Editorial Guidelines

Automotivetechy.com aims to provide readers with the latest and most accurate information on technology products and issues.

To maintain the integrity of our content, we have established the following editorial guidelines:

  1. Objectivity and impartiality: All of our articles must be written objectively and impartially. We will not promote any particular products or brands and will instead provide our readers with a balanced view of the pros and cons of each product or issue.
  2. Accuracy and reliability: We strive to ensure that all of our articles are accurate and reliable. All facts and figures must be properly sourced, verified, and cited. If any errors are found, they must be corrected immediately, and a correction notice must be added to the article.
  3. Originality: All of our articles must be original and not plagiarized from other sources. If any portions of an article are taken from other sources, they must be properly cited and referenced.
  4. Transparency: We will disclose any conflicts of interest or biases that may affect our coverage of a particular product or issue.
  5. Fact-checking: All articles must be fact-checked by an experienced editor before publication.
  6. Language: All articles must be written in clear and concise language. Jargon and technical terms must be explained or linked to a reliable source of information.
  7. Images and videos: Images and videos used in articles must be properly sourced and credited and must not infringe on copyright laws. If an image is found to infringe on any intellectual property, it must be immediately removed or credited.
  8. Comments: We encourage our readers to engage in discussions and debates in the comments section, but we will not tolerate any kind of hate speech, bullying, or personal attacks. Comments that violate our guidelines will be removed.
  9. Updating and maintenance: We will keep our articles updated as new information becomes available and will keep a record of all updates and changes.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to provide our readers with the most accurate and reliable information on technology products and issues.

For editorial-related questions: Please get in touch with our chief editor at admin@automotivetechy.com.

Your feedback helps us maintain and improve our editorial standards.

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