GMC Terrain Bluetooth Not Working [10 Quick Fixes]

GMC Terrain infotainment system offers Bluetooth connectivity options that make the driving experience comfortable. With Bluetooth, you can make hands-free calls and enjoy music streaming.

However, it can be frustrating if your GMC Terrain Bluetooth stops working, especially when you are not a techie. 

GMC Terrain Bluetooth connectivity problem is not new. It gets disconnected and encounters several issues at the time.

In this article, I will cover all the reasons that caused the Bluetooth connectivity issue and solutions to fix the GMC terrain Bluetooth not working.

Why GMC Terrain Bluetooth Not Working?

GMC Terrain Bluetooth Not Working

Most of the time, other connected devices placed close to the phone interfere with forming a stable connection. 

Other than that, I found these common causes that restrict or break the connection between your cellular device and GMC Terrain.

  1. The phone’s Bluetooth signals are weak, and GMC Terrain cannot connect. 
  2. Chances are, you put the car in the accessory mode after turning off the engine. But after some time, it automatically turns off to prevent the unnecessary dissipation of the battery, hence disconnecting the Bluetooth from the phone. 
  3. The Device list is full, as you never removed the previous user list. Now, your GMC Terrain cannot add your phone to the list.
  4. The glitch in the Phone and GMC software causes the connectivity error.
  5. GMC Terrain Radio configuration settings are altered.
  6. The Bluetooth module is faulty, or the wires are disconnected. Most of the time, the black spot on the Bluetooth Icon will help you identify the reason.
  7. GMC IntelliLink software is outdated and cannot connect any device to the infotainment system.
  8. Your Phone Software is outdated.
  9. GMC Terrain’s Bluetooth module is connected to the fuse. The fuse is the weakest connection in the whole circuit. Chances are, the Fuse is blown, and thus, your Bluetooth stopped working. 
  10. The network settings in the phone are altered, preventing the formation of any new connection.

How to Fix GMC Terrain Bluetooth Not Working

One common reason is that you forgot to turn on the Bluetooth from the device; if so, turn that back on, and it will automatically establish a stable connection with GMC Terrain Bluetooth.

If it’s not the reason, here are a few helpful methods to reestablish a broken Bluetooth connection and get it running again.

1. Make Bluetooth Discoverable & On

Sometimes, you turn the Bluetooth on, and everything seems fine, but the Bluetooth is still not working. 

Therefore, you must ensure that you have made your device discoverable for all the available connections. Only then the GMC infotainment system will discover your phone and send a pop-up message to pair with your phone. 

You can make your device visible on Android by opening the Bluetooth menu and scrolling down to the ‘Advances Setting.’

Then, turn on the ‘Visible to other devices’ option and ensure your device is actively searching for the available Bluetooth connections.

2.Restart Device & GMC Terrain

One effective way to remove the bugs from the software settings is to restart it. You will need to restart both GMC Terrain and Phone.

But before that, turn the Bluetooth ‘Off’ from the quick settings menu and switch your phone ‘Off.’ Then restart it and turn the Bluetooth ‘On.’

Next up, you need to restart the GMC Terrian. But before that, open the driver-side door and remove the key from the ignition. You have to wait for 5 minutes.

Then close the door and lock it. Now, start the car. It will complete one Key cycle in your vehicle that is necessary to reset the system. That would remove any glitches in the design and establish a Bluetooth connection.

3. Re-establish Bluetooth Connection

You cannot receive calls and stream music if your device is already paired with the GMC Terrian. Then, you need to remove your phone from the list of GMC-paired devices. Also, delete the GMC from your phone’s paired devices list.

To do this, you will open the ‘Bluetooth Settings’ and tap on the vehicle’s name. After selecting it, tap on the ‘Remove,’ ‘Delete,’ or ‘Unpair’ the GMC Terrain. 

Once you have completed the unpairing, re-pair the device with GMC by turning on the Bluetooth and actively discovering the available devices on your phone.

4. Forget The Paired Devices

The GMC terrain’s paired devices list may contain a lot of devices, and it does not allow new connections. That requires you to remove the names of all the paired devices from the GMC terrains’s paired devices list. 

Go to the ‘Phone’ and then open the ‘Settings. Then, access the Device list and ‘delete’ the devices. This way, the infotainment system will forget all the previously connected devices. Now, add your phone afterward.

