Ford Stuck in Deep Sleep Mode (5 Proven Tips)

Whenever your Ford is stuck in deep sleep mode, it is a frustrating moment for you and even for every user because you cannot access your Ford through the Key fob or start button.

Yesterday, I also encountered this problem and tried different ways to fix it, but failed. Then I researched the internet but could not find a better solution. 

I hire a dealer and then ask him the possible reasons for this problem. So here I will explain all of the issues and their fixes. 

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Ford Stuck in Deep Sleep Mode?

Ensure the battery works well and your truck has no physical damage. If you still need clarification, read every step and try it on your truck. 

1. Check Battery Condition

The basic concept of deep sleep mode is to conserve the battery power and prolong the usage of the battery. If your Ford is stuck in deep sleep mode, you should check that the battery is charged and not drained at zero level.

Because if the battery has no power, it will not be able to turn off the deep sleep mode. You can check the battery power by yourself, but if you do know very well about the battery, then you should have to consult with a Ford-certified mechanic.

Check the charge level of your battery, and if it is fully drained, then you must have to charge it or replace the batteries. It might also be possible that the connection points of the battery get dirty due to dirt and dust. 

Disconnect the wires and clean the connection points and wires to fix the battery issues. Then again, connect the cables and try to disable the deep sleep mode.

If you cannot, it is confirmed that your batteries are dead and unable to work anymore. 

Check the replacement warranty of your Ford batteries. If these come under warranty, ask for a replacement, but if not, you must buy a new battery. 

Installation of new batteries may cost you from $200 to $300, which could vary from time to time. 

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

The deep sleep mode also has features to enable when the climate conditions are harsh. If you live in very cold weather conditions, this problem will likely come to you due to cold weather.

It would be best if you fixed the temperature of your truck to disable the deep sleep mode. As the same, if the climate condition is too hot, then this problem could also occur.

To fix these issues, you have to park your truck under a shady place so the temperature of your truck does not increase. 

3. Ford Inactive

If you have not started your Ford for almost 14 days and do not drive it, it might be the main reason for your problem.

Deep sleep mode is designed to save your battery power when you are not using your vehicle.

You should have to turn on your truck at least once a week to avoid these issues because if you do not do this, then it will go to sleep mode, and you will be unable to start it through remote commands. 

4. BCM Software Update

Ford releases the latest updates occasionally and fixes most of the issues in their new software version.

So, you may have yet to install the latest version of Ford BCM, so you are facing these issues. To update the BCM software, you must consult your user manual. 

5. Contact Authorized Dealer

If you have tried all the troubleshooting methods and can still not drive your truck due to deep sleep mode, you must consult with an authorized dealer.

Tell the whole troubleshooting you have applied so he can better decide to fix your deep sleep mode. 


If Ford is stuck in deep sleep mode, the battery may be dead and not working well. That’s why you are unable to turn off the deep sleep mode. 

Sometimes, the climate conditions also affect the deep sleep feature in Ford. 

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