BMW Wireless Charging Not Working (Try These Fixes!)

If you are in a hurry and your car’s wireless charge feature is not working.

It would be very frustrating. This should be fixed and it is important to know the causes of this issue.

In this article, I will explain the causes and solutions why your BMW wireless charges do not work.

How To Fix BMW Wireless Charging not Working

BMW wireless charger not working

1. Wireless Charging Disabled

If your car wireless charge not working, then maybe wireless charging is off. The feature may be off due to which BMW wireless charge not responding.


Just Turn On the wireless charge feature from the infotainment system. And BMW wireless charge will start operating.

2. Incompatible mobile phone

If your BMW wireless charge not responding, make sure that you are using a compatible mobile phone. The incompatible mobile phone does not get connected to a wireless charge feature.


Check the phone compatibility of your phone. If it’s not charged through your car, it will also not be charged using any wireless charger.

To check the compatibility, check if the Qi logo is imposed on your mobile phone box. The Qi logo ensures the compatibility of your mobile phone.

3. Improper alignment of mobile phone:

If you observe that wireless charging is On, your mobile phone is compatible, but still, your mobile phone is not charging.

This can be due to improper alignment of your phone on the charging tray or charging pocket in the charging console.


Keep your mobile phone in the center of the tray. The backside of your mobile phone lie on the tray, to make contact between both of the coils.

Wireless charging is done through the process of induction. If the phone is not aligned in a fixed position, the wireless charger will not be able to work.

4. Restart your mobile phone

Sometimes BMW charger not works.  Your phone is not getting charged. You have placed it in an appropriate position, the charger is on but still not working. Restart your phone because the wireless charge doesn’t work due to small technical bugs.


This problem can be solved by restarting your mobile phone to clear the small bugs blocking the wireless charging.

5. Update mobile phone

BMW wireless charger works when your mobile phone has the latest version of the operating system. Make sure that your phone has the latest version of the operating system.

If your phone has an old version, then BMW wireless charge feature is unable to operate its function.


I will suggest you, check the latest version available on your phone and update it.

6. Mobile case interference

Firstly,  make sure to take off the phone case of your mobile phone. Mobile phone cases cause interference with some connections. This can cause BMW’s wireless charger not to operate.

Many times mobile phone cases are made of special materials which can protect your phone from strong impacts which cause wireless charge not to operate properly. 

Due to this reason, mobile phone cases hinder NFC (Near Field Communication). The phone case blocks electromagnetic waves for wireless charging.


This is quite inconvenient and frustrating to take off your phone case. But resolving the issue is necessary. Take off your mobile case from your mobile phone.

7. Metallic attachments

If you are trying to charge your phone in your car, but the wireless charger not working efficiently and properly. It can be due to the distraction and interference of any metallic attachment.

Wireless charging features operate on a well-known process called the magnetic induction method. Electromagnetic waves form a connection between the coils.

Any metallic items like coins, keys, pins, credit cards, needles, etc are in contact with the wireless charge can cause interferences in the connection, and your BMW wireless charge won’t work.


Make this sure that no metallic item is near the wireless charging pad to distort signals. Remove all the metallic attachments and charge your mobile phone using BMW wireless charger.

8. Overheating of phone or charger

As discussed above, wireless charging is done through a magnetic induction process. So, a lot of energy is lost in the form of heat energy.

Charging through wire cause a little loss of energy in the form of heat. But charging through a wireless charger causes overheating of the phone or charger.

When your phone or charging pad becomes too hot, BMW wireless charger may stop working. This happens for the protection of components from damage. This issue is most likely to face during hot days (summers).


Facing this issue, remove your mobile phone from charging until the charging pad and the phone comes to the normal temperature.

9. BMW not responding

This problem can also be due to the reason that BMW is not responding. This could be a stem issue. It means that BMW NFC (Near Field Communication) is not responding.


Facing such an issue, perform a soft reset or master reset of the BMW infotainment.

You can reboot your car by holding down the power button for 25 -30 seconds.

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