Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Not Working [9 Quick Fixes]

Technology can be very frustrating sometimes. One day, you turn on the music in the car, and it works just fine. But the other day, you turned on the Bluetooth audio, which won’t budge.

Many users face the same problem with Ford Fiesta, including me. It ruined my driving experience until I realised why my Ford Fiesta Bluetooth was Not Working.

I have thoroughly researched to troubleshoot my Ford Fiesta’s Bluetooth connectivity problem.

So read the article till the end, as it will help you to diagnose and fix this issue.

Why Ford Fiesta Bluetooth not Working?

Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Not Working

The main reason is that your device is disconnected from the vehicle’s Bluetooth settings, and you need to toggle the infotainment system to re-establish the connection.

Here are a few more reasons.

  • The typical glitch in the Ford vehicle disconnects the audio system. That’s a common problem and would require a complete vehicle shutdown. The radio remains ‘On’ even if you turn the ignition ‘Off’. Perform the Key Cycle on the Ford Fiesta to reset the computer.
  • If you have too many devices paired with the Phone, establishing a connection would take too long. Most of the time, it won’t connect at all. 
  • The device network settings are no longer compatible with the vehicle. Therefore, you need to perform a complete reset of the device network.
  • Ford Fiesta is connected with a Bluetooth module. A fault in the hardware would not allow you to connect the Phone to the car’s audio through Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth module is connected to a Fuse in the passenger side fuse box. Any fluctuation in power can harm the Fuse, which results in a Bluetooth connectivity issue. 
  • The old SYNC software would not allow the Bluetooth audio to play. Ensure the Fiesta has the latest version of SYNC software. 
  • Lastly, you may need to recheck if the music streaming app on your mobile is working. Most of the time, the app stops, and you must update it from the App Store.

How To Fix Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Connectivity

Here are a few easy fixes to apply to get your Bluetooth working again.

1. Ensure The Device’s Bluetooth is Connected

You need to check the Bluetooth settings on the device. Turn it ‘On’ and go to the settings menu on the Phone. You will scroll down to the connectivity and Bluetooth options. 

If the Ford Fiesta is not connected to the device, turn on the Bluetooth in the car system’s setting.

Now reconnect the Phone with the car’s infotainment system and try playing the audio again to ensure Bluetooth is connected. 

2. Reconnect The Device

A glitch or a file error restricts the Bluetooth connectivity between the device and the vehicle.

To remove the bug from both devices, you need to delete the Ford Fiesta Sync connection from the list of the paired devices in the Phone. 

To do this, you need to open the Bluetooth settings in the smartphone and ‘Forget’ or ‘Remove’ the connection to the Ford infotainment system to delete the connection. 

Then reconnect by putting the Phone on the discoverable mode and make sure that the Phone is actively searching for the available devices to pair.

Hop onto the next option if that does not work.

3. Remove The Paired Devices

There are instances where you connect to many devices with the Phone. If the list already contains too many devices, your device will struggle to connect with the car’s infotainment system. 

You need to remove the list of paired devices. But do not delete the Ford Fiesta’s infotainment system from the list.

That way, the Ford’s infotainment system would establish the connection quickly.

4. Reset The Network Settings

Resetting all the network settings in the Phone will be a wise solution.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, the reset option will remove the network errors and set it to the factory settings. 

  • You can go to the ‘System’ option in the ‘Settings’ of the Android device and reset the network by tapping on the ‘Reset WiFi Mobile and Bluetooth’. 
  • While on the iPhone, you can launch the quick ‘Setting’ menu and scroll down to the ‘General Management’. 
  • By tapping the ‘Reset,’ you will enter the Reset menu. You can reset the network by selecting the ‘Reset Network Setting.’

5. Restart Device and Ford Fiesta

Chances are that your device has a bug, and Ford Fiesta’s infotainment system is unaffected. One thing that you can do is to restart both Ford Fiesta’s Infotainment system and Phone, followed by a Key Cycle.

Turn ‘Off’ the Bluetooth before shutting down the Phone, and wait 30 seconds before turning it back ‘On’. Then restart the Fiesta’s infotainment system and turn the Bluetooth ‘Off’, then Turn it back ‘On’. 

Afterwards, complete the Key cycle of your Ford by turning ‘Off’ the ignition. Make sure that your car is not in accessory mode. 

