Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working (9 Proven Fixes)

Bluetooth is an excellent feature for listening to music and calls while driving a Dodge Journey. Sometimes, the Bluetooth feature may stop working due to some technical errors.

Last night, while driving, I also faced bluetooth connectivity issues with my Dodge Journey. I worried about what was happening to it. Then, I researched it and concluded the reasons for the problem.

If you are facing bluetooth issues, you can use bluetooth again at your Dodge until the end of this guide. 

Let’s dive into:

How to Fix Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working?

Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working

Before doing anything else, check your mobile compatibility and ensure bluetooth is turned on. Also, ensure you use the latest software version on your mobile and Dodges. 

But I still have no idea how to do these things, so go through with me until the end to understand every troubleshooting step. 

1. Compatibility with UConnect

Suppose you are using an incompatible mobile phone that does not support bluetooth connectivity with Uconnect.

In that case, it may be the reason for your problem. So, ensure you have a compatible device to connect with Dodge Journey. 

You can check the compatibility online and see your specific model from the user manual. Overall, Android mobiles with OS 6.0 software are compatible with Dodge Journey

After ensuring the compatibility, try to connect the bluetooth to check if the problem is now fixed.  

2. Make Sure Bluetooth is On

If bluetooth on one device, like on your mobile or Dodge, is not enabled, you may face bluetooth issues. So make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your Dodge and mobile phone.

Access your Uconnect system and then bluetooth settings to ensure bluetooth connectivity is enabled. 

Then do the same with your mobile phone, as you can see bluetooth connectivity from the quick menu of your mobile and from the settings app, too. 

It does not end with bluetooth because some mobile phones have the feature of visibility. If the visibility is turned off, your mobile will not appear in the Dodge Uconnect system. 

After ensuring these settings, you should check by connecting the bluetooth to ensure it is working well. 

3. Interference 

As bluetooth is a wireless feature, it could be interrupted due to interference from other bluetooth devices in your Dodge.

Make sure there is no other device with enabled bluetooth because, in that case, your vehicle will need clarification while pairing. 

If you have more than one mobile inside your vehicle, ensure these mobiles’ bluetooth connectivity is turned off.

Also, ensure no other device has bluetooth features like earbuds or wireless headphones. If you have, turn them off before connecting your mobile phone with Uconnect. 

After removing the interferences, it’s time to check whether the bluetooth is working. 

Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working

4. Network Reset 

Sometimes, the network settings may be corrupted for some reason, and you need to know which settings hinder the connectivity.

In that case, you should try network reset because it will change the network settings to default. 

Follow these steps for a network reset:

  • Open the settings app 
  • Find a backup and restore option 
  • Click and open here. You will see Network Reset 
  • Open network reset and press the reset option
  • You will be asked by pop-up message if you really want to reset
  • Press yes, and your networks like wifi, hotspot, and bluetooth settings will be reset to default

After the network reset, you must set the bluetooth settings of your mobile phone according to your needs. 

5. Firmware Update

Uconnect releases security updates from time to time. If you do not upgrade your vehicle, you might face connectivity issues.

So, ensure you have updated the Uconnect system to the latest version. Go to the Uconnect website for the latest updates for your Dodge Journey model.

You will need a USB and a laptop or computer to update the software. 

Follow these steps to update your Dodge software:

  • Open Uconnect website 
  • Enter your Vehicle Identification Number [VIN] 
  • Here you will see the updates which are pending to download
  • Download the updates to your laptop or computer
  • Copy the same file in USB
  • Plug the USB into your Dodge Journey
  • You will be asked on the infotainment screen by pop-up notification with two different software version numbers 
  • Press Yes, and installation will be started
  • Do not turn off the ignition, and do not remove the USB while installing a newer version
  • After installation, your infotainment screen will be restarted
  • Again, a pop-up notification will appear, and if you see the version numbers are now the same, then press No
  • Remove the USB from your vehicle 

Now, your Dodge is on a newer version, and all the connectivity issues are resolved due to the installation of the newer version.

Now try to connect your phone through bluetooth with your Dodge Journey. 

6. Forget the Connection 

If you have been using your mobile phone with your Dodge bluetooth for a long time, then you must know that the connection may be corrupted due to the passage of time. 

When you have a saved connection in your infotainment and do not refresh it, chances increase for bugs and glitches in connection. 

To fix these issues, you must forget the older connection from your infotainment screen and mobile phone and then try to re-pair both. 

Now, your connection will be refreshed and will start working.

7. Restart Your Mobile 

Sometimes, your mobile could be stuck due to software bugs and glitches, and you must have to restart your mobile to fix these glitches. 

These bugs and glitches could occur due to third-party apps and malware in software. 

Follow these steps to restart your mobile phone:

  • Press and hold the power button 
  • Here, you will see a power menu
  • Click on restart

Your phone will be turned off and turned on automatically after a few seconds. It will fix all the software glitches that may create bluetooth connectivity problems.

You can also restart your mobile phone by simply turning it off manually and then turning it on. 

8. Hard Reset Dodge 

Sometimes, the software of your Dodge may also be stuck due to technical errors or glitches. You can fix these glitches by hard resetting your Dodge.

Follow these steps to hard reset your Dodge Journey:

  • Turn the ignition off
  • Remove the battery terminals for 10-15 minutes
  • Connect the terminals again
  • Turn on the ignition 

This process will reset your Dodge and refresh the connectivity features. After a hard reset, you should test your bluetooth connectivity again to see whether it works. 

9. Contact Support 

If you have tried all the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this guide and are still facing the issues, you must contact the support team. 

Describe the issues and the troubleshooting you have tried on your Dodge Journey. 


If your Dodge Journey bluetooth is not working, ensure your mobile phone is compatible with bluetooth, and the bluetooth connection is turned on.

Ensure that there is no other bluetooth device interfering with the connection. 

Try to troubleshoot the problem by restarting your mobile phone and Dodge. Also, try updating the software of your Dodge Journey.

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