BMW X5 Bluetooth Not Working (10 Easy Tips to Fix)

I always enjoy the bluetooth connectivity of my BMW X5 while driving on long routes because it allows me to take phone calls, listen to music, and many other features.

But last weekend, when I was going on a trip with my friends, the Bluetooth unexpectedly became unresponsive, and I tried to figure out the problem. 

But after struggling for hours, I could connect my phone with BMW X5 bluetooth, but that method I have seen on the internet. 

If you are also facing issues with your BMW X5 bluetooth connectivity, don’t worry; I will try to figure out your problem step by step. 

Let’s dive into:

Why Is the BMW X5 Bluetooth Not Working?

Suppose your BMW X5 bluetooth is not working. In that case, it might be incompatible mobile, connection errors, software bugs or glitches, and outdated firmware.

Try to fix these issues, but if you still need clarification about what to do and how, read this article until the end. 

1. Ensure Bluetooth Connectivity 

It is basic because problems could start when you cannot enable bluetooth on your phone or BMW.

So, first, ensure that the bluetooth connection of your BMW and mobile phone is enabled, then try to connect both. 

If the connection from one of them is turned off, you cannot connect your phone to your BMW X5. 

Go to your phone settings>connectivity>bluetooth>enable bluetooth>turn on visibility of bluetooth. Note in some of the phones the visibility option is available and if you have disabled it, then it might not appear in your BMW bluetooth. 

Now access your infotainment system and then bluetooth settings. Enable the bluetooth settings and try to find your mobile from available devices. 

2. Mobile Compatibility

It is rare, but if you have an incompatible device, you can never connect it to your BMW X5. 

So you must ensure that your mobile phone makes and model is supported by BMW X5 because if it does not, you cannot connect your device to your car. 

You can consult with an authorized dealer to ask for your phone’s compatibility or get help from the owner manual because compatible devices would be mentioned there. 

You can also search online by the name of your phone and BMW to see your phone’s compatibility. 

Visit here to see your mobile compatibility: BMW Bluetooth Compatible Phones

3. Number of Devices 

If you have connected several devices with your BMW X5, it might be the reason for your problem. Not only the BMW but every car with bluetooth has a limit of devices that can be connected with bluetooth. 

If you have connected more than 5 devices with your BMW and are now trying to connect your phone with BMW, then you must forget one of the paired devices.

It may be possible that you have reached the max allowed number of devices. 

Go to your infotainment system settings and then find the bluetooth option. Select one device from already paired and click on the forgotten device.

Now try to connect your mobile phone and see whether your problem is fixed. 

4. Bluetooth Interference 

Bluetooth is a wireless feature that connects your mobile phone with your BMW infotainment system. If there is more than one device bluetooth enabled, these devices could interfere. 

Because there is another mobile phone in your BMW with bluetooth turned on, your car will need clarification while connecting with your phone.

It could not be clear for your infotainment system to connect with one of the devices. 

Please ensure there are no other bluetooth enabled devices in your car because it could create problems while connecting your mobile. 

Now, after ensuring that there is no other device bluetooth enabled, try to connect your mobile phone. 

5. Connection Corrupted 

If you are using your phone bluetooth with your BMW X5 for a long time, the connection is likely corrupted. It is the most common issue with bluetooth devices due to software glitches and bugs. 

To fix the connection problems, you must forget your device from your BMW infotainment and the same thing with your mobile. 

Access your infotainment system and then bluetooth settings. Select your mobile model, already saved in your BMW bluetooth, and click on the forgotten device. 

You must do the same thing with your mobile phone and forget your BMW X5 from your mobile bluetooth settings. 

Again, pair your phone with your BMW X5 and see whether your problem is fixed. 

6. Use Other Phone

Sometimes, your mobile bluetooth gets frozen due to some reasons, including software glitches and bugs. So, you must figure out the problem using another device with your BMW X5. 

Use another mobile phone to connect with your BMW X5 to see whether it was your phone creating problems with your bluetooth connectivity. 

If a new mobile starts working with your BMW bluetooth, you have to troubleshoot your mobile phone because it is creating bluetooth issues. 

7. Outdated Remote Software 

If you have not installed the latest version of remote software for your BMW X5, then it is the reason that’s why your bluetooth is unresponsive.

Because when a new version of the software is available, and you still run your BMW at the older version, it cannot perform tasks well. 

So you must ensure that there is no pending software update for your BMW X5, and if you have, then download and install them to your car. 

Here are a few steps to update your BMW remote software:

  • Make sure you have installed the BMW app on your phone
  • The BMW app will notify you when a new update will be available
  • You can also check the software update from the app settings
  • Click on the download option
  • Select the option download on wifi / automatically download
  • Then click on the back and press the download button [download will be started]
  • When the download is completed, then connect your phone to the infotainment system through wifi or bluetooth
  • Software update will be started to upgrade on your BMW after the wifi connection 
  • When updates are uploaded to your BMW, follow the instructions on the infotainment screen to install them

After updating the remote software of your BMW, try to connect it through bluetooth, and your bluetooth connection will be established because the bluetooth error commonly comes from outdated remote software. 

8. Restart Phone/BMW X5

It is often a mobile glitch or bug which disturbs the connectivity and occurs due to software errors. Suppose you did not restart your phone for a long time.

In that case, it might be possible that some software glitches and bugs are occurring with your mobile, hindering your phone from connecting with the BMW X5. 

To fix the issues, you must try restarting your phone because it fixes the issues in most cases. 

Follow these steps to restart your mobile phone:

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Here, you will see the power menu
  • Press the restart button
  • Your phone will be turned off 

You have no need to turn on your phone because it will be turned on automatically after a few seconds. 

It would be best if you had to restart your BMW X5, too, because it might be possible that the problem is occurring due to bugs in your car’s infotainment system.

A hard restart is recommended compared to a normal restart, which will fix the issue.

Follow these steps to restart your BMW X5:

  • Turn off the ignition
  • Disconnect the battery terminals
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes 
  • Now again, connect the battery terminals 
  • Turn on the ignition 

Hard reset will fix all software and hardware issues creating disturbance in connection. 

9. Network Reset 

If you are still facing bluetooth issues, you must troubleshoot the problem through a network reset.

Sometimes, you unexpectedly turn on some connectivity settings, which hinder the bluetooth connection.

Network reset will reset your network wifi, bluetooth, and hotspot to default settings and could fix the connection problems. 

Follow these steps to reset the network:

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Search for backup and restore
  • Open and find the network 
  • Select the reset option 

It will reset all the networks to default, and you have to set them according to your needs, like set wifi passwords and other bluetooth settings.

Again, try to connect your phone to the BMW X5 to see whether the problem still exists or is fixed. 

10. Contact Support

Now that you have tried all the fixes, your problem still needs to be fixed; it’s time to contact an authorized dealer or support team of BMW. 

Make sure to describe the problem in detail, and remember to tell the troubleshooting steps you have tried to figure out the problem. 


If your BMW X5 bluetooth is not working, ensure the bluetooth is turned on on your phone and car, and ensure the mobile is compatible with BMW X5.

Check the bluetooth interference and ensure you have connected at most 5 devices with your BMW at once. 

Try to troubleshoot the problem by restarting your phone and BMW; also, ensure you have updated the remote software to a newer version.

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