GMC Touch Screen Going Crazy (Try These Fixes!)

The GMC touch screen going crazy can also make you crazy. You are trying to open an application and the touch screen is launching another app. Or the touch screen is automatically launching apps and exiting without any input.

I also deal with the same problem and it’s frustrating. So, I researched and found out all the possible causes and their solutions for the GMC touch screen going crazy.

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to fix your problem.

Let’s get started…

GMC Touch Screen Going Crazy

GMC Touch Going Crazy

1. Clean Your Touchscreen

Accumulation of dust or dirt is a very common cause of this problem. Over time, the dust keeps gathering on your touchscreen, if you don’t keep it clean. These dust particles can cause your GMC screen to go crazy and launch apps randomly.

Oil stains or water stains can also cause this problem. When you touch the screen, the screen will be pressed where the oil stains will be. 

So first of all, you should try to clean your touchscreen deeply.

Take a soft cloth and a screen cleaning agent. Spray the liquid on your touchscreen and wipe it with a soft cloth to clean your touchscreen properly.

2. Reboot Your Vehicle

Rebooting your vehicle or touch screen can resolve this problem. Temporary glitches and errors are the leading causes of this problem, rebooting your system will also remove these glitches and errors. 

For this, you must follow the following steps:

  • Make sure that your vehicle is parked and turned off.
  • Open your frunk.
  • Disconnect both terminals of your battery
  • Wait for a while
  • Then reconnect both terminals

3. Check the Protection Panel

The dust particles that gather on your screen can also enter the protecting panel of your screen and can cause this problem.

These may enter your screen while you have removed the touch screen from your dashboard while fixing any issue which requires the removal of your dashboard. 

A protective panel or layer of your touchscreen can also cause this problem if it is broken or damaged.

It can be damaged when a little bit of extra pressure is applied to the screen while using it. Or by hitting something with the touch screen. 

In this case, you need to replace the protection panel of your touch screen. For this, you may need professional assistance.

4. Replace the Panel

There may be some other reason due to which your GMC touch panel starts acting strange. You may be giving pressure on your screen. It may also be impacted by something else, which could produce this error.

To avoid this type of issue, you must change the panel of your touch display. If you are trained enough, you can easily change the panel of your touchscreen by yourself.

If you do not have any no how mechanical issues, then it’s convenient for you to bring your car to the GMC dealership or workshop to change your screen panel.

5. Change the Touchscreen

There are many chances that you can break your touch screen accidentally. So, if you feel that your touchscreen is going crazy, a broken touchscreen may be the reason. 

Your GMC’s broken touchscreen starts operating strangely causing trouble while opening apps, activating the radio, or doing other odd kinds of stuff.

Your touchscreen will stop operating if you unintentionally spill water or any other fluid on your touchscreen. Any other type of electrical problem may also cause your touchscreen to function inappropriately.

Now you need to repair it or just get a new one for yourself. You may need help from some experts to resolve your issue.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we covered all the reasons which cause your GMC touch screen to work inefficiently along with their possible solutions.

Following are some of the possible solutions to your problem:

  1. Properly clean your touch display.
  2. Start your car.
  3. Check your protection screen.
  4. Change your touchscreen panel.
  5. Change your touchscreen
  6. Try to seek help from professionals.

If you have any information related to the article, and you want to share it with us, feel free to contact us.  

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