Chevy Adaptive Cruise Control Not Working [8 Reasons & Fixes]

Chevy’s Adaptive cruise control helped me massively when I drove on motorways. I can shift the control to the computer and put my foot at rest for a while.

Sometimes, the Adaptive cruise control stops for unknown reasons, and it’s so frustrating.

Don’t worry, I will discuss the causes and fixes to apply if your Chevy Adaptive cruise control not working.

Why Chevy Adaptive Cruise Control Not Working

Chevy Adaptive Cruise Control Not Working

So here are the following reasons why your Chevy Adaptive Cruise control is not working.

1. Broken Brake Light Switch

The most common reason Chevy adaptive cruise control is not working is the damaged or worn-out brake light switch. 

Just below the brake padel, that switch rests and makes contact with brakes through a rubber piece on the top.

Fortunately, that’s an inexpensive repair you can apply on your Chevy to fix the adaptive cruise control.

2. Dirty Radar Sensor and Front Camera

Chevy’s intelligent cruise control technology monitors the traffic through the front camera and Radar. The camera is located behind the windscreen. You can see it on the front of the rearview camera.

If your windscreen or the camera has dust on it, the adaptive cruise control will not work correctly.

3. Poor Visibility and Harsh Weather

As a driver of Chevy Adaptive Cruise Control, you must never forget that the ACC working efficiency decreases in fog, rain and snow.

The sensor gets blocked by the elements stuck on it. Hence, adverse weather conditions strongly affect the visibility and detection through Radar. 

It’s not out of probability that, in such extreme weather, your Chevy cruise control has stopped working.

4. Damaged Cruise Control Switches

As with any electrical, the switches on the Chevy cruise control stop responding to the command. If any of the buttons connected to the cruise control on the steering wheel on the right side are not responding, you will not be able to operate the cruise control.

Therefore, check if that’s the fault before looking into other options.

5. Check Engine Light

The ‘Check engine light’ on the dash turns on when something is not right with the transmission in the engine. There can be a problem with the computer software regulating the system, which stops the adaptive cruise control when you press the button.

However, there can also be a problem with the powertrain module of the vehicle.

6. Loose Connectors

Rough road condition affects the electricals inside the car. The wiring and connectors can get loose, and adaptive cruise control control cannot work if any wire in the system is damaged or the connector is loose. 

7. Damaged Throttle 

The throttle is connected to the ACC in Chevy to engage the brake at a set acceleration while engaging the brake.

A damaged or dirty throttle body would not allow you to engage the cruise control at a set speed.

8. Too Low Vehicle Speed

The adaptive cruise control can only work when you set it above a specific speed. Typically, it’s 20MPH. When you try to engage it at a speed lower than that, it will not respond. 

However, setting it at a higher speed and a safe distance from the vehicle in front would automatically lower the rate to maintain that set distance. 

How to Fix Chevy Adaptive Cruise Control Not Working

Here are the following fixes to apply to your Chevy adaptive cruise control system to make it work again.

1. Clean The Radar and Camera

The camera behind the rearview mirror is the one that detects the signal and sends it to the transmitter to maintain a set distance from the vehicles in ACC. You might ignore that The dusty road, heavy rain, fog and snow can block its view.

Clean the camera with a clean towel to remove anything obstructing its visibility. Moreover, the radar sensor on the bumper must also be clean, which is necessary to detect the vehicles in front of them. 

Make sure to clean both areas to avoid any problems with adaptive cruise control.

2. Press ‘RES’ to Resume Cruise Control

You may accidentally press the brake paddle, and then the adaptive cruise control system automatically discontinues.

It’s a false assumption that when you lift the foot from the brake, the adaptive cruise control will resume automatically when you press the accelerator paddle. 

Therefore, if adaptive cruise control is not working after you press the brake paddle, press the ‘RES’ button to resume the adaptive cruise control at the speed you set.

3. Trace A Faulty Code In ADAS System

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) system includes a camera and sensors to assist the driver. You can say this is what comprises the ACC.

The ADAS system will fail if there is any interruption in the vehicle windscreen or anything that obstructs the radar sensor view field.

You must recalibrate the ADAS system by taking your Chevy to the expert technician. If you want to trace the fault by yourself, follow these steps.

  • Connect the Chevy with an OBS scanner.
  • Enter the VIN and enter the exact car model.
  • Afterwards, you can access the adaptive control system and trace any faulty code in the ADAS system.

4. Change the Brake Light Switch

Adaptive cruise control cannot work if the Brake light switch is damaged. It will send a message to the sensor that the brake is depressed.

You can either replace the switch for $ 12. Alternatively, placing a metal piece on the top of the rubber brake light switch will fix the problem.

Afterwards, the brake switch would not depress and send false signals to Adaptive cruise control.

5. Repair the ClockSpring

The Clockspring in the car’s steering wheel sends electronic signals to the car’s control module. You might have opened the steering wheel, and the Clockspring may have misaligned.

When you overturn the steering wheel, the clock spring ribbon may get overturned. That damages the ribbon.

Therefore, you need to repair it to convey the electronic signals to the control modules of Adaptive cruise control.

6. Install A New Radar Sensor

It happens all the time that you have bumped your car, and following a repair of the windscreen or camera, etc., the repair items have blocked the radar sensor’s field.

In that case, you only need to recalibrate the Radar if it does not work afterwards. Then, it would be best if you replaced the radar sensor to restore the adaptive cruise control function.

7. Repair The Faulty Switches

The steering wheel contains many switches, including the Adaptive cruise controls over the left side of the steering. 

You may have spilled fluid, or something got into the switches panel, and one or more switches stopped working. Then, you have to replace the switches by opening the steering wheel.

  1. Remove the bolts attached to the steering wheel.
  2. Remove the steering wheel’s front part.
  3. Carefully keep aside the airbag and disconnect the connectors from the switches.
  4. Then, connect the new button and put it in place.
  5. Reattach the steering wheel and test if the adaptive cruise control is working.

8. Repair The Mechanical Fault

The cruise control engages the throttle in the hood at a specific position to maintain the car at a set speed. 

It would help if you looked for any fault in the mechanical parts for the damage. You need to look for the faults in the wiring that connects to the adaptive cruise control. Repair any faulty electronics to repair the ACC. 

In addition to that, trace a fault in the cruise control module using a scanner. If so, you must take Chevy to a trusted mechanic to repair the cruise control module.

How Do You Set Adaptive Cruise Control On Chevy?

You must press the left side button to initiate the cruise control. But to drive the car in adaptive cruise control, you need to press the same switch again, which will put your Chevy In the adaptive cruise control mode.

Final Thoughts

Although having an adaptive cruise control in your vehicle makes driving very convenient. But you can never leave the controls.

If you are lucky, then you will trace and fix the fault yourself. But never drag the process of fixing the problem too far. Because it may cause further damage and cost you even more. 

Ask an expert to do it for you. Stay safe out there.

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