Chevy Voice Commands Not Working (5 Proven Fixes!)

Facing problems in your Chevys voice commands system might be irritating for you. Especially when your Chevy’s voice command provides you with amazing features like making your calls and handling other functions.

But, do not worry. You’re not alone. Other people using Chevy reported identical problems.

Some of the possible causes for your voice command to stop functioning, along with tips to fix it will be discussed in this article.

Let’s get started…!!!

How to Fix Chevy Voice Commands Not Working

Chevy voice commands not working

1. Internet Connection

The major cause of the error in your Chevy speaking mechanism is your poor internet connection.

If you are not able to get a strong internet connection, your vehicle can face trouble while understanding your message. 

When you connect your Chevy with a secure source of internet try retrying your device. If you are still facing the same issue, you might be having momentary network trouble

Before giving new commands, you have to wait a little bit.

For internet connection you can use any source of internet, it may be either the Wi-Fi in your house or the data connection on your mobile device

●      Select the Wi-Fi option from your car settings.

●      You can also turn your mobile hotspot opportunity.

●      Connect your Chevy with it.

2. Restart System

If you have a good internet connection but still Chevy is not detecting your voice commands, try restarting your Chevy voice system

To reset your Chevy, the following are the steps you will need to follow,

  1. Make sure your car is parked.
  2. Hold down both of the scroll buttons on the wheel of the vehicle
  3. Wait for the system to reset.

Try to reset your multimedia system. It will be helpful to solve short-term problems that are causing problems.

3. Software Updates

If your car is not able to recognize specific commands it may be due to a software problem. Verify that the software in your Chevy is of the latest version.

Software updates might fix your issue. That’s why it’s important for you to instantly install Chevy software upgrades, with simple steps.

  1. Confirm that your car has a strong internet connection.
  2. You have to accept the customer’s Agreement and Privacy Statement before your car is allowed to receive updates to its software.
  3. Your vehicle will receive update alerts, while on the center screen; you may additionally be able to look for them by yourself.
  4. To get updates you need two steps: software download and set up.

If you have connected any Bluetooth gadget like your mobile phone disconnect it and again resume it.

After installing new updates if you still fail to solve the concern try contacting our certified specialists. We can examine your car and identify the problem right away.

4. Language Settings

Sometimes, you may face trouble while activating your preferred language on an appropriate device. 

Your screen starts showing a disabled notification for your voice command (such as, “Voice Command functionality is unavailable for French” or “This option is not allowed in Spanish”).

Chevy voice commands stop functioning due to many other reasons like inaccurate language settings, a wrong geographic region, or an incomplete document.

Try to reset your language options following the below-stated steps:

  1.  In the setting section you have to select the language setting.
  2.  Now you can change the language setting by selecting each of the choices that are offered.
  3. Then you have to switch back to your desired language.
  4. There is no need for additional checks if the voice command started functioning.

5. Check the Microphone

In some cases, you may face this issue due to microphone. Additionally, there may be chances that your microphone can be muted.

For some reason, many people found that while connected to your automobile through Bluetooth, Google Assistant will impulsively mute itself.

In these cases, your Chevy can not be able to identify your voice commands. Therefore you should start examining your microphone. Cross-check your microphone whether it’s muted or not.

Many activities in our environment cause dust and dirt. Make sure that dust is not blocking or covering your microphone. 

Voice recognition can be hindered by dust, debris, and other obstructions. If you feel, remove the dirt from your microphone with the help of Soft before using it.

6. Contact Service Support

The above-mentioned methods are covered for you for resolving Chevy voice command problems. 

If the issue continues after endeavoring these solutions, you might want to get in touch with Chevy support or arrange for servicing.

How to Prevent Voice Command Problem in Future?

You can avoid this problem by following the recommendations below:

  1.  Make sure you have a well-matched device.
  2.  The unwanted result may be due to misheard instructions by the system. 
  3. To avoid this problem, verify that you are expressing yourself properly.
  4. Use the voice assistant of your cell phone while connecting it with the infotainment system of your Chevy.
  5. Timely update your Chevy voice software.
  6. Reset your system.

Final Thoughts

So far, I have discussed all the possible reasons and solutions that cause the Chevy Voice Commands to stop working. The solutions include:

  1. Checking your connection.
  2. Updating your Chevy voice software.
  3. Reset your language settings.
  4. Checking your microphone.
  5. Restart your Chevy voice system.

Please get in touch with us through comments if you have any information to share with us on this topic. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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