable Bluetooth connection.

Reset Android Phone

  • It may vary in different brands. Hence, To reset the network settings in Android, you need to open the Apps menu and tap ‘Settings’.
  • Then hit on the ‘System’ and scroll to the ‘Advanced’ option. 
  • You will see the ‘Reset Network Settings’. Tap on this option. You may be asked to enter the Phone’s passcode. 
  • Afterwards, the network settings will be restored to the original factory values.

Reset Apple Device

  • You can follow these steps to reset the Apple iPhone or iPad’s network settings.
  • Open the ‘Settings’ and scroll down to the ‘General.
  • Then, find the ‘Reset’ option, and on the next screen, hit the ‘Reset Network Settings’ tab. Your network settings will be restored after the process is completed. 

6. Alter The Settings For Android or iPhone.

There is a hidden menu inside the Honda Civic infotainment system, which you can access by touching the Audio and Manu buttons simultaneously.

  • In the next screen, enter the ‘Detailed Information and Settings.
  • Then hit the ‘Functional Setup’ option at the bottom, which will take you to the next screen, select ‘Others’ from here.
  • Here, you will select the ‘Smartphone Information’ option. 
  • Anyone using Android Auto can switch off the CarPlay from here. You can turn the Android Auto off if you are an Apple user. It solves the Bluetooth disconnection problem.

7. Update Handsfree Link Software

Handsfree Link connects the Honda Civic audio through Bluetooth with the phones.

An older version of this software may not support Bluetooth audio; therefore, you must install the new software annually. You can install it using a USB or a WiFi connection.

Whenever the newer version is available, you will see a message on the car’s infotainment system asking you to update the app.

Downloading the latest version of the app will solve the Bluetooth connectivity problems.

8. Reboot The Civic Audio

If you do not find any other way, you can Reboot the Honda Civic Audio system. You need to press the Power/Audio button for twenty seconds. 

Next, a message will appear on the infotainment system’s screen asking for permission to ‘Reboot’. Confirm the selection by tapping on ‘Yes’.

The reboot will take a few seconds until the screen will turn off and then turn back on.

How Do You Reset The Honda Civic Bluetooth

Here is the complete Reset process if you can pair your Phone with Bluetooth in the Honda Civic.

  1. Press the ‘1’ and ‘6’ buttons on the infotainment system and hold them for a few seconds until you see the ‘Audio off’ message.
  2. Then Press the ‘Power’ while pressing ‘1’ and ‘6’. 
  3. Press’ 1′ again to enter the ‘System’ and hit ‘1’ again to enter the ‘Version Display’.
  4. You can see the ‘BT Reflash’ option at the bottom. Press’ 6′ again to see the Honda Civic’s ID number.
  5. Now you can connect the Phone by searching that ID and entering the passcode.

Factory Reset Honda Civic Infotainment System

You can factory reset the Honda Civic to its original settings. It will erase all the data, including paired Devices, Navigation data and apps. 

  1. On the Civic’s screen, tap ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘About’.
  2. In the following menu, tap the ‘Factory Data Reset’. Confirm the selection by tapping on the ‘Accept’.
  3. Do not interrupt while the reset completes.

To Sum Up!

I felt so annoyed when my Honda Civic Bluetooth stopped working. Hence, I enlisted all the possible fixes you can apply to fix the Bluetooth in your Civic to save you the trouble of searching the internet.

However, if none of these solutions work for you, you may have a hardware problem. It would be best to seek a professional opinion to resolve the issue.

Good Luck!


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