Audi Bluetooth Not Working (9 Tested Fixes)

Bluetooth is a fantastic way to listen to your favorite music while driving by connecting your mobile phone with your Audi.

It is a very basic feature and is available in almost all cars. But sometimes the Bluetooth may create problems due to technical or physical issues, which will be the worst moment of your driving. 

Suppose your Audi bluetooth is not working, and you are trying to get it back through different ways. Even after struggling for hours, you will be frustrated if it does not work.

No need to worry because I have worked harder and found the main reasons behind this problem and the solutions. 

Let’s dive into: 

How to Fix Audi Bluetooth Not Work?

Audi Bluetooth Not Working

If your Audi bluetooth is unresponsive, you must check your mobile compatibility and make sure that you are using the updated Audi version in terms of software.

Ensure there are no other devices around with bluetooth on because then your Audi bluetooth could not be connected to your mobile. 

But if you still need clarification about what to do and how you will get back your bluetooth to enjoy your music, read this troubleshooting guide until the end. 

1. Check the Compatibility 

The first thing you must ensure is compatibility of your mobile phone bluetooth with your specific Audi model. Suppose you are trying to connect your mobile for the first time.

In that case, it is likely incompatible with your Audi model, and that’s why you are facing the issues. 

Check your starter guidebook because there will be a list of compatible mobile phones that could be connected to your Audi bluetooth system.

It is rare but sometimes creates problems due to compatibility issues if you have a very old mobile phone.

You can also check the compatibility online through the live support chat. Also, you could search for your model to see a compatible mobile list. 

Visit here to see compatible devices with your Audi model: Audi Bluetooth Phone Compatibility Checker

2. Software Problems

Sometimes Audi could be stuck in software errors, leading to connectivity issues like bluetooth, carplay, and android auto features.

So ensure no software error occurs with the Audi infotainment system because these issues might create problems. 

The main reason for software problems is the outdated version of MMI software. Whenever Audi releases a newer version, and you do not install it, it might create some issues. 

To fix these issues, you must have to make sure that your Audi model software is updated and there is no pending update to download. 

Follow these steps to update MMI software updates:

  • Turn the ignition on and access to your infotainment system
  • Click on the car option
  • Press the back button on the console 
  • Here, you will see the current version of MMI
  • Select your Audi model and region 
  • Here, you will see all available updates 

If you see a pending update for your software, download and install it. After updating the software again, try to connect your phone with bluetooth to know whether it is working.

3. Interference 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology to connect your mobile wirelessly, and it could be disturbed due to interference from other devices.

It is not only common with Audi, but all the bluetooth enabled devices do not work due to interference. 

Suppose you are going on a trip with your family, and the bluetooth connection of all persons in the Audi is enabled. It would not be very clear for Audi to decide to connect with one of them. 

Make sure there is no other bluetooth device that is creating a disturbance in pairing.

Ensure the bluetooth connection of all the persons in your car is disabled, and then enable your mobile bluetooth and try to pair and connect with your Audi. 

It will start working if an interference issue creates problems with your bluetooth.

4. Restart Audi

Sometimes, the Audi may be stuck in errors or glitches due to external or software errors. Therefore, you are unable to connect your device with your Audi.

To fix these issues, you must have to restart your Audi. 

Follow these steps to restart your Audi:

  • Turn the ignition off
  • Disconnect the battery terminals 
  • Wait for a few minutes 
  • Again, connect the battery terminals 
  • Turn ignition on 

It will fix all minor glitches and bugs and refresh your Audi system. Now you should check the problem trying to connect bluetooth with Audi. 

5. Reboot Mobile

It is not always your Audi that is at fault because it might be possible that your mobile phone has some issues, that’s why you are facing Bluetooth problems.

So make sure that there is no error or problem with your mobile phone, creating bluetooth connectivity issues.

If you have installed third-party apps on your mobile phone, these apps might create bugs and glitches. 

Reboot your mobile phone to ensure no bugs and glitches create disturbance. 

Follow these steps to reboot your phone:

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Here, you will see a power menu
  • Click on the restart option 
  • Your mobile will be turned off

You have no need to turn on your mobile phone because it will automatically turn on. Again, try to pair your mobile with Audi to see whether the problem is fixed. 

6. Re-Pair Mobile 

Suppose you are using your mobile phone for a long time. In that case, the connection may be corrupted, which is the most common problem with bluetooth connections.

Try pairing your mobile with your Audi again to see whether it fixes the issue. 

Follow these steps to re-pair your device with Audi:

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • Select the bluetooth option in the settings
  • Open the saved devices 
  • Click on your desired device, like Audi 
  • Click on forget 
  • Then again, search for available devices and then pair your Audi with your mobile

This re-pairing method will fix all the connections between your mobile phone and Audi, and definitely, your bluetooth will start working after applying this method. 

7. Update Software 

Bluetooth problems could also occur due to outdated mobile software. When a new version is released, the older one must be fixed, disrupting your mobile software. 

You should always keep your phone updated because you may need connectivity or other software issues if you do. Ensure that your mobile software is up to date, and there is no pending update for your phone model. 

To update the mobile software, follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Search for the system option 
  • Click on the system update option
  • Here, you will see pending updates 
  • If you have a pending update, then download it through wifi or cellular data

After downloading the updates, your mobile will be restarted to install the updates on your phone. Now again, try to connect your mobile with Audi bluetooth. 

8. Number of Connections

The bluetooth problems sometimes occurred due to connection with more than allowed devices.

Audi has authorized a specific number of them that you may connect with bluetooth, and when you reach the max allowed connection, you will be unable to communicate with your Audi bluetooth. 

So ensure you have yet to connect your Audi bluetooth with more than 5 connections. If you have, remove one to pair your mobile phone first. 

9. Contact Authorized Dealer

Suppose you have tried all the troubleshooting to regain your Audi bluetooth feature and are still struggling. In that case, your infotainment system may have some other issues.

Now, you should consult an authorized dealer to find a solution for your bluetooth problem. Tell him the troubleshooting you have tried to get back your bluetooth. 

Audi Bluetooth is connected, but no sound.

If your Audi bluetooth is connected and there is no sound, then definitely there is a problem with the speakers.

You must ensure that the speakers are working well and there is no loose or damaged connection with the speakers. But you don’t know very well about the speaker issue.

In that case, you must hire a certified Audi technician or mechanic because he could see the original issues to figure out the problem. 

Sometimes, you have enabled no sound settings unexpectedly on your phone, and that’s why your car speakers have no sound.

Also, make sure that your phone’s music volume is on. To figure it out, press and hold the volume up button. 

You can also troubleshoot the problem by updating the software of your Audi and mobile phone, and resetting would also be helpful in this situation. 


If your Audi bluetooth is not working, you check your mobile phone is compatible with Audi bluetooth and that there is no other device with bluetooth turned on. 

Ensure your Audi MMI software is updated, and you have not installed any third-party app to play the music. 

If problems still exist, you must consult an authorized dealer to fix the problem.

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