5. Configure Radio Settings

The GMC infotainment system radio software may be corrupted or outdated. Hence, you must do the following steps to configure the radio settings.

6. Radio Settings

This way, you will configure the radio settings to their default values. 

  • To do this, enter the menu and Hit ‘Configuration.’
  • Then scroll down to the ‘Radio Settings’ and ‘Software Version Manu.’
  • Select the ‘Clear and Reset Radio’ option on the next screen. 
  • That will reset the radio to its default settings and connect the Bluetooth to the device.

7. Reset The Network Settings

You can reset all the network settings in your phone to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connectivity problem. That will remove the glitch in the WiFi Bluetooth connections in the Smartphone. 

You can reset the network settings in the iPhone by opening ‘Settings’ and then scrolling down to ‘General.’

Afterward, select the ‘Reset iPhone’ option and select the ‘Reset Network Settings’ from the menu. 

It would help if you gave the phone’s passcode to allow the action. The phone will restart after confirmation.

Quick Tip

  • Often, you get the GMC while the old user’s paired devices list is still saved in the Infotainment system. Suppose you cannot clear the list of paired devices from the GMC Terrain. Then, you can use the voice command button to remove it. Hit the voice command button and speak after the beep to show the device list. The list will pop up and manually select and delete the list from the GMC and try adding your phone afterward.
  • You can also reconnect the Bluetooth by using this simple hack. First, start the ignition in the accessory mode and don’t turn on the engine. Then, rotate the key in the opposite direction and turn it off. Repeat the process three times by turning the key back and forth in the ignition. Afterward, restart the car, and your device’s Bluetooth will connect with the GMC.

8. Check Bluetooth Fuse

The GMC terrain infotainment system and radio module are connected to a fuse under the glove box on the passenger side. 

If anything in the software is not wrong, it may be faulty hardware restricting a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, open the cabin containing the fuse box and read the user manual to locate the infotainment system and Radio fuse.

Pulling it out through a pair lets you check if it’s blown. If the central wire is burnt, you must replace the fuse. 

In most cases, pulling out and reconnecting the fuse connected to the Bluetooth audio performs a soft reset of the Bluetooth system.

9. Reset/Replace Bluetooth Module

The Intellilink system in GMC Trucks and SUVs is connected to the battery-powered module. That module is located behind the glove box area on the passenger side. 

The module can be faulty or need a quick reset sometimes. To check this out, you need to remove the bolts inside the glove box and access the module. 

Then, remove the switches from the Bluetooth module and connect it again. That will reset the IntelliLink Module.

But you only need to replace it if your infotainment screen has gone blank.

10. Update The GMC IntelliLink Software

Generally, GMC Terrain is connected to the phone’s WiFi, and its IntelliLink software installs updates automatically in the background.

Or when you put the car in the Park, it asks to install updates through a pop-up box. 

If your GMC infotainment system is not up to date, you can manually initiate the software update by going into ‘Settings.’

Then select the ‘System’ tab.

After that, select ‘Update’ to begin the installation of the latest version of the software.

How Do I Reset My GMC Terrain Bluetooth?

You can perform the Reset on the GMC Terrain Bluetooth using two methods. 

Forget all the paired devices from the GMC Terrain devices menu. Then, open the driver-side door and close it. Wait for 2 minutes before you start the vehicle again.

That will perform a reset on the GMC terrain electricals. Now pair the phone with it. 

  1. You can reset the GMC Terrain Bluetooth by resetting the intelliLink system to its factory settings.
  2. To do this, enter the ‘Settings’ in the menu and select ‘Return to Factory Settings’.
  3. In the next menu, select the ‘Restore Vehicle Settings’ and confirm the selection by tapping on ‘Continue.’
  4. After completing the reset process, you will see the home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Bluetooth To Work In GMC Terrain?

You can restart your phone and GMC Terrain, re-pair the Smartphone, check the fuse, update the Network settings, update the device and GMC software, and Configure the radio settings to reestablish a Bluetooth connection.

To Sum Up!

Driving and receiving calls simultaneously is hazardous and a crime in many states. But the Bluetooth connection makes it easy to receive a call while driving.

I have described all the solutions to fix the Bluetooth connection errors. But if you are not at ease with applying any of these DIY fixes, call your nearby GMC Terrain dealer to solve the problem.

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