Open the Driver’s side door and then Lock the door. Wait 30 seconds and ensure the car radio is ‘Off’.

Then turn ‘On’ the ignition. Completing a key cycle will reset the audio system. Now, test if the Bluetooth connectivity issue is resolved.

6. Check The Fuse

Ford Fiesta’s SYNC and Bluetooth are connected to the Fuse in the passenger’s side glove box. You can read the user manual of Ford to find out the location of the Fuse.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal before opening the glove box. Next, remove the Fuse and check if it’s burnt in the middle. If not, then you can replug it. 

Most of the time, temporarily disconnecting and reconnecting the Sync and Bluetooth fuse resolves the problem. 

But if your Fuse needs replacement( if it is burnt). Then, replace it with a new one and check if the Bluetooth audio has started working.

7. Update The Spotify

Most of the time, your audio music app stops working, and you do not realise it.

If you are using Spotify to listen to music, chances are its old version may stop working, and you need to install the update from the App Store on your iPhone or Android phone. 

It should resolve the Bluetooth issue. If the problem persists after that, you may need to explore other troubleshooting options.

Quick Tips

  • Never shut down the device’s Bluetooth menu before the Phone connects to the Fiesta’s infotainment system. Let it connect fully with the car, then close the Bluetooth settings.
  • Removing the negative battery terminal for 30 minutes and reconnecting it again will reset the car’s electricals. It removes any error in the Bluetooth system, too. Try this hack to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connectivity problem.

8. Manually Update The Software

One cause of the unsupported Bluetooth connection is that Ford Fiiesta or your device has older software.

If any of them have older software, it may not allow them to make a stable Bluetooth connection.

You can install an update of the Ford Fiesta’s Software through a USB or WiFi. 

  • After you log on to the official website of Ford, enter the Vehicle identification number.
  • It will show the available updates for your car. Download the updates on the computer and transfer the file to the USB.
  • Then, plug in the USB and wait until the installation completes. 
  • Once the software’s updated version is available on your Fiesta, recheck the Bluetooth to see if the Bluetooth issue is resolved.

9. Reset The Module

Ford Fiesta Bluetooth is connected to hardware under the glove box. This Bluetooth Module is connected through two cables.

If the wires are connected, performing a quick reset will be helpful to solve the Bluetooth problem.

To reset the module, disconnect both wires for 10 seconds and then connect again. It will perform a reset and set the module to its original settings. 

How Do I Reset My Ford Bluetooth

The reset will be the last resort if all the other options fail. Unfortunately, it will also remove all the saved and Navigation data as you perform a master reset.

Therefore, keeping that in mind, you must follow a few steps to complete the Ford Fiesta Sync reset.

  • Go to the ‘phone’ button and select the ‘System settings’.
  • Select the ‘Advanced Settings’ in that menu and scroll down to the ‘Master Reset’ option.
  • After selecting ‘OK’, you must wait a few minutes until the reset completes.

Hard Reset

The battery is the primary power source for all electricals in the car.

When you disconnect the battery from the negative terminal, it performs a reset on the electricals in the vehicle, including the audio and Bluetooth devices.

Therefore, disconnect the battery’s negative terminal for 30 minutes and then reconnect it.

Complete a Key cycle to reset the computer and restart the car again. It will reestablish a stable Bluetooth connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Connect Bluetooth In Ford Fiesta?

You can connect the Ford Fiesta with Bluetooth by turning on the Stereo in the Radio mode and then Press the ‘Media’ button. 

Then press the ‘Left’ navigation button to enter another menu and scroll down to ‘Manu’.

It will open the Multimedia menu. You need to select ‘Multimedia SYNC’ in the options, and on the next screen, you will select ‘Bluetooth Audio.’

That will turn ” the Ford Fiesta’s Bluetooth so you can enjoy the music as you drive.

Final Thoughts

Ford Fiesta’s Bluetooth connectivity can be caused by malfunctioning software or hardware.

But remember that Bluetooth connectivity problem is widespread in all Ford vehicles, including the Ford Fiesta.

If you can’t re-establish the connection by pairing the Bluetooth and performing a reset, contact a certified Ford dealer for expert assistance. 

If you also own a BMW X5, read it’s Bluetooth issue.